Across the Great Divide: Explorations in Collaborative Conservation and the American West

Across the Great Divide: Explorations in Collaborative Conservation and the American West



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ISBN-13: 9781559638104
Publisher: Island Press
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Edition description: 1
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Philip Brick teaches international and environmental politics at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and is co-editor of A Wolf in the Garden (Rowman and Littlefield, 1996).

Donald Snow is executive director of the Northern Lights Research and Education Institute in Missoula, Montana, and co-editor of The Next West (Island Press, 1997).

Sarah (Bates) Van de Wetering edits the Chronicle of Community and has published four previous books with Island Press, most recently A New Century for Natural Resources Management, which she co-edited with Richard Knight.

Table of Contents

<p>Contents<br>Foreword<br>Coming Home: An Introduction to Collaborative Conservation<br>From Troubled Waters: The Emergence of<br>Collaborative Conservation<br>Will Rain Follow the Plow? Unearthing a New Environmental<br>Movement<br>ONRC, Go Home: A Rancher Speaks Out to Environmentalists<br>about Community and the Land<br>What Do We Mean by Consensus? Some Defining Principles<br>Defining the Territory: The Changing Face of<br>the American West<br>Geographies of the New West<br>Your Next Job Will Be in Services. Should You Be Worried?<br>Who Will Be the Gardeners of Eden? Some Questions about the<br>Fabulous New West<br>The Death of John Wayne and the Rebirth of a Code of<br>the West<br>What is Community?<br>On the Ground: Collaborative Conservation<br>in Practice<br>The Quincy Library Group: A Divisive Attempt at Peace<br>Montana's Clark Fork: A New Story for a Hardworking River<br>The Applegate Partnership: Innovation in Crisis<br>Malpai Borderlands: The Searchers for Common Ground<br>Colorado's Yampa Valley: Planning for Open Space<br>Wild Olympic Salmon: Art and Activism in the Heart of<br>the Dragon<br>Oregon's Plan for Salmon and Watersheds: The Basics of Building<br>a Recovery Plan<br>Bitterroot Grizzly Bear Reintroduction: Management by<br>Citizen Committee?<br>Evaluating Collaborative Conservation:<br>a Chautauqua<br>Of Californicators, Quislings, and Crazies: Some Perils of<br>Devolved Collaboration<br>Of Imposters, Optimists, and Kings: Finding a Political Niche for<br>Collaborative Conservation<br>Some Irreverent Questions about Watershed-Based Efforts<br>Are Community Watershed Groups Effective? Confronting<br>the Thorny Issue of Measuring Success<br>Ownership, Accountability, and Collaboration<br>Exploring Paradox in Environmental Collaborations<br>Broadening Environmental Horizons<br>Imagining the Best Instead of Preventing the Worst: Toward a<br>New Solidarity in Conservation Strategy<br>Crossing the Great Divide: Facing a Shared History in a<br>Multicultural West<br>Collaborative Conservation: Peace of Pacification? The View from<br>Los Ojos<br>Finding Science's Voice in the Forest<br>"Salmon Is Coming for My Heart": Hearing All the Voices<br>Appendix: Selected Resources in Collaborative Conservation<br>Acknowledgments<br>About the Contributors<br>Index

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