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ACT Made Simple: An Easy-To-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT Made Simple: An Easy-To-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT Made Simple: An Easy-To-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT Made Simple: An Easy-To-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Paperback(Second Edition, Revised)

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Now fully-revised and updated, this second edition of ACT Made Simple includes new information and chapters on self-compassion, flexible perspective taking, working with trauma, and more.

Why is it so hard to be happy? Why is life so difficult? Why do humans suffer so much? And what can we realistically do about it? No matter how rewarding your job, as a mental health professional, you may sometimes feel helpless in the face of these questions. You are also well aware of the challenges and frustrations that can present during therapy.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your client sessions, consider joining the many thousands of therapists and life coaches worldwide who are learning acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). With a focus on mindfulness, client values, and a commitment to change, ACT is proven-effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, eating disorders, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder (BPD), and myriad other psychological issues. It’s also a revolutionary new way to view the human condition—packed full of exciting new tools, techniques, and strategies for promoting profound behavioral change.

A practical primer, ideal for ACT newcomers and experienced ACT professionals alike, ACT Made Simple offers clear explanations of the six ACT processes and a set of real-world tips and solutions for rapidly and effectively implementing them in your practice. This book gives you everything you need to start using ACT with your clients for impressive results. Inside, you’ll find: scripts, exercises, metaphors, and worksheets to use with your clients; a session-by-session guide to implementing ACT; transcripts from therapy sessions; guidance for creating your own therapeutic techniques and exercises; and practical tips to overcome “therapy roadblocks.”

This book aims to take the complex theory and practice of ACT and make it accessible and enjoyable for therapists and clients.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684033010
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 05/01/2019
Series: The New Harbinger Made Simple Series
Edition description: Second Edition, Revised
Pages: 392
Sales rank: 87,177
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Russ Harris is an internationally acclaimed acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainer, and author of the best-selling ACT-based self-help book, The Happiness Trap, which has sold more than one million copies and been published in thirty languages. He is widely renowned for his ability to teach ACT in a way that is simple, clear, and fun—yet extremely practical.

Steven C. Hayes, PhD, is Nevada Foundation Professor in the department of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has been president of numerous professional organizations, is author of forty-five books and nearly 650 scientific articles, and is among the most cited living psychologists. He has shown in his research how language and thought leads to human suffering, and is originator and codeveloper of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT): a powerful therapy method that is useful in a wide variety of areas; relational frame theory (RFT): an empirical program in language and cognition; and process-based therapy (with Stefan G. Hofmann).

Table of Contents

Foreword: Your Choice Point vii

What's New in Version Two? ix

How to Use This Book xi

Part 1 What Is ACT?

1 The Human Challenge 2

2 Getting Hooked 19

3 "Mindfulness" and Other Dodgy Words 39

4 Get Your Geek On 44

Part 2 Getting Started

5 Setting Up for Success 52

6 What's the Problem? 61

7 Where Do I Start? 80

Part 3 The Nitty Gritty Stuff

8 Creative What?! 90

9 Drop the Struggle 101

10 Dropping Anchor 110

11 Notice That Thought 120

12 Deeper into Defusion 131

13 The Defusion Smorgasbord 140

14 Barriers to Defusion 156

15 Leaves, Streams, Clouds, and Sky 170

16 "Technique Overload" and Other Perils 178

17 Being Present 190

18 Hold Yourself Kindly 202

19 Know What Matters 212

20 What If Nothing Matters? 230

21 Do What It Takes 238

22 Fifty Shades of Acceptance 251

23 Emotions as Allies 270

24 What's Stopping You? 276

25 The Noticing Self 289

26 Flexible Exposure 303

27 Cognitive Flexibility 309

28 Shame, Anger, and Other "Problem" Emotions 314

29 Flexible Relationships 325

Part 4 Wrapping Up

30 I and Thou 336

31 A Quick Guide to Getting Unstuck 341

32 The ACT Therapist's Journey 348

Acknowledgments 351

Appendix A Resources 352

Appendix B Further Training 355

Appendix C Further Reading on ACT and RFT 357

References 359

Index 365


Harris resides in in Melbourne, Australia.

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