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Activate Your Vagus Nerve: Unleash Your Body's Natural Ability to Heal

Activate Your Vagus Nerve: Unleash Your Body's Natural Ability to Heal

by Navaz Habib


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Learn how exercising your vagus nerve, which regulates automatic functions in the body, can help you take control of your health

Anatomists were stumped. How could the vagus nerve, a single nerve beginning in the brainstem, be so long and connect to so many different organs? What effects could this nerve possibly employ? With such a vast array of potential functions, what would happen if this nerve was injured or cut?

This helpful guide provides all the tools you need to understand and heal your vagus nerve, the rest, digest and recovery system. You’ll learn simple yet powerful techniques to address a variety of ailments health challenges, like inflammation, gut sensitivity and brain fog, from their root causes originating with the vagus nerve. Author Dr. Navaz Habib lays out easy-to-follow daily and weekly routines to help on the path to healing, including:
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Exercises for Mindfulness
  • Tools to Improve Your Digestion
  • Functional Medicine Testing
  • Acupuncture and Massage
  • and more

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781612438740
    Publisher: Ulysses Press
    Publication date: 04/02/2019
    Pages: 192
    Sales rank: 167,802
    Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)

    About the Author

    Upon discovering functional medicine, Dr. Navaz Habib uncovered the root causes of his health conditions and overcame them using simple lifestyle changes and daily practices. He has lost 75 pounds, and overcome borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS and sleep apnea to revitalize his life and his health. Dr. Habib has worked with thousands of patients, helping them address the root cause of their health conditions. He works to identify the underlying causes of energy issues, hormone-based conditions, autoimmune diseases and metabolic concerns, and uses simple daily lifestyle changes to create positive health outcomes with the support of the team at the Living Proof Institute.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword vii

    Introduction 1

    Part 1 The Science

    Chapter 1 What is the Vagus Nerve? 8

    Chapter 2 Where Is the Vagus Nerve Located? 13

    Chapter 3 The Functions of the Vagus Nerve 27

    Chapter 4 How the Vagus Nerve Manages It All 57

    Part 2 What Could Go Wrong In Vagus?

    Chapter 5 Dysfunctional Breathing 65

    Chapter 6 Dysfunctional Digestive Sequence 74

    Chapter 7 Dysfunctional Microbiome 86

    Chapter 8 Chronic inflammation and Immune Activation 93

    Chapter 9 Dysfunctional Heart Rate 100

    Chapter 10 Dysfunctional Liver Function 104

    Chapter 11 Chronic Stress 108

    Chapter 12 Dysfunctional Sleep and Circadian Rhythm 116

    Chapter 13 Lack of Social Interaction 119

    Part 3 Activating Your Vagus Nerve

    Chapter 14 Measuring Vagus Nerve Function 122

    Chapter 15 Exercises to Activate the Vagus Nerve 131

    Chapter 16 Passive Methods to Activate the Vagus Nerve 162

    Conclusion 170

    Appendix 172

    Bibliography 176

    Index 186

    Gratitude 195

    About the Author 197

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