Activities Manual

Activities Manual

by Dan Dolan

Paperback(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780321287328
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Publication date: 04/27/2005
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 8.28(w) x 10.76(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents


An Introduction to Problem Solving

Activity 1 When You Don't Know What to Do

Activity 2 Ten People in a Canoe

Activity 3 An Ancient Game

Activity 4 Magic Number Tricks

Activity 5 Missing Persons Report

Activity 6 Who Dunit?

Activity 7 What's the Number?

Activity 8 Eliminate the Impossible

Activity 9 Candies, Couples and a Quiz

Activity 10 Pictoral Patterns

Activity 11 Number Patterns

Activity 12 What's the Rule?

Activity 13 Polygons and Diagonals

Activity 14 Paper Powers

Activity 15 What's the Last Card?

Chapter Summary


Sets, Whole Numbers, and Functions

Activity 1 Attribute Elimination

Activity 2 Sort and Classify

Activity 3 What's in the Loop?

Activity 4 Loop de Loops

Activity 5 What'sin the Loops?

Activity 6 Odd and Even Patterns

Activity 7 Multiplication Arrays

Activity 8 Finding the Missing Factor

Activity 9 How Many Cookies?

Activity 10 The Function Machine

Activity 11 What's My Function?

Chapter Summary


Numeration Systems and Whole Number Computation

Activity 1 A Visit to Fouria

Activity 2 Regrouping Numbers

Activity 3 Find the Missing Numbers

Activity 4 It All Adds Up

Activity 5 What's the Difference?

Activity 6 Multi-digit Multiplication

Activity 7 Multi-digit Division

Activity 8 Division Array

Activity 9 Target Number

Activity 10 Least and Greatest

Chapter Summary


Integers and Number Theory

Activity 1 Charged Particles

Activity 2 Coin Counters

Activity 3 Addition Patterns

Activity 4 Subtracting Integers

Activity 5 Subtraction Patterns

Activity 6 A Clown on a Tightrope

Activity 7 Multiplication and Division Patterns

Activity 8 A Square Experiment

Activity 9 A Sieve of Another Sort

Activity 10 The Factor Game

Activity 11 How Many Factors?

Activity 12 Interesting Numbers

Activity 13 Tiling with Squares

Activity 14 Pool Factors

Chapter Summary


Rational Numbers as Fractions

Activity 1 What Is a Fraction?

Activity 2 Equivalent Fractions

Activity 3 How Big Is It?

Activity 4 Fraction War

Activity 5 What Comes First?

Activity 6 Square Fractions

Activity 7 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Activity 8 Multiplying Fractions

Activity 9 Dividing Fractions

Activity 10 The King's Problem

Activity 11 People Proportions

Activity 12 A Call to the Border

Chapter Summary


Decimals, Percents, and Real Numbers

Activity 1 What's My Name?

Activity 2 Who's First?

Activity 3 Deci-Order

Activity 4 Race for the Flat

Activity 5 Empty the Board

Activity 6 Decimal Arrays

Activity 7 Decimal Multiplication

Activity 8 Dice and Decimals

Activity 9 Target Number Revisited

Activity 10 What is Percent?

Activity 11 What Does It Mean?

Activity 12 Flex-it

Chapter Summary



Activity 1 What Are the Chances?

Activity 2 The Spinner Game

Activity 3 Numbers That Predict

Activity 4 Theoretical Probability

Activity 5 It's in the Bag

Activity 6 Paper-Scissors-Rock

Activity 7 What's the Distribution?

Activity 8 Pascal's Probabilities

Activity 9 Simulate It

Activity 10 The Mystery Cube

Activity 11 How Many Arrangements?

Chapter Summary


Statistics: An Introduction

Activity 1 Graphing m&m's

Activity 2 What's in the Bag

Activity 3 Gaps and Clusters

Activity 4 Grouped Data

Activity 5 What's the Average?

Activity 6 Finger-Snapping Time

Activity 7 The Weather Report

Activity 8 Are Women Catching Up?

Activity 9 To Change or Not to Change?

Activity 10 Populations and Samples

Chapter Summary


Introductory Geometry

Activity 1 What's the Angle?

Activity 2 Inside or Outside?

Activity 3 Triangle Properties- Angles

Activity 4 Angles on Pattern Blocks

Activity 5 Sum of Interior/Exterior Angles

Activity 6 Stars and Angles

Activity 7 Name that Polygon

Activity 8 Spatial Visualization

Activity 9 A View from the Top

Activity 10 Map Coloring

Chapter Summary


Constructions, Congruence, and Similarity

Activity 1 Triangle Properties- Sides

Activity 2 To Be or Not to Be Congruent?

Activity 3 Paper Folding Construction

Activity 4 Pattern Block Similarity

Activity 5 Similar Triangles

Activity 6 Outdoor Geometry

Activity 7 Side Splitter Theorem

Activity 8 Mysterious Midpoints

Chapter Summary


Concepts of Measurement

Activity 1 Units of Measure

Activity 2 Regular Polygons in a Row

Activity 3 What's My Area?

Activity 4 Areas of Polygons

Activity 5 Pick's Theorem

Activity 6 From Rectangles to Parallelograms

Activity 7 From Parallelograms to Triangles

Activity 8 From Parallelograms to Trapezoids

Activity 9 Graphing Rectangles

Activity 10 Pythagorean Puzzles

Activity 11 Right or Not?

Activity 12 Now You See It, Now You Don't

Activity 13 Surface Area

Activity 14 Volume of a Rectangular Solid

Activity 15 Pyramids and Cones

Activity 16 Compare Volume to Surface Area

Chapter Summary


Motion Geometry and Tessellations

Activity 1 Slides, Flips, and Turns

Activity 2 How Did You Do It?

Activity 3 Double Flips

Activity 4 Reflections

Activity 5 Translations

Activity 6 Transforgeo

Activity 7 Rotations

Activity 8 Glide Reflections

Activity 9 Size Transformations

Activity 10 Coordinate Transformations

Activity 11 Cut It Out

Activity 12 Draw It

Activity 13 Tessellations

Chapter Summary


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