A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

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ISBN-13: 9781601632227
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 05/22/2012
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 329,114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Richard M. Dolan is the author of the ground-breaking historical series, UFOs and the National Security State. Dolan has also published articles, spoken at conferences around the world, and appeared on numerous TV specials as an on-air expert. He lives in Rochester, New York.

Bryce Zabel has created five primetime network series, notably NBC's Emmy-winning UFO series Dark Skies, and worked on a dozen TV writing staffs. He has collaborated with producers such as Steven Spielberg and David E. Kelley. Zabel is a former CNN correspondent and was the first writer elected as chairman/CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences since Rod Serling. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Jim Marrs has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth StarTelegram. After a leave of absence to serve with Fourth Army intelligence during the Vietnam War, he became a military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter. Since 1980, Marrs has been a freelance writer, author, and frequently invited public speaker.

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Day One: The Day Everything Changes

However long the night, the dawn will break.

— African Proverb

White House correspondents are in an uproar. A few hours earlier, the press secretary told them that the president would appear in the late afternoon to make a "major announcement" on a topic of "global importance." This brought howls of protest concerning the lateness of it all, a bit of unfortunate timing that guaranteed missed deadlines and high-stress "live" shots.

Even while jammed into their windowless, cramped cubicles and spartan offices in the basement of the West Wing, these elite journalists from around the world had known for days that something was going on upstairs. They had reported about the late-night comings-and-goings around other power centers of Washington, D.C., but no reporter broke a story about what it meant. Instead, they tried to draw out the truth from each other without revealing any of their own suspicions.

Now, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, the anxiety is palpable. Each of the lucky occupants of the 49 assigned seats claimed their space early to avoid poaching. Meanwhile, the rest of the room is packed, with nearly as many reporters standing on the sidelines. This is not the first time they have been told of an inconvenient forthcoming announcement, but no one can remember one coming this late on a Friday. The reporter for the Associated Press, now seated front-row center, scribbles potential first questions. He stops, however, when the correspondent for National Public Radio, seated in the row immediately behind, wonders half-jokingly to no one in particular if it matters that the stock market just closed.

The news reaches them that the president is on the way. The informal betting pool, run by the photographers, is closed to new wagers. The short odds now tilt toward military action against a terrorist training camp, followed by a radical new trade deal with China. The acknowledgment of a classified U.S. defense technology remains a long-shot that could pay off nicely. And while no one has placed a bet on it, a few wonder if this has something to do with that inexplicable "event" from last week. Clearly, there has to be a rational explanation for it, but what if....

The president enters. With him are key members of the U.S. Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This assembly of power seems to favor the military angle. Then someone notices that the Secretary of Commerce is also, inexplicably, standing with the group.

The Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America checks his watch and steps up to the familiar podium.

"After consultation with key members of our defense and intelligence community," the president begins, "including the officials accompanying me here at this podium, it has been made clear to me that there is persuasive evidence that the Earth has been, and is currently being, interacted with by one or more intelligent non-human species."

He pauses and surveys the room, allowing time for his statement to settle into the minds of those listening.

Within a single minute, the world has changed.

The president preaches calm, although deep inside he is a bit panicked, too. He has only last week learned the details of this reality himself. He explains that recent highly visible sightings of UFOs, including a mass sighting that had been well-documented, caused him to demand a full investigation into what the United States government knew on the subject.

"Despite the issues that disclosure of this fact now obviously raises, I do believe that the people of the United States, and the people of Earth, have a right to know," the president continues. "Because of the need for calm debate, I have taken the precautionary move of making the National Guard available to any state governor who feels that its use is necessary to maintain public safety. Additionally, to protect our nation's economic security, through my executive authority, I am closing the nation's banks for a period of one week, and ordering the closure of the stock market until further notice."

From here, the press conference becomes decidedly more challenging. Under questioning, the president promises an on-going, "transparent" review of all classified files dealing with the UFO phenomenon and the ET presence. This will be supervised by members of Senate and House intelligence committees. He even announces the formation of an Office of Contact Affairs. Meanwhile, foreign leaders worldwide have begun to make similar announcements, part of a coordinated effort at Disclosure that rolls across the time zones of the Earth. Even the Pope will speak to thousands from his balcony at the Vatican Sunday at noon.

The president does not take all the heat alone. This is why he has brought the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Defense to answer some of the pointed questions in the news conference that will follow. That news conference will be the most eventful one that the world has ever seen, creating more headlines, spinning off more "live" shots, and generating more demand for follow-up than anything we have ever seen before, or ever will.

This Disclosure scenario only serves purposes of illustration. It is possible that the lifting of the veil will not originate in the United States, or even involve its elected leader. It could even come courtesy of insiders within the secrecy group itself who force the issue into the open and take the world by surprise. There are many roads that can be taken on the journey to truth.

Whatever specific actions precede the announcement, however, the first 24 hours will be like none that have ever existed before. The world has never experienced a planetary event of this magnitude. Not even the existential shock of the Kennedy assassination, the dark impact of 9/11, or the reverent awe of the Moon landing.

The day will become the "Where Were You?" moment for all people who live through it. For the rest of their lives, they will talk about what they were doing when they first heard the news. History will have a new dividing line, one that heralds the first day of a new world, the end of an old one.

Originally, the term A.D. came from the Latin phrase Anno Domini, and referred to the time after the birth of Christ in the Gregorian calendar. It will still continue as the unofficial global standard and as the basis of scholarly dating.

Now the phrase "A.D." will be appropriated by the world culture as the reference for the time After Disclosure. There will be surprising global acceptance of this reinterpretation, given that more than two-thirds of the world isn't even Christian. Even B.C. will come to stand for something else: Before Confirmation.

The younger generation will embrace the change most enthusiastically. This new reference point will be more relevant to their lives. It can be easily texted and still carry full meaning. Two keystrokes and a number, no spaces. AD1.

First Reactions

The first second After Disclosure — when someone in authority acknowledges that intelligent non-human life is a fact — you will know instantly that the world has changed completely and forever.

The first minute After Disclosure, you will be concerned for the safety of your friends and family, but the reassurances will make you feel better for the moment.

The first hour After Disclosure will be full of cell phone calls, e-mails, and texts to those same people, as we all collectively watch television and surf the Internet, hungry for new information.

The first 24 hours After Disclosure will see the serious questions start. People will wonder how this could have happened, and ask what it really means.

At the very beginning, as the citizens of the world play catch-up to this breaking story, their questions will fall into five main categories:

1. Intelligent Non-Humans. How long have these beings been here? Where do they come from? What do they look like? Do they walk among us now? Is there more than one type?

2. Their Agenda. How much do we know about their activities? Are these beings benign in intent, or malevolent? Have we had meetings with them? Are we in communication with them now?

3. Safety. Has our military been chasing after UFOs, as some have claimed? Have we lost aircraft as a result? Is it true that UFOs have been interested in our nuclear weapons sites? Will we now share technical data with other nations in order to create a military system capable of defending against potentially hostile beings?

4. Secrecy. Why was this information kept from the public for so long? How was that even accomplished? Are we going to learn the full story now, or just some of it?

5. Disclosure. Going forward, how will we even know if what is being said is the truth? Will all classified records be released, or only some? Will amnesty be granted so those involved in the cover-up can speak freely?

Unfortunately, there will not be complete and honest answers to some of these questions for years, if ever.

On the first day, however, everyone in the world will be asking everyone else these questions and more. The jolt from these initial conversations will be unprecedented because it will be an experience shared by billions.

Our curious minds will not be at a loss for words. Thirsting for clarity, we will plug them into search engines in record numbers. When we cannot find the right word or phrase, we will invent new ones.

In Other Words

Because we live in a wired world, there will be a sudden creation of new terms, and fresh definitions of old words and phrases. Along with the embrace of A.D. for After Disclosure, the new nomenclature will gain traction because it conveys a shorthand concept that spreads virally. Here, we propose a start-up glossary of ways that words might change in order to convey new ideas. We will use them in this book to do just that.

Day One

Among the ongoing redefinitions in the new world will be "Day One," instantly appropriated to refer to this tumultuous first day. This designation is less-hysterical than 9/11, and more forward-looking. "9/11" invokes emergency calls and sudden terror, but Day One solidifies the obvious: no matter what comes next, whatever came before is over. Day One is when the calendars start again in our instantaneous reboot of consciousness.


At the same time, the word disclosure will be changed. As a lower-case word, it will carry all the usual meanings. But there will be a new meaning for Big "D" disclosure. That "Disclosure" will be used, as it is used in this book, to refer to the overall process of acknowledging humanity's contact with other intelligent beings. It covers all aspects, all the moving pieces, all the complexity, of the event's impact. You can disclose a fact about UFOs, but Disclosure is the event and the process. It encompasses all that happens when we say, "We are not alone."

The Others

The biggest re-definition will be how we come to refer to the "intelligent nonhumans" that have been in contact with us. It is possible that when Disclosure comes, these beings may be referred to by the name that they call themselves, or it may be a name used by the intelligence groups that have monitored them. For this book, we will call them "The Others."

The other common terms have too much baggage. Most are too specific, and many could be wrong. Terms such as extraterrestrial, ET, EBE, or Eben (the last two for "extraterrestrial biological entity") commonly invoke outer space. Calling them visitors sounds like the reptoids from the television series V. Besides, it may turn out that they are not visiting at all. The word aliens has a certain accuracy, in that these beings are probably alien to humanity in key ways. But then again, maybe not. The word is also emotionally charged — it predisposes us to see them as enemies, and even has been politicized by current immigration debates.

What we do know about them is that they are not us. This means, by definition, that they are Others.

The Breakaway Group

In the 1950s, retired Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe called the secret-keepers the "Silence Group." If certain documents leaked in the 1980s are to be believed, the group had the name of Majestic-12 or MJ-12. These days there is no direct evidence that name is still in use. "The Breakaway Group" is our name for them. We believe they are still at work today, having become a quasi-private, quasi-public group. To a large extent, these people have their own rules, their own secrecy protocols, their own technology. As the following pages will suggest, they have probably developed their own society, separate from the one that spawned it, yet still interacting with it. The existence of The "Breakaway Group" is nearly as important a secret as that of the non-human intelligences themselves.

Ground Zero

"Ground Zero" once referred to a nuclear blast contact point. Then, following 9/11, it referred to the hole where the World Trade Center once stood. If the cover-up begins to unravel with a mass sighting, the term will be re-defined yet again as the location where the slide toward Disclosure gained traction. For example, let us assume for illustration purposes that a mass sighting occurs in Montreal, Canada. If that is the event that begins the final disintegration of the secret, the city will be referred to as Ground Zero — even though, as pedants will point out, the event never took place on the ground, but in the sky above.

Trigger Event

Something will start the process toward Disclosure. As we already suggested, it could be an undeniable mass sighting of a UFO. But it might also be a compelling revelation from Wikileaks or some other citizen-based group that hacks into classified records. It may be the appearance of physical evidence discovered in the attic of a Roswell witness. Or perhaps a deathbed confession by an ex-president or prominent general who sees a chance for immortality by speaking the truth. It could be a foreign government, such as China, Russia, or Brazil, acting unilaterally. It could also be the Others themselves, although they have apparently declined every previous opportunity throughout the years to announce themselves. But whatever the trigger event is, it will be a tipping point that shifts the momentum from secrecy to openness.


After the trigger event comes the avalanche. They often start slowly, then gather momentum. Finally, they become unstoppable. In the rapid downhill fall of UFO secrecy, one event leads to another, then to another. Finally, their cumulative weight makes the process unstoppable and overwhelming. An avalanche can bury the past, which can be a good thing, but it also has great potential for destruction.

Shock and Awe

"Shock and Awe" will no longer refer to the 2003 aerial bombing blitz of Baghdad. After Disclosure, it will convey the intense emotional impact people feel at first hearing the news. In the first month A.D., among youth, it will be the answer to "How are you?" The answer is a simple, "Shock and awe, dude, shock and awe."

Nomenclature aside, it may feel to many that the announcement of the Others came out of nowhere. The truth, however, is that it will have been visible on the horizon for days, weeks, or even months before.

The Gathering Storm

The most gripping and contentious issue in ufology today is this singular issue of Disclosure. Across the Internet, especially on podcasts focusing on the paranormal, perhaps the most common question asked of guests is, "When?" This has many levels and complexities, but there is an answer.

In their wildest dreams, the secret-keepers could never have thought the secret would last this long. Now that it has, however, they do not intend to change the status quo unless they must.

Disclosure waits until it can wait no longer. And then it happens.

After generations of silence and denial, the Breakaway Group will not change course voluntarily. Although a contingency plan of slow gradual revelation may exist (as some speculate in the form of mass media indoctrination), there is no evidence it will be voluntarily deployed. Only something unexpected and overwhelming will force the secret-keepers to make some sort of public acknowledgment. This could be 20 years from now, or it could be tomorrow. Those who believe the secret will last forever, however, will find that human society will be the thing that surprises them. It is our collective selves that will prove to be the great agent of change, the unstoppable force that ultimately ends the secret. As we will argue, it is most likely to happen within the next generation or sooner.


Excerpted from "A.D. After Disclosure"
by .
Copyright © 2012 Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.
Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Jim Marrs,
Preface by Stephen Bassett,
Chapter 1: Day One: The Day Everything Changes,
Chapter 2: Breakaway: How Secrets Created a World Within a World,
Chapter 3: Endgame: When the Impossible Becomes the Inevitable,
Chapter 4: Threat Analysis: Who Goes There and What Do They Want?,
Chapter 5: Blowback: Collateral Damage and Unintended Consequences,
Chapter 6: The (New) Age of Aquarius: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out,
Chapter 7: Paradigm Shift: Our New Place in the Universe,
Chapter 8: Exopolitics Rising: Moving From First Contact to Informed Contact,
Chapter 9: Open Letters: Inside/Outside,
About the Author,

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A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Loengard More than 1 year ago
This, more than most, reads like the straight scoop. If it wasn't written by the Rand Corporation, it sure reads like it was.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you are at all into the UFO phenomenon, this is a must read! Makes you wonder. Will we really ever see a full disclosure?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting book. I rate it in the upper 5 stars. I don't agree with all the material in the book because it goes way out there. I have read many books on the subject with The Communion By Whitley Striber being my favorite. The Barney and Betty Hill Book is slow but important. I stumbled on a book The lying Eyes By Sheryl Trimble a ture story that I believe was the reason I started reading about alien contact. Another book is called Turner Sunday I bought at a book fair that was good. I will recommend this book to my friends.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this expecting a much more in depth analysis and theory postulation regarding UFOs, aliens, etc. I am about a third of the way into the book and so far it hasn't been much more than a high level rehash of most of the things already out there regarding this subject. It's interesting enough, but I'm not sure I'd really recommend it. Maybe it will get a little better as I get further into it.
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