AD70 and the End of the World: Finding Good News in Christ's Prophecies and Parables of Judgment

AD70 and the End of the World: Finding Good News in Christ's Prophecies and Parables of Judgment

by Paul Ellis


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Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Is ours the generation that will be left behind? Are global events harbingers of the great tribulation? Such questions promote a fear and anxiety that is contrary to the hope-filled gospel of Jesus Christ.

In AD70 and the End of the World, award-winning author Paul Ellis offers an alternative, gospel-based perspective of the last days. Based on an in-depth study of scripture and the forgotten lessons of history, he reveals the astonishing good news hidden within Christ’s parables and prophecies of judgment.

This book is the antidote to pessimistic prophecy. It answers questions about Judgment Day, the rapture, and the end of the age. It reinterprets dark tales of vengeance and wrath through the bright light of grace.

If you are weary of gloomy forecasts or are anxious about the apocalypse, AD70 and the End of the World will give you a confident and joyful expectation of a bright tomorrow.

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ISBN-13: 9781927230411
Publisher: KingsPress
Publication date: 09/24/2017
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Dr. Paul Ellis is the multi-award-winning author of books such as Stuff Jesus Never Said and The Hyper-Grace Gospel. A former Bible smuggler, Paul pastored a multicultural church in Hong Kong for ten years. Paul writes regularly about the good news of God's amazing grace at He lives in New Zealand with his wife Camilla and their four children.

Table of Contents


Part A: The last prophecy

1. Not one stone

2. Birth pangs

3. Trials and troubles

4. Lawlessness and cold love

5. Endure to the end

6. The gospel worldwide

7. The abomination of desolation

8. Time to run

9. Great tribulation

10. Shortened days

11. Counterfeit Christs

12. The eagles are coming

13. Sun and moon

14. The Son of Man in heaven

15. Angels and trumpets

16. Signs of the seasons

17. Heaven and earth

18. The day and the hour

19. Keep watch

20. The faithful servant

Part B: The end of the world

21. The blood of righteous Abel

22. When are the days of vengeance?

23. Whose wrath has come?

24. Good news in the parables of judgment

25. Payback and relief

26. Human versus divine vengeance

27. Why did Jerusalem fall?

28. What did the high priest see?

29. When did the old covenant end?

30. When is the great tribulation?

31. The five comings of Jesus

32. When is the Second Coming?

33. Angels, clouds, and the coming of the King

34. When are the last days?

35. When is the end of the age?

36. What about the rapture?

37. Jerusalem and Judgment Day

38. What happens when Christ returns?

39. A better story

40. Summary of the main points

Last drinks

Appendix 1: Timeline of key events prior to the fall of Jerusalem

Appendix 2: Ten theologians supporting divine vengeance

Scripture index

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