Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General

Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General

by Lt Gen (Ret) Rick Lynch, Mark Dagostino


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ISBN-13: 9780801015656
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch has commanded at all levels of the Army, from company (100 soldiers) to Corps (65,000 soldiers) to commander of all US Army installations (120,000 civilian employees and soldiers worldwide). He spent over thirty months in Iraq, including fifteen months as one of the leaders of the 2007 Surge and recently accepted the position as executive director of the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute. He and his wife of thirty years, Sarah, live in Texas.

Mark Dagostino is a New York Times bestselling coauthor and former senior writer for People magazine. He wrote Courage to Stand with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and is the co-author of Rudy: My Story with Notre Dame legend Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger. He lives in New Hampshire.

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

Part 1 Opportunities, Not Obstacles 19

1 No Money 21

2 Beast Barracks 27

3 Speak Up! 33

4 Saying "No" to "No" 39

5 Changing Career Paths 45

6 The Digital Battlefield 51

7 Learning From Poor Leadership 57

8 Obstacles of Olympic Proportions 61

9 Facing the Media 69

Part 2 Lifestyle Evangelism 77

10 Finding Faith 79

11 The Captain and the Ship 87

12 Time Management 93

13 Focus Management 101

14 Walking the Walk 109

15 Voice Amplification 117

Part 3 Engaged Leadership 125

16 Leading Where It Counts 127

17 Mentorship 135

18 Asking Intrusive Questions 145

19 Demanding, Not Demeaning 153

20 Make It Personal 161

21 Accepting Responsibility 169

Part 4 The Art of Adaptation 179

22 Under Fire 181

23 Rebuilding 191

24 Building Resiliency 197

25 Experiential Learning 205

26 Do Less Better 211

27 Transitioning 223

Appendix 1 Lynch's Leadership Principles 231

Appendix 2 Lynch's Go-To Scriptures 233

Acknowledgments 237

What People are Saying About This

Chaplain (Major General) Doug Carver

An inspiring book by one of our nation's premier strategic and spiritual leaders. Having achieved success as a military professional at every level of the Army's organizational structure, General Rick Lynch's valuable and practical leadership principles captured in this volume should be required reading for any organization's entire management team--no matter the position or level. Quite simply, this might be one of the most positive, candid, and encouraging books I've read on leadership in recent years. Truly an invaluable resource for those wanting to take their effectiveness as great, adaptive leaders to the next level. --Chaplain (Major General) Doug Carver, USA-Ret 22nd Army Chief of Chaplains

Craig Boyan

General Lynch is a great American hero. He's led our troops in battle and he's managed the bases for thousands of military families around the world. He's got insights into leadership and taking care of people that are great lessons for leaders of any organization. He makes a compelling case for leaders to constantly improve and adapt their organizations; it's really all about people. Lynch's mantra of 'touching lives and making a difference' should speak to leaders of all types of organizations. A must-read for any student of leaders. --Craig Boyan, president and COO, HEB

Gen. Fred M. Franks

Change, adapt, and find new opportunities.' That is how Rick Lynch commanded in Iraq during the surge. But it could be any of us leaders anywhere: We all have to adapt. This is a superb book on leadership written by a thoughtful, courageous, and authentic leader himself. As wise, practical, and inspiring as any I have ever seen. --Gen. Fred M. Franks, U.S. Army (retired)

Brian Lawless

Rick Lynch is the greatest leader I have known. He is always learning, always reading, always teaching, and always sharing leadership. He puts God first, family second, and, as he would say, everything else falls into the proper place. I am confident that his amazing leadership stems from this attitude. Rick Lynch is the leader that you want to follow and you strive to emulate, and you feel absolutely disheartened when you let him down. --Brian Lawless, Executive Officer, Fort Hood, TX, Officer Training Command/Army Test and Evaluation Command

Gen. George Casey

Rick Lynch was one of the most effective leaders that I encountered in seven years in Iraq and leading the United States Army. Focused on excellence and on achieving broader organizational goals, Rick used his skills to lead change and confront some of the toughest challenges facing the Army. --Gen. George Casey, Army Chief of Staff, (2007-2011)

James D. Spaniolo

With boldness and candor, Rick Lynch relates his own experiences from a distinguished U.S. Army career to illustrate essential leadership principles for all of us. General Lynch is an authentic American hero, yet he writes with a common touch. He demonstrates a deep understanding of how to be a leader and to live a full, balanced life. --James D. Spaniolo, president, University of Texas at Arlington

Gen. Ben Griffin

Hard-hitting, straightforward Rick Lynch captures a lifetime of lessons learned from a very distinguished military career--invaluable for corporate and military leaders alike. - Gen. Ben Griffin, U.S. Army (retired)

Lt. Gen. Walter F. Ulmer Jr.

This book deserves a place on the shelf of contemporary leadership tomes. A personal tour through an exciting life as a soldier, it will provoke an interesting self-analysis in those who have led or want to lead. --Lt. Gen. Walter F. Ulmer Jr., U.S. Army (retired); former president and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

Dr. J. D. Crouch II

Leadership is what we desperately need, yet it's not an innate trait. Fortunately, it can be learned, and we have Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch to teach us. From the heartland of America to the distant ramparts of Iraq, Lynch knows the importance of leadership and wants to share his gift with others. This book is more than the fascinating journey of an accomplished American patriot. It is a guide for all of us on how to lead and how to live. --Dr. J. D. Crouch II, former assistant to the president and deputy national security advisor

Chet Edwards

Adapt or Die is an inspiring story of the lessons learned about faith, life, and leadership from one of America's great soldiers. General Lynch's enduring principles and practical insights will help people from all walks of life turn work and family obstacles into opportunities for success. --Chet Edwards, former U.S. Congressman, Texas 17th District, 1991-2010

Gary Sinise

General Lynch's book Adapt or Die is a wonderful reflection of the importance of truly caring for people in a very emotional and deeply connected way. I have worked with Rick in helping take care of our soldiers and their families during these difficult times, and the leadership principles listed in this book are an invaluable guide on how to accomplish that goal. Those principles apply not only in the military, but also in corporate America, in academia, and even in the entertainment industry. --Gary Sinise, actor and founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation

Brig. Gen. John C. (Doc) Bahnsen

This book deserves a look as an example of how one aggressive general officer sees his profession, himself, and his responsibilities. It is a candid, straightforward review of the challenge and response of a military leader in today's complex environment. --Brig. Gen. John C. (Doc) Bahnsen, U.S. Army (retired)

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