Adapt or Fail: Process with Power

Adapt or Fail: Process with Power

by Michael J. Nick




“Imagine being a professional athlete and one day the rules of the game change. You have two choices, either adapt or fail. This book is about how buyers have changed the way they make strategic purchases and how sales professionals must adapt to those changes to succeed. Michael does not gloss over what you need to learn; he dives right into the heart of this new selling paradigm. He helps you learn to make the necessary changes in your sales process, tools, and training to accelerate your sales.” —Jim Norton, EVP Sales & Marketing, Bomgar

Adapt or Fail is a must-read for anyone in mid-tier and enterprise sales. Michael Nick succinctly illustrates the important changes that have altered our client's buying process and how that is affecting our sales cycles right now. And the solution is right there, from isolating your value to creating your business case, everything that is needed to bring reps into the new reality is there. My division now creates a business case on every opportunity thanks to Mike's work and it has made a big difference for us.”  —James Muir, VP Sales, Nextgen Healthcare

“I remember meeting Michael over 20 years ago when he was hired by Microsoft Business Solutions to develop a ROI Tool for a product we had developed and sold to them. His ideas were revolutionary and ahead of our time. Today, we still work with and depend on Michael. His vision and passion on how to successfully sell and demonstrate value are unique. Michael’s advice simply works. What could better than that? All you have to do is listen and do it!” —Andy Vabulas, CEO, IBIS Inc.

“When a buyer searches the web for a need, they can get a million hits or more. How do you possibly end up on the top page when major corporations are pouring mounds of cash on marketing communications? Adapt or Fail really helps spell out tactics and techniques that you can use now to differentiate yourself from your competition. Practical ideas for selling to millennials, and great stories from training a flea to a nine year old structuring a deal, make this book a must have for any student of sales.”  —Michael Mullin, CEO IBS Inc.

In Adapt or Fail, Michael provides an approach and set of tools to equip your salespeople with the financial strategies and skills they need to compel their prospects to buy now and from them. As one of the foremost experts on the topic of value selling, Michael has once again built the case for selling economic impact and provided a blueprint heads of sales can follow to bring in and reinforce this critical ability into their sales organizations. —Daniel Zamudio, founder & CEO, Playboox

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ISBN-13: 9781635050110
Publisher: North Loop Books
Publication date: 03/22/2016
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I The Past 1

A Time of Irrational Exuberance 3

Part II The Present 13

Economic Impact Drives Change 15

Part III The Problem 45

Problems or Opportunities? 47

Part IV The Future 69

Adapt or Fail 71

The Process of Selling Through Your Buyer's Eyes 87

Part V The Solution 121

Shifting the Paradigm 123

Begin With a Value Inventory 127

Value Hypothesis 145

Degree of Fit 153

Business Case 175

Training 195

Sales Toolkit 199

Final Thoughts 215

Epilogue 217

Afterword 221

About the Author 223

Index 225

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