ADAPTIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Leading Complex and Uncertain Projects

ADAPTIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Leading Complex and Uncertain Projects

by Andy Silber


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Does Adaptive Project Management make sense for you?

Are you using waterfall/PMP project management and…

…your stakeholders expect innovation, a predictable schedule, and a fixed budget without padding?

…it’s impossible to build a Work Breakdown Structure because your team doesn’t understand the solution yet?

…you’re using new technology making it impossible to estimate durations accurately?

Are you using agile project management and…

…your project includes hardware and your plan includes complex dependencies?

…it takes weeks to complete and test a build?

Are you trying to get a project completed without any project management and…

…priorities aren’t clear, so the wrong tasks are being worked on?

…your delivery dates are just guesses and things are always late?

…when your projects are complete the end users say “That’s not what I need or want”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Adaptive Project Management is for you.

In Adaptive Project Management, the project manager does just enough planning to be confident that the team is working on the correct tasks. Those tasks might be risk reduction, on the critical path, or building prototypes to better understand what the end-user wants. The goal is to be constantly reducing risk and uncertainty as you move through a project, always updating the plan as you increase your knowledge. This book explains how to succeed or fail fast for projects that are too uncertain to use waterfall project management and too complex to succeed with agile project management.

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Publication date: 02/25/2017
Pages: 110
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Table of Contents

Is This Book for You?

About the Author


What Complexity and Uncertainty Mean

Why Waterfall Project Management Isn’t Well

Suited for Problems with Lots of Uncertainty

Agile is Too Flexible for Complex Projects

Adaptive Project Management: The Right Balance

Between Structure and Flexibility

How to Run a Company That Can Do Adaptive

Project Management

Managing a Project Means Managing a Team

Building a Schedule

Project Management: More Than Creating a


Minimally Viable Product and Prototypes

A Case Study in Determining Requirements: Handing

out Free Shoes

Software Tools

What Every Individual Contributor Should Know

About Adaptive Project Management

What Every Stakeholder Should Know about

Adaptive Project Management

Building an Innovative Organization

Now, Go Forth and Innovate

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