Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Classroom in a Book

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Classroom in a Book

Multimedia Set(with CD-ROM)


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201702842
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 01/30/2000
Series: Classroom in a Book Series
Edition description: with CD-ROM
Pages: 369
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.03(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

The Adobe Creative Team created Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Classroom in a Book, Second Edition.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
About Classroom in a Book1
Checking system requirements2
Installing the program3
Copying the Classroom in a Book files4
Additional resources4
A Quick Tour of Adobe Acrobat
Converting a document to PDF8
Navigating a PDF document10
Editing a PDF document14
Customizing PDF navigation19
Annotating a PDF document22
Creating a PDF form27
Distributing PDF files30
Lesson 1Introducing Adobe Acrobat33
About Adobe Acrobat34
Publishing on the World Wide Web36
Looking at some examples37
Designing documents for online viewing39
Review questions42
Review answers42
Lesson 2Getting to Know the Work Area45
Opening the work file46
Using Acrobat tools48
Using Acrobat palettes49
About navigation51
About on-screen display51
Navigating the magazine53
Using and creating links57
Editing a link60
Using the online Adobe Acrobat User Guide65
Review questions67
Review answers67
Lesson 3Creating PDF from Authoring Programs71
Creating PDF documents72
PDFWriter or Acrobat Distiller?72
Using fonts with this lesson73
Creating a PDF file with PDFWriter73
Creating a PDF file with Acrobat Distiller78
Viewing and comparing the PDF files79
Exploring on your own (Windows)82
Review questions84
Review answers84
Lesson 4Creating Navigational Structures87
Opening the work file88
Using bookmarks88
Using thumbnails96
Creating a cross-document link98
Replacing a pag101
Using articles102
Review questions106
Review answers106
Lesson 5Modifying PDF Documents109
Opening and examining the work file110
Editing pages112
Editing text and images124
Using links and bookmarks to play actions125
Exploring on your own128
Review questions130
Review answers130
Lesson 6Creating an Online Version of a Book133
About this lesson134
Viewing the converted PDF file134
Adding bookmarks138
Creating an article thread141
Replacing a page147
Comparing different online versions of the same book147
Exploring on your own150
Review questions153
Review answers153
Lesson 7Using Acrobat in a Document Review Cycle157
Opening the work file158
Working with annotations159
Setting file security175
Exploring on your own178
Review questions182
Review answers182
Lesson 8Creating Forms185
Working with forms online186
Adding form fields191
Calculating form fields202
Creating a Reset Form field208
Submitting forms over the Web209
Filling out the fields210
Exploring on your own210
Review questions211
Review answers211
Lesson 9Adding Buttons215
Using and adding buttons216
Using the Show/Hide Field action228
Adding a text-only button that links to the World Wide Web231
Determining the opening display of a document233
Exploring on your own234
Review questions236
Review answers236
Lesson 10Creating PDF Documents from Paper and the Web239
Capturing a fax image file240
Correcting suspects244
Converting a Web page to PDF245
Configuring your Internet or proxy settings245
Review questions255
Review answers255
Lesson 11Building a Searchable PDF Library and Catalog259
Building an index260
Searching an index263
Using Document Info fields to search269
Searching with Boolean expressions270
Searching on the Web272
Choosing Catalog options272
Exploring on your own279
Review questions280
Review answers280
Lesson 12Customizing PDF Output Quality285
Controlling PDF output quality286
About compression and resampling287
Using default compression settings287
Using custom compression settings290
Processing grayscale and monochrome images294
Comparing color, grayscale, and monochrome images295
Using watched folders295
Exploring on your own298
Review questions299
Review answers299
Lesson 13Distributing PDF Documents303
Distributing PDF documents304
Preparing a Welcome document310
Organizing the staging area314
Optimizing PDF documents314
Indexing your document collection316
Adding Acrobat Reader installers320
Testing your document collection321
Double-checking the checklist321
Review questions323
Review answers323
Lesson 14Adding Page Actions, Movies, and Sounds to PDF Files327
Using movie and sound files328
Opening the work file329
Using page actions329
Using movies in PDF files331
Using sounds in a document337
Review questions340
Review answers340
Lesson 15Enhancing a Multimedia Project343
Opening the work file344
Adding a Go to View button345
Combining buttons and page actions351
Choosing the opening view357
Exploring on your own363
Review questions364
Review answers364
Production Notes325
Photography Credits325
Adobe Typefaces Used325

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