Adobe Creative Suite Idea Kit

Adobe Creative Suite Idea Kit

by Katrin Straub

Multimedia Set(Book & CD-ROM)


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780321245793
Publisher: Adobe Press
Publication date: 01/15/2004
Series: Idea Kit Series
Edition description: Book & CD-ROM
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 7.55(w) x 9.14(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Katrin Straub is a graphic designer with more than 15 years experience working as a design director in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan for companies such as Landor Associates, enVision, and Fontworks International. Her work includes corporate and retail identity, packaging, promotional campaigns, multimedia, and Web site design. She holds degrees from the Fachhochschule in Augsburg, Germany, the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche in Urbino, Italy, and The New School University, in New York.

Table of Contents

1The Adobe Creative Suite3
An Overview5
What this Book Is--and Isn't6
The Applications7
Adobe Photoshop CS7
Adobe Illustrator CS7
Adobe InDesign CS8
Adobe GoLive CS8
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional9
Version Cue9
What's New: Features and Benefits10
Adobe Photoshop CS10
Adobe Illustrator CS10
Adobe InDesign CS11
Adobe GoLive CS11
Acrobat 6.0 Professional12
2Creating a Postcard15
Creating with Templates in Illustrator16
Checking the Dimensions of Your Postcard19
Exporting Artwork from Photoshop21
Assembling in Illustrator22
Placing Your Image in Illustrator23
Sending Your Fonts and Files to a Service Bureau25
3Collaborating on a CD Label27
Setting up a Version Cue Workspace29
Enabling the Version Cue User Interface31
Creating a New Version Cue Project32
Accessing Your Project from a Different Computer36
Keeping Track of Different Versions of Files42
4Celebrating a Special Event45
Setting up a New Document in InDesign46
Preparing a Background Image in Photoshop48
Placing Your Photo in InDesign53
Creating the Title55
5Designing a Newsletter61
Creating a Basic Layout62
Placing and Fitting Files in Frames63
Working with Your Layout and Choosing Typefaces64
Importing Text Files into InDesign66
Defining Paragraph Styles67
Creating a Border for an Advertisement70
Importing a File from Illustrator71
6Creating Distinctive Packaging73
Designing a Basic Layout74
Refining Illustrator Elements in Photoshop78
Creating a 3D Comprehensive81
Mapping Art on a 3D Object82
7Presenting with Style87
Using InDesign for Your Presentation88
Setting up Your Document89
Setting up Type Styles92
Setting up Levels93
Completing Your Presentation95
8Building Rollover Buttons97
How a Rollover Button Works98
Creating a Simple Rollover Button in GoLive99
Using Photoshop SmartObjects104
Using Existing Illustrator Symbols108
9Creating a Navigation Bar111
Setting up in Photoshop113
Creating the Normal State Buttons113
Organizing Your Layers into Sets116
Creating the Over State Buttons117
Jumping to ImageReady119
Creating Layer-Based Rollover Buttons119
Ready to be Used in GoLive122
Assembling the Navigation Bar and the Image in GoLive123
Importing the File as a Smart Object125
Making a few Final Changes127
10Animating a Web Banner129
Creating a Three-Layered Photoshop File131
Animating with ImageReady134
Importing Your GIF Animation into GoLive137
11Creating an Animation143
Creating a Background Pattern in ImageReady145
Applying a Background Pattern to a Page in GoLive146
Animating with Layers in GoLive149
Using the Timeline Editor151
Adding a Keyframe154
Previewing the Animation156
Animating the Rabbit157
12Designing a Web Site161
Slicing a Design Layout in Illustrator164
Using Components in GoLive168
Creating Stationery Files in GoLive171
Working with Site Diagrams in GoLive173
Loading the HTML Pages175
Using the File Browser in Photoshop178
13Setting up a Kiosk183
Creating Hyperlinks in InDesign184
Exporting Hyperlinks and Interactive Elements to PDF187
Creating and Applying Master Pages188
Designing Individual Pages190
Embedding QuickTime Movies191
Adding Sound to Your Kiosk192
14Exploring OpenType195
A Brief Overview of OpenType196
Some OpenType Layout Features Explained198
Swash Characters200
All Caps200
Small Caps200
Contextual Alternates201
Figure Styles202
15Submitting Your Design for Review205
Using Acrobat for Your Design Review206
Saving as a PDF File for Onscreen Review206
Choosing the Right Compression206
Sending out Your Files for Review208
Adding Comments in Acrobat209
Making the Finishing Touches210
Making Changes in Illustrator and Saving as a PDF File for Printing210
Last Minute Touch-up in Acrobat211

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