Adobe Illustrator 10: The Complete Reference

Adobe Illustrator 10: The Complete Reference



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Adobe Illustrator 10: The Complete Reference by Sandra E. Eddy, Sandra Eddy

Bring your creative ideas to fruition with the most powerful, flexible vector graphics tool available. Conjure and manipulate shapes, work with Illustrator color models, and discover the vast print and Web graphics capabilities in the latest upgrade to this popular application. Author Sandra E. Eddy leads you through all the rendering essentials -- plus special effects, typography, layers, transparency, and integration with other applications. Replete with professional-level information, Adobe Illustrator 10: The Complete Reference will help you expertly navigate the Illustrator workspace, take advantage of its numerous features, and might even improve your drawing skills along the way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072193626
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 04/05/2002
Series: Osborne Complete Reference Series
Pages: 879
Product dimensions: 7.46(w) x 9.16(h) x 2.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part IPresenting Illustrator
1Getting Acquainted with Illustrator3
Starting Illustrator4
Starting a New Document4
Viewing the Illustrator Workspace5
Exiting Illustrator37
2Getting Started with Illustrator39
What Is Illustrator?40
Vector Graphics Versus Raster Graphics40
Introducing Illustrator Color Models41
Creating Simple Shapes43
Managing Illustrator Files58
Getting Help61
3Editing 10167
Viewing, Zooming, and Moving68
Selecting Objects75
Hiding and Showing Objects87
Locking and Unlocking Objects88
Aligning and Distributing Objects88
Arranging Objects and Groups93
4Building Graphs95
Learning about Types of Illustrator Graphs and Tools96
Planning a Graph100
Viewing the Graph Data Dialog Box101
Creating a Graph103
Looking at an Illustrator Graph105
Modifying a Graph107
Importing a Spreadsheet114
Using Illustrator Objects in Your Graphs116
Part IIIllustrator Essentials
5Setting Up Your Workspace123
Setting Grid Options124
Using Guides to Set Up Your Art128
Introducing Smart Guides133
Setting Up the Artboard136
Measuring Objects142
6Using Paths and Points147
What Are Paths and Points?148
Editing Paths148
Drawing with the Pencil Tool150
Smoothing a Path155
Drawing with the Pen Tool156
Modifying Paths and Points170
Editing Paths with the Pathfinder Palette184
7Illustrator Color Basics193
What Are the Fill and Stroke?194
Setting Fill and Stroke from the Toolbox194
Working with Swatches200
Mixing Colors218
Using the Color Picker223
8Customizing Strokes and Fills227
Customizing Strokes228
Customizing Fills with Patterns236
Using the Eyedropper and the Paint Bucket Tools248
9All About Gradients and Gradient Meshes251
What Is a Gradient?252
Exploring the Gradient Palette252
Using Gradient Swatches253
Using the Gradient Tool258
Using Mesh Objects262
Modifying a Mesh Object266
10Transforming Objects271
Exploring the Transform Palette273
Moving Objects274
Scaling Objects279
Rotating Objects284
Reflecting Objects286
Shearing Objects290
11Adding Type to Your Art295
What Are Fonts and Point Size?296
Studying the Type Tools301
Specifying a Type Area303
Opening "Foreign" Type in Illustrator315
Fine-Tuning Words315
Splitting Objects into Rows and Columns322
Exercising Your "Typing" Skills325
12Editing Type327
Finding and Replacing Type328
Finding and Replacing Fonts331
Selecting Type334
Modifying Character Attributes337
Using the Eyedropper and Paint Bucket on Type351
Tabbing Type353
Linking Blocks of Type359
Modifying Paragraph Attributes361
Using Hyphenation367
Converting Type to a Graphical Object369
13Painting Objects373
Learning About the Paintbrush and the Brushes Palette374
Brushing a Path Using Another Tool378
Using the Paintbrush Tool378
Modifying Brushed Paths381
Setting Up a New Brush382
Manipulating Brushes393
Using Brushes Libraries396
14Working with Layers399
Exploring the Layers Palette400
Creating Layers and Sublayers404
Adding an Object to a Layer407
Changing the Look of the Layers Palette408
Manipulating Layers and Their Contents409
Using Template Layers427
Tracing Artwork428
Using Clipping Masks430
Part IIIIllustrator FX
15Enhancing Art with Transparency435
Exploring the Transparency Palette436
Setting Transparency438
Using the Transparency Grid440
Using Blending Modes443
Using Knockout Groups448
Using Opacity Masks451
16Using Filters and Effects455
Modifying Shapes with Toolbox Tools456
Introducing Filters463
Introducing Effects465
Applying Filters and Effects465
Using Color Filters468
Applying the Object Mosaic Filter471
Distoring Vector Objects472
Disotring Raster Objects481
Using Pen & Ink Filters484
Stylizing Objects491
Warping Objects501
Applying Artistic Filters502
Working with Brush Strokes511
Sketching Objects515
Applying Texture to Objects523
17Creating and Playing Actions529
What Are Actions and Action Sets?530
Exploring the Actions Palette530
Playing Actions534
Playing an Action at a Certain Speed535
Creating Actions535
Organizing Actions544
18Appearances, Styles, Blends, Symbols, and Envelopes553
Using Appearance Attributes554
Using Styles566
Blending Objects576
Using Symbols584
Using Envelopes601
Part IVOutside Illustrator
19Optimizing and Saving Illustrator Images for the Web611
What Can Illustrator Do for Web Graphics?612
Touring the Save for Web Dialog Box616
Exploring the Color Table Palette632
Exploring the Image Size Palette639
Exploring the Layers Palette640
Optimizing Web Graphics641
20Illustrator's Web Graphics Features647
Working with Raster Graphics in Illustrator648
Using Image Maps649
Using Slices655
Creating Animations with Illustrator Layers671
Getting Ready to Export SWF Files674
Preparing an Illustrator Document for SVG678
Exploring the Variables Palette688
21Illustrator and Other Applications693
Acquiring Documents and Objects694
Working with Links700
Saving and Exporting Illustrator Documents710
22Illustrator Output725
Learning about Printing Processes and Terms726
Printing on an Office or Home Printer726
Printing with a Commercial Printer739
Printing Artwork and Color Separations747
Overriding Printer Settings750
Exploring the Document Info Palette753
Part VAppendixes
AInstalling Illustrator759
Installing on a Windows PC760
Installing on a Macintosh761
BSetting Illustrator Preferences763
Setting Illustrator Preferences in the Preferences Dialog Box764
Specifying Adobe Online Preferences770
Creating a Startup File771
COnline Resources773
Resources at Adobe774
Directories of Links775
Tutorials and Tips775
Design Hints and Help776
Online Newsletters, Magazines, and News777
Plug-ins and Extensions778
Fonts and PostScript778
Bezier Curves779
SWF and SVG779
Glossaries and Terms780
Miscellaneous Resources780
DThe Adobe Certified Expert Progam783
Adobe's Certified Expert Program784
How Do I Get Certified?785
EHow the Color Insert Images Were Created787
Mouse Maze: Planning Your Web Advertising Strategy788
A Shot of Grace: Healing for a Sick Child788
Litesout: When the Company IT Plan Fails788
Deco Titanic788
Lady of Grace--Roses and Woman789
Logos: Wildcats, Free Bird, and Peaceful Living--TP789
Corporate Logos: dMedia and GildedIvy790
Dancing Feet790
Visions of Beauty792
Giant Panda Mother and Cub792
Silver Dragon793
FIllustrator Shortcut Keys797
Defining Shortcut Keys798
Shortcut Keys by Features and Tools800

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