Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 On Demand

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 On Demand

by Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.

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ISBN-13: 9780132713498
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 02/19/2008
Series: On Demand
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 576
File size: 47 MB
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About the Author

Steve Johnson has written more than 45 books on a variety of computer software, including Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003, Microsoft Windows Vista and XP, Microsoft Expression Web, Apple Mac OS X Leopard, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS2, Adobe Flash CS3 and 8, and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. In 1991, after working for Apple Computer and Microsoft, Steve founded Perspection, Inc., which writes and produces software training. When he is not staying up late writing, he enjoys playing golf, gardening, and spending time with his wife, Holly, and three children, JP, Brett, and Hannah. When time permits, he likes to travel to such places as New Hampshire in October, and Hawaii. Steve and his family live in Pleasanton, California, but can also be found visiting family all over the western United States.

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How You'll Learn

  • How This Book Works
  • What's New
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Real World Examples
  • Workshop
  • Get More on the Web

Welcome to Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 On Demand, a visual quick reference book that shows you how to work efficiently with Photoshop Elements 6. This book provides complete coverage of basic to advanced Photoshop Elements skills.

How This Book Works

You don't have to read this book in any particular order. We've designed the book so that you can jump in, get the information you need, and jump out. However, the book does follow a logical progression from simple tasks to more complex ones. Each task is presented on no more than two facing pages, which lets you focus on a single task without having to turn the page. To find the information that you need, just look up the task in the table of contents or index, and turn to the page listed. Read the task introduction, follow the step-by-step instructions in the left column along with screen illustrations in the right column, and you're done.

What's New

If you're searching for what's new in Photoshop Elements 6, just look for the icon: New!. The new icon appears in the table of contents and through out this book so you can quickly and easily identify a new or improved feature in Photoshop Elements 6. A complete description of each new feature appears in the New Features guide in the back of this book.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most menu commands have a keyboard equivalent, such as Ctrl+P, as a quicker alternative to using the mouse. A complete list of keyboard shortcuts is available in the back of this book and on the Web at

Step-by-Step Instructions

This book provides concise step-by-step instructions that show you "how" to accomplish a task. Each set of instructions include illustrations that directly correspond to the easy-to-read steps. Also included in the text are timesavers, tables, and sidebars to help you work more efficiently or to teach you more in-depth information. A "Did You Know?" provides tips and techniques to help you work smarter, while a "See Also" leads you to other parts of the book containing related information about the task.

Real World Examples

This book uses real world examples files to give you a context in which to use the task. By using the example files, you won't waste time looking for or creating sample files. You get a start file and a result file, so you can compare your work. Not every topic needs an example file, such as changing options, so we provide a complete list of the example files used through out the book. The example files that you need for project tasks along with a complete file list are available on the Web at


This book shows you how to put together the individual step-by-step tasks into indepth projects with the Workshop. You start each project with a sample file, work through the steps, and then compare your results with project results file at the end. The Workshop projects in the back of this book and associated files are available on the Web at

Get More on the Web

In addition to the information in this book, you can also get more information on the Web to help you get up to speed faster with Photoshop Elements 6. Some of the information includes:

Transition Helpers

  • Only New Features. Download and print the new features list as a quick and easy guide.

Productivity Tools
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. Download a list of keyboard shortcuts to learn faster ways to get the job done.

More Content
  • Photographs. Download photographs and other graphics to use in your Photoshop Elements documents.

  • More Content. Download new content developed after publication.

You can access these additional resources on the Web at

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

Introduction       xvii

1          Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 6  1

2          Customizing the Way You Work in the Organizer     25

3          Importing Photos into the Organizer   41

4          Viewing Photos in the Organizer        63

5          Finding Photos in the Organizer         81

6          Working with Photos in the Organizer            99

7          Working with Photos in the Editor      125

8          Navigating and Using the Editor          153

9          Mastering the Art of Selection 177

10        Working with Layers   203

11        Adjusting and Correcting Color           237

12        Using Transformation and Retouching Tools 267

13        Using the Paint, Shape Drawing, and Eraser Tools   291

14        Working with Layer Styles and Photo Effects            323

15        Manipulating Images with Filters         343

16        Getting Creative with Type      363

17        Saving Photos for the Web and Other Devices         379

18        Making Speciality Projects      409

19        Printing and Sharing Photos   447

20        Customizing the Way You Work in the Editor            473

Index    527

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