ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume V Premonitions of the Holocaust

ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume V Premonitions of the Holocaust

by Christopher Bjerknes


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For at least the past 2,500 years, prophets, rabbis, religious scholars, journalists, anti-Semites and others have loudly warned the world that two-thirds of the Jewish People would perish in a holocaust. And those were the exact words they used. Religious Jews believed a holocaust would inevitably come, because it was needed to afford Jewry with atonement and redemption, so that the exile would finally come to an end and the messiah would arrive to gather the weary Jews back into Jerusalem. Zionist Jews wanted to prune off the broken branches of the assimilationist Jews they disliked. Zionists welcomed the irresistible incentive for European Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Journalists and anti-Semites felt that retribution would be had against Jews in general for the genocidal massacres that were carried out by the Dönmeh Young Turks against Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christians; and then for the tens of millions who fell to the Bolsheviks in the former Russian Empire. Jewish relief organizations and Western Jews who were concerned about the plight of Eastern European Jews from 1900-1945 stated over and over again that six million Jews were going to be exterminated in a holocaust. Within this book you will find the primary sources which have openly declared that massive numbers of Jews would die, some of which are hundreds and even thousands of years old. They knew the exact year the Nation of Israel would be founded and stated the precise number of Jews they predicted would be slain. They also knew more than 1,500 years ago, that a king crueler than Haman would emerge to persecute the Jews and drive them back to the Torah and the holy land.

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