Adoption Forum: Intimate Discussions to Unite the Triad in Healing

Adoption Forum: Intimate Discussions to Unite the Triad in Healing

by Kasey Hamner



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ISBN-13: 9780967414515
Publisher: Triad Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2002
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

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Judy Goens

Kasey's second book is great! It is straight forward and honest. Something for all families considering adoption as well as adoptive parents and adoptees. Keep your books coming Kasey!
—Judy Goens, adoptee and adoptive mother from Nevada

Nancy Verrier

Kasey Hamner has written/edited a comprehensive book, covering a great many subjects, which will be very helpful to members of the adoption triad. There is a great deal of passion and pathos in this work. The complexities of adoption are reflected in compassion and understanding as well as the intense emotions and misunderstandings reflected in these very personal responses to adoption issues. Taken as a whole, this work should foster more understanding among members of the adoption triad as well as the professionals who work with them.
— MFT, adoptive mother, and author of Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child

J. Soll

Kasey Hamner's newest book is unique, intriguing and educational. As both an adoptee and mental health professional I gained new perspectives and insights from all the contributors. Read it and see for yourself!
—CSW, DAPA, adoptee, psychotherapist and author of Adoption Healing ... A Path to Recovery


From all over the world, Kasey Hamner has given the voices of Triad members an opportunity to be heard. Unedited and uncensored men and women whose lives have been intimately involved with adoption reveal their feelings. It offers the reader an opportunity to better understand the lifelong dilemmas inherent in that world.
—MSW, co-author of Lethal Secrets and Adoption Triangle


In Adoption Forum,'Kasey Hamner extends an invitation to those affected by adoption-related issues to share their experience and address many of the 'hot topic' questions discussed within the adoption community. Hamner includes in this discussion new issues to this genre, such as donor insemination. 'Adoption Forum' presents a comprehensive, non-biased look at adoption issues, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions. Triad members and adoption professionals would do well to add this book to their library of adoption literature.
— Robert Andersen,M.D., and Rhonda Tucker, adoptees and authors of Bridge Less Traveled, Twice Visited


This new work by Kasey Hamner is one that is of interest to all who are members of the adoption community or work within the helping professions. In her discussion with the members of the adoption community she has been able for the first time to bring together the many varied and divergent voices of those whose have experienced adoption first hand. Yet at the same time, while differing on occasions, those who speak so frankly within the forum share common thoughts on many of the issues discussed. Kasey Hamner has been able to bring to the reader the trials and triumphs of the individual threads within the multifaceted tapestry that has been woven by the voices that have spoken so eloquently in this forum. No where else have I seen this done and with such sensitivity. It is a refreshing change from the doom and gloom or the sugar coated fantasy about adoption found in some other publications. At last, a book that has all sides and all opinions in one book! This book shows that there is hope and healing in adoption and that it is found within the willingness of the members adoption community to share their knowledge and experience in a way that is not found from any other. 'Adoption Forum' is a must read for all members of the adoption Triad and for those who work in the helping professions. It will help them gain valuable insights about how each adoption experience is unique in its own way and that not all feel or react the same about particular issues. It should also assist them to understand that the power for healing lies within the individual and with those who have also experienced adoption in their journey through life.
— birth and adoptive mother, Adoption Educator and Consultant, Chairperson Board of Management Adoption International of Western Australia

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Guest More than 1 year ago
When I read 'Adoption Forum' in review form, I was amazed and pleased that it wasn't a biased account from one perspective. I am sick of those. I am a birth and adoptive mother and my experiences are both joyful and heartbreaking. Finally I have found a book that doesn't discriminate.