Adorno's Aesthetic Theory: The Redemption of Illusion

Adorno's Aesthetic Theory: The Redemption of Illusion

by Lambert Zuidervaart


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ISBN-13: 9780262240321
Publisher: MIT Press
Publication date: 05/22/1991
Series: Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought Series
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

About the Author

Lambert Zuidervaart is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. He is the author of Adorno's Aesthetic Theory (MIT Press), Artistic Truth, Social Philosophy after Adorno, Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation, and other books.

Thomas McCarthy is John Schaffer Professor in the Humanities at Northwestern University and the editor of the MIT Press series Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought.

Table of Contents

A Note on References
I ConteXt
1 Historical Positions
1.1 Theodor W. Adorno (19031969)
1.2 Western MarXism
1.3 Critical Theory
2 Aesthetic Debates
2.1 Artistic Autonomy
2.2 Political Art
2.3 Aesthetic Modernism
3 Philosophical Motivations
3.1 ParataXis
3.2 Negative Dialectic
3.3 Critical Phenomenology
II Commentary
4 Society's Social Antithesis
4.1 MarXist Models
4.2 Art and Ideology
4.3 Advanced Capitalism and Autonomous Art
5 Art as Social Labor
5.1 Artistic Material
5.2 Modes of Production
5.3 The Artist as Worker
6 Political Migration
6.1 Artistic Import
6.2 Political Impact
6.3 Cultural Politics
7 ParadoXical Modernism
7.1 Culture after Auschwitz
7.2 Reification and Reconciliation
7.3 Adorno's Engame
8 Truth and Illusion
8.1 Antinomies of Illusion
8.2 Redemption of Import
8.3 Modern Art and Negative Dialectic
III Criticism
9 Models of Mediation
9.1 Adorno and Bürger
9.2 Autonomy, Truth, and Popular Art
9.3 Normative Aesthetics
10 Politics of Postmodernism
10.1 Deprivileged Subject
10.2 Jameson's Ambivalent Postmodernism
10.3 Beyond Reification
11 History, Art, and Truth
11.1 Wellmer's Stereoscopic Critique
11.2 Philosophical Truth Claims
11.3 Historical Truth Content

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