Adrada to Zool: Anthology of Short Stories

Adrada to Zool: Anthology of Short Stories

by Catherine E McLean
Adrada to Zool: Anthology of Short Stories

Adrada to Zool: Anthology of Short Stories

by Catherine E McLean


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Collected "Women's Starscape Fiction" short stories of C.E. McLean (Catherine E. McLean) plus a new, bonus novella:

WRITTEN BY MY HAND - Who really killed billionaire John H. Dreyfus?

ADRADA'S KNOT - In the middle of the Carribean, Dr. Kyle Ashe has just run aground on a one-lane, rutted, bone-dry, dirt road.

STARGAZING - Only a few human spaceship navigators can leave their bodies and go among the stars to gain a navigational bearing. With her ship caught in a galactic maelstrom, Kyla stargazes - and meets the man of her dreams. It might be love at first sight, but he's the Archangel of Departing Souls.

HICCUPS - Josie has non-stop hiccups. How will she cope when her space station crewmates are bent on winning a betting pool of who can cure those hiccups?

BON VOYAGE - Before boarding a cruise ship for the vacation of a lifetime, Andrea's sister ends up with her foot in a cast. How humiliating could it be to find a young man to befriend and cheer up her sister?

JUST DESSERTS - On a battle-scarred starship-destroyer en route to the junkyard, a captain hears strange noises.

CLOEY'S GOLD - Adrada, the Archangel of Departing Souls, wants Cloey to save a man lost in the wilderness. Only that man is the banker who refused Cloey a loan because she was unemployed and had the audacity to list her occupation as a gold digger.

ZOOL - A vividly marked, pint-sized dragon of an alien spouting nonsense about singeing his tail in a star cluster takes refuge on Lt. Shelly Stowe's starship-and she's the only one that can see him.

Bonus Novella-- OUBLIETTE - Illias M'Raub is hired to enter the mind of comatose Courtney Jane Goodman to determine if she's alive or brain dead before her life-supports are disconnected and her organs harvested. Seems a simple task- unless Courtney subconscious detects his presence and kills him.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988587427
Publisher: Rimstone Concepts LLC
Publication date: 11/11/2013
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Catherine E. McLean (website:

She writes "Women's Starscape Fiction" because she enjoys a story where characters are like real people facing real dilemmas, and where their journey (their adventure-quest, with or without a romance) is among the stars and solar systems, and where there's always a satisfying ending.

Writing as C. E. McLean, she has sold short stories to hard-copy and online anthologies and magazines.

Her novels include KARMA AND MAYHEM (a paranormal fantasy romance) and JEWELS OF THE SKY (futuristic-adventure).

Catherine is also a writing instructor and workshop speaker (both online and in person) who believes craft liberates and enhances talent. She's an amateur photographer whose favorite subjects are still life (flowers, rocks, and "character" trees).
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