Adult Charades: Naughty Ideas for Your Favourite Party Game

Adult Charades: Naughty Ideas for Your Favourite Party Game

by Sadie Cayman


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Strictly for over 18s, Adult Charades is bulging with hilarious ideas for TV shows, films, books, songs and much, much more, for you and your friends to act out in all their glorious detail. With content including Die Hard and a "Slow Comfortable Screw" cocktail, you’re certain to be in stitches with this compendium of saucy and innuendo-laden suggestions!

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ISBN-13: 9781849539432
Publisher: Summersdale
Publication date: 10/01/2017
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 5.80(h) x 0.40(d)

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Sadie Cayman is the author of The Little Book of Kama Sutra.

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Adult Charades

Naughty Ideas for your Favourite Party Game

By Sadie Cayman

Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Copyright © 2016 Summersdale Publishers Ltd
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78372-943-2



-> The players divide into two teams of at least two members.

-> Decide which team will go first. One member of the team flicks through this book, stopping and placing a finger on a page at random to decide their charade. They should keep their choice a secret from the remainder of their team, the 'guessers'.

-> They then have one minute (use the timer on your phone, or an egg timer if you have one) to attempt to act it out. The actor must not make any sounds (no talking, singing or humming). Lip movements are prohibited, and they can't point at any objects around them to help the guessers. Drawing letters in the air is also not allowed. The guessers attempt to work out the word or phrase within the time limit. They can ask questions, but only non-verbal responses are allowed, such as nodding the head.

-> If the guessers get the right answer, their team gets a point; if they haven't guessed it when the time limit expires, the other team gets a point.

-> The teams alternate until each member has had an opportunity to be the mimer. For a quick-fire version of the game, increase the time to two or three minutes and see how many correct answers one team can guess within the limit.

-> Alternatively, teams can take it in turns to pick their favourite suggestions and write them on pieces of paper to put into a hat. The mimers then pick a piece of paper at random at the start of their go.

-> Due to the naughty nature of some of the suggestions, the actor might need the assistance of someone else in their team to act something out fully, but it's important the guest mimer doesn't know what the answer is – they can only be used as a prop, acting 'blind'.

-> Symbols are traditionally used to indicate whether what you're about to act out represents the whole answer in one go (making a circle between both of your hands), the total number of words in the answer (holding up the relevant number of fingers), the specific word you're acting out (holding up the number of fingers to indicate which position the word is in, in the answer) and the number of syllables in the word you're currently acting out (holding the number of fingers against your forearm). Here are some other signs that may come in useful:

Small word: Hold up your thumb and forefinger close together to indicate that you're miming a short word (typically 'and', 'to', 'the', etc.)

Chop the word: If a player is guessing a longer version of the word you're miming (for instance, 'running' instead of 'run'), you should bring the side of one hand down on the back of the other in a chopping motion to tell them to cut it down.

Extend the word: To indicate that they've got part of the word correct, but they need a longer version of the word (e.g. they've guessed 'cream', and you need them to say 'creamy'), hold up your two forefingers and move them apart from each other.

Sounds like: Tug your ear to indicate that you're going to act out a word that rhymes with the word in the answer.

You're on the wrong track: Wave your hands, palms down, away from one another in a 'cease' gesture, to tell the guessers that they're guessing along the wrong lines.

You're on the right track: Wave your hands towards yourself, as if you were encouraging them to come closer, to indicate that they're getting there.

Correct!: Touch your nose, while pointing with your other hand at the guesser, makes it clear that their suggestion was on the money.


->Films: hold one hand up to your eye as if looking through a camera lens, the other hand cranking like an old-fashioned movie camera

->Cocktails: mime taking a drink

->Books: hold out your hands together in front of you, then open them like a book

->Plays and musicals: go down on one knee and hold your arms out in a flamboyant gesture (think Shakespeare)

->Songs: move your hands outwards from your mouth, like an opera singer

->TV shows: describe a small rectangle in the air with your forefingers

->Food: mime eating with a knife and fork

->Sports: act out hitting a ball with a bat


If you want your game of Adult Charades to be even more naughty, pick from these additional rules:

-> Every time your team guesses correctly, the other team takes a drink.

-> Every time your team guesses correctly, someone in the other team has to remove an item of clothing.

-> Every time you guess correctly you 'win' the opportunity to ask a truth or dare of one of your opponents. They have to either answer a question truthfully or perform a naughty act of your choice.


When you've finished playing, check how well you've done. For every ten mimes your team acted out, work out how many you guessed correctly:

->1–3: You're little in the amateur league – you need to up your naughtiness and try again. Try wearing sexier underwear next time – or maybe no underwear!

->4–6: Not bad – you have plenty of enthusiasm but you need to work on your technique to give full satisfaction.

->7–8: Hot stuff – your bad girl/boy act is clearly no charade. Encore!

->9–10: Blow me away! You are a real pro at this game. Is there something you're not telling us?



Hold one hand up to your eye as if looking through a camera lens, the other hand cranking like an old-fashioned movie camera.


As we grow older it becomes increasingly clear that all the good, clean family films that we loved as children are really rather rude. Of course usually it's not until halfway through a relaxing game of family charades, and your one uncle throwing himself rather too enthusiastically into miming Free Willy, that the realisation strikes. Once you've stopped cringing from that mental image, there are plenty of dirty children's movies – such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – to be found in the following pages, to say nothing of all those filthy films for grown-ups. By which I mean thrillers such as Deep Impact, of course.

Die Hard

* * *


* * *

The Full Monty

* * *

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

* * *

Lethal Weapon

* * *

The Naked Gun

* * *

Dirty Harry

* * *

Fun with Dick and Jane

* * *

Forrest Gump

* * *

Ghost Rider

* * *

Meet the Fockers

* * *

Little Fockers

* * *

Beauty and the Beast

* * *

The Fast and the Furious

* * *

In & Out

* * *

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

* * *

Knocked Up

There are two ways to go about miming the title of this raunchy comedy: the easy way and the hard way – or rather, the clean way and the dirty way. You could just go through, syllable by syllable, until you have a nice, easy win for your team. It would be far more fun, however, to mime the entire conception process, from first glance at a bar to weeing on your pregnancy test. Surely there should be points for style as well as accuracy in charades?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Blown Away

The Happy Ending

The 400 Blows

Free Willy

Let the Right One In

The Harder They Come

Hot Fuzz

That Thing You Do!

Ride the Pink Horse


The Dirty Dozen


Fire Down Below

Love Actually

Five Fingers


It's not like anyone has ever accused James Bond films of being good, clean fun but there's something especially disturbing about this movie title. What exactly is the eponymous character Octopussy implying? Does she have eight, ahem, you-knowwhats? Or is she blessed with tentacles in unusual places, like some Lovecraftian pinup? Have fun deciding your approach to this one!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


What Lies Beneath

Freddy Got Fingered

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


Big Fish

The Bone Collector

Big Momma's House

Deep Impact

Every Which Way But Loose


There Will Be Blood


Wee Willie Winkie


Rust and Bone

Joy Ride

The Pink Panther

In Too Deep

Big Daddy


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Raging Bull

Ed Wood

Easy Rider

Failure to Launch

Gone with the Wind

Mission: Impossible

Basic Instinct

Some Like It Hot


This one's a winner for all genders but particularly good for male participants. For women it can be a simple case of pointing and waiting on your team to hit on the right slang word but for men there's a certain amount of complication. Just how are they going to mime female genitals? Make it even funnier by establishing a 'no props or pointing to audience members' rule.

Private Parts


Easy A


Gone in 60 Seconds

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

The Big Lebowski

Blown Away

Kiss of the Spider Woman

The Stepford Wives


Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

The Untouchables


Eyes Wide Shut

Bend It Like Beckham

The Wind Rises

Fatal Attraction

9½ Weeks

Spanking the Monkey



Mime taking a drink


Be honest, you've probably had a lot of practise for this section already, haven't you? We've all been there; approaching midnight in a packed bar, half-shouting, half-miming your request for a Slippery Nipple to a nonplussed bartender who either can't or won't understand you. It's time to dust off those cocktail-requesting skills, rehearse your best Screaming Orgasm face in the mirror and warm up your pelvis for a Slow Comfortable Screw. Let's hope your teammates get it faster than the bartenders do.

Sex on the Beach

Gin and It

Buttery Nipple

Slippery Nipple

Between the Sheets

Screaming Orgasm

Slow Comfortable Screw

Deep Throat

Harvey Wallbanger

Who exactly was Harvey Wallbanger? Why did he have such a penchant for walls? The answers to these questions are lost in the mists of time and hangovers but the cocktail, thankfully, is not. It's made up of vodka, Galliano and orange juice, served in a highball glass. Sweet and tasty, not only is it a fun charades clue but it also could make a pretty fine refreshment after a heated round. Charades is thirsty work after all.

Bend Over Shirley

Sex On My Face

Pussy Paws

Wet Panties

Dr Pecker


Cock-Sucking Cowboy

The Leg Spreader

Blow Job

Creamy Pussy

Three-legged Monkey

Tight Snatch

Angel's Tit

Red-headed Slut

Pop My Cherry

Liquid Viaga

Liquid Viagra is a pretty bold cocktail name considering the, er, deflating effect alcohol is meant to have on your performance ability. Still, bright blue and containing both Curacao and Goldschläger, this one should perk up your spirits, if not your pecker. It's also a hard one – heh – only for the expert-level players so good luck!


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