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Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner / Edition 1

Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner / Edition 1

by Arthur E. Jongsma Jr.


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ISBN-13: 9780471273950
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/12/2003
Series: PracticePlanners Series , #148
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 10.92(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

ARTHUR E. JONGSMA, Jr., PhD, is the Series Editor for the bestselling PracticePlanners®. Since 1971, he has provided professional mental health services to both inpatient and outpatient clients. He was the founder and Director of Psychological Consultants, a group private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for twenty-five years. He is the author or coauthor of over fifty books and conducts training workshops for mental health professionals around the world.

Table of Contents

PracticePlanner Series Prefacexv
Section IAnger Management1
Exercise I.AAlternatives to Destructive Anger3
Exercise I.BAnger Journal9
Section IIAntisocial Behavior15
Exercise II.AHow I Have Hurt Others17
Exercise II.BLetter of Apology20
Section IIIAnxiety23
Exercise III.AAnalyze the Probability of a Feared Event25
Exercise III.BPast Successful Anxiety Coping29
Section IVAttention Deficit Disorder (ADD)--Adult31
Exercise IV.ASymptoms and Fixes for ADD33
Section VBorderline Personality37
Exercise V.AJournal and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts39
Exercise V.BPlan Before Acting46
Section VIChemical Dependence49
Exercise VI.AAftercare Plan Components51
Exercise VI.BRelapse Triggers55
Exercise VI.CSubstance Abuse Negative Impact versus Sobriety's Positive Impact59
Section VIIChemical Dependence Relapse65
Exercise VII.ARelapse Symptom Line67
Section VIIIChildhood Trauma71
Exercise VIII.AChanging from Victim to Survivor73
Exercise VIII.BFeelings and Forgiveness Letter77
Section IXChronic Pain81
Exercise IX.APain and Stress Journal83
Section XDependency89
Exercise X.ASatisfying Unmet Emotional Needs91
Section XIDepression93
Exercise XI.AIdentify and Schedule Pleasant Activities95
Exercise XI.BNegative Thoughts Trigger Negative Feelings98
Exercise XI.CPositive Self-Talk103
Section XIIEating Disorder105
Exercise XII.AA Reality Journal: Food, Weight, Thoughts, and Feelings107
Exercise XII.BHow Fear Controls My Eating112
Section XIIIFamily Conflict115
Exercise XIII.AApplying Problem-Solving to Interpersonal Conflict117
Exercise XIII.BA Structured Parenting Plan120
Section XIVFemale Sexual Dysfunction123
Exercise XIV.AFactors Influencing Negative Sexual Attitudes125
Exercise XIV.BStudy Your Body: Clothed and Unclothed129
Section XVFinancial Stress133
Exercise XV.APlan a Budget135
Section XVIGrief/Loss Unresolved139
Exercise XVI.ACreating a Memorial Collage141
Exercise XVI.BDear : A Letter to a Lost Loved One144
Section XVIIImpulse Control Disorder147
Exercise XVII.AImpulsive Behavior Journal149
Section XVIIIIntimate Relationship Conflicts155
Exercise XVIII.AHow Can We Meet Each Other's Needs and Desires?157
Exercise XVIII.BPositive and Negative Contributions to the Relationship: Mine and Yours162
Section XIXLow Self-Esteem165
Exercise XIX.AAcknowledging My Strengths167
Exercise XIX.BReplacing Fears with Positive Messages170
Section XXMale Sexual Dysfunction175
Exercise XX.AJournaling the Response to Nondemand, Sexual Pleasuring (Sensate Focus)177
Section XXIMania or Hypomania183
Exercise XXI.ARecognizing the Negative Consequences of Impulsive Behavior185
Exercise XXI.BWhat Are My Good Qualities?189
Exercise XXI.CWhy I Dislike Taking My Medication193
Section XXIIMedical Issues195
Exercise XXII.AHow I Feel about My Medical Treatment197
Exercise XXII.BThe Impact of My Illness200
Section XXIIIObsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)203
Exercise XXIII.AMaking Use of the Thought-Stopping Technique205
Exercise XXIII.BReducing the Strength of Compulsive Behaviors209
Section XXIVParenting213
Exercise XXIV.ALearning to Parent as a Team215
Exercise XXIV.BUsing Reinforcement Principles in Parenting219
Section XXVPhase-of-Life Problems223
Exercise XXV.AWhat Needs to Be Changed in My Life?225
Exercise XXV.BWhat's Good about Me and My Life?228
Section XXVIPhobia-Panic/Agoraphobia231
Exercise XXVI.AFour Ways to Reduce Fear233
Exercise XXVI.BGradually Reducing Your Phobic Fear237
Exercise XXVI.CMonitoring My Panic Attack Experiences241
Section XXVIIPosttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)243
Exercise XXVII.AHow the Trauma Affects Me245
Exercise XXVII.BShare the Painful Memory247
Section XXVIIIPsychoticism251
Exercise XXVIII.AWhat Do You Hear and See?253
Section XXIXSexual Abuse255
Exercise XXIX.AA Blaming Letter and a Forgiving Letter to Perpetrator257
Exercise XXIX.BPicturing the Place of the Abuse260
Section XXXSexual Identity Confusion263
Exercise XXX.AJournal of Sexual Thoughts, Fantasies, Conflicts265
Exercise XXX.BTo Whom and How to Reveal My Homosexuality271
Section XXXISleep Disturbance275
Exercise XXXI.ASleep Pattern Record277
Section XXXIISocial Discomfort283
Exercise XXXII.ARestoring Socialization Comfort285
Section XXXIIISomatization287
Exercise XXXIII.AControlling the Focus on Physical Problems289
Section XXXIVSuicidal Ideation293
Exercise XXXIV.AJournal of Distorted, Negative Thoughts295
Exercise XXXIV.BThe Aftermath of Suicide299
AppendixAlternate Assignments for Presenting Problems303
About the CD-ROM311

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