Advanced Engineering Dynamics

Advanced Engineering Dynamics

by R. Valery Roy


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Advanced Engineering Dynamics was written for graduate students and research scientists in Mechanical Engineering. It covers a wide range of fundamental and advanced topics of engineering dynamics usually not found in a single tome. It is written in a compact, concise and rigorous style.
The methods, tools and notations advocated in this book will appear to be novel to most readers. They hinge upon the use of mathematical objects called screws. Screws provide a simple yet powerful formalism which unifies all aspects of rigid body mechanics. Each chapter is illustrated by many examples which are essential to full comprehension of the subject. This book will be useful to a wide range of fields of application, such as robotics, spacecraft mechanics, or biomechanics.
Content: Chapter 1: Position & Displacement. Chapter 2: Particle Kinematics. Chapter 3: Rigid Body Kinematics. Chapter 4: Screw Theory. Chapter 5: Kinematic Screw of a Rigid Body. Chapter 6: Relative Motion Analysis. Chapter 7: Kinematics of Constrained Bodies. Chapter 8: Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms. Chapter 9: Mass Distribution. Chapter 10: Mechanical Actions. Chapter 11: Newton-Euler Formalism. Chapter 12:Power, Work & Energy. Chapter 13: Lagrange Equations. Chapter 14: Gibbs-Appell & Kane Equations. Chapter 15: Gyroscopic Phenomena. Chapter 16: Non-Newtonian Referentials.

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ISBN-13: 9780990696957
Publisher: R. Valery Roy
Publication date: 02/23/2015
Pages: 482
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