Advanced Geography Case Studies

Advanced Geography Case Studies

by Michael Hill


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This collection of advanced geography case studies provides a comprehensive way to add depth to the study of the key topics covered in A/AS level. It contains plenty of examples from a range of different scales and locations to supplement the main text used.

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ISBN-13: 9780340711811
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Educational Division
Publication date: 07/28/1999
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 8.66(w) x 10.87(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

River basin and flooding in SW England
river management in Japan
conflicts in water resources in the Middle East
climate belts of Africa
regional climates in Spain
tropical rainforests of West Africa
soil erosion and land degradation in basilicata
coastline of Kent
glacial landforms on the Isle of Arran
hazardous environment of Central America
demography of EU 15
Australia and America - comparisons and contrasts of continents
urban problems of Rome
African metropolis
changing social geography of London
Korena industrial development
agricultural change in NW England
economic change in the Baltic Republics
tourism in Central America
choosing, using and revising case studies.

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