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Cambridge University Press
Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers / Edition 2

Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers / Edition 2

by Martin Hewings


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A fully updated version of the highly successful grammar title. This new revised edition focuses specifically on the complexities of grammatical choices that advanced students need to appreciate. It also includes a comprehensive Basic Grammar Reference so students can easily review their understanding of language areas they have previously studied. This edition, with answers, is ideal for self-study.

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ISBN-13: 9780521532914
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 03/03/2005
Series: Grammar in Use Series
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 7.72(w) x 9.65(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents

To the studentviii
To the teacherix
1Present simple (I do) and present continuous (I am doing) (1)
2Present simple (I do) and present continuous (I am doing) (2)
3Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (1)
4Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (2)
5Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (3): adverbs used with these tenses
6Past continuous (I was doing) and past simple (I did)
7Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)
8Present perfect continuous (I have been doing) and present perfect (I have done)
9Past perfect (I had done) and past simple (I did)
10Past perfect continuous (I had been doing) and past perfect (I had done)
The future
11Will and going to; shall
12Present continuous (I am doing) for the future and going to
13Present simple (I do) for the future
14Future continuous (will be doing)
15Be to + infinitive (I am to do), future perfect (I will have done), and future perfect continuous (I will have been doing)
16The future seen from the past (was going to, etc.)
17Should and ought to
18Will and would: willingness, likelihood and certainty
19Will and would: habits; used to
20May, might, can and could: possibility (1)
21May, might, can and could: possibility (2)
22Can, could, and be able to: ability
23Must and have (got) to
24Need(n't), don't have to and mustn't
25Permission, offers, etc.
Be, have, do, make, etc.
26Linking verbs: be, appear, seem; become, get, etc.
27Have and have got; have and take
28Do and make
29Forming passive sentences
30Using passives
31Verb + -ing or to-infinitive: passive forms
32Reporting with passive verbs
33Forming questions; reporting questions
34Asking and answering negative questions
35Wh-questions with how, what, which and who
Verbs: infinitives, -ing forms, etc.
36Verbs with and without objects
37Verb + to-infinitive or bare infinitive
38Verb + to-infinitive or -ing?
39Verb + -ing
40Verb + wh-clause
41Have/get something done; want something done, etc.
42Verb + two objects
43Reporting people's words and thoughts
44Reporting statements (1): that-clauses
45Reporting statements (2): verb tense in that-clauses
46Reporting statements (3): verb tense in the reporting clause; say and tell; etc.
47Reporting offers, suggestions, orders, intentions, etc.
48Should in that-clauses
49Modal verbs in reporting
Nouns and compounds
50Countable and uncountable nouns
51Agreement between subject and verb (1)
52Agreement between subject and verb (2)
53The possessive form of nouns (Jane's mother)
54Compound nouns (1)
55Compound nouns (2)
56A/an and one
57The and a/an (1): 'the only one'
58The and a/an (2): 'things already known', etc.
59Some and zero article with plural and uncountable nouns
60The, zero article and a/an: 'things in general'
61People and places
62Holidays, times of the day, meals, etc.
Determiners and quantifiers
63Some and any; something, somebody, etc.
64Much (of), many (of), a lot of, lots (of), etc.
65All (of), the whole (of), both (of)
66Each (of), every, and all
67No, none (of), and not any
68Few, a few (of), little, a little (of), etc.
69Quantifiers with and without 'of' (some/some of; any/any of; etc.)
Relative clauses and other types of clause
70Relative clauses (1) (The girl who I was talking about.)
71Relative clauses (2) (Tom, who is only six, can speak three languages.)
72Relative clauses (3): other relative pronouns
73Relative clauses (4): prepositions in relative clauses
74Participle clauses (-ing, -ed and being + -ed)
75Participle clauses with adverbial meaning
Pronouns, substitution and leaving out words
76Reflexive pronouns: herself, himself, themselves, etc.
77One and ones (There's my car - the green one.)
78So (I think so; so I hear)
79Do so; such
80Leaving out words after auxiliary verbs
81Leaving out to-infinitives (She didn't want to (go).)
82Adjectives: position (1)
83Gradable and ungradable adjectives; position (2)
84Adjectives and adverbs
85Participle adjectives (the losing ticket; the selected winners)
86Prepositions after adjectives: afraid of/for, etc.
87Adjectives + that-clause or to-infinitive
88Comparison with adjectives (1): -er/more...; enough, sufficiently, too; etc.
89Comparison with adjectives (2):; to; etc.
Adverbs and conjunctions
90Position of adverbs
91Adverbs of place, indefinite frequency, and time
92Degree adverbs: very, too, extremely, quite, etc.
93Comment adverbs; viewpoint adverbs; focus adverbs
94Adverbial clauses of time (1): verb tense; before and until; hardly, etc.
95Adverbial clauses of time (2): as, when and while
96Giving reasons: as, because, because of, etc.; for and with
97Purposes and results: in order to, so as to, etc.
98Contrasts: although and though; even though/if; in spite of and despite
99Conditional sentences (1): verb tenses
100Conditional sentences (2)
101If...not and unless; if and whether, etc.
102After waiting..., before leaving..., besides owning..., etc.
103Connecting ideas between and within sentences
104At, in and on: prepositions of place
105Across, along, over and through; above, over, below and under
106Between, among; by, beside, etc.
107At, in and on: prepositions of time
108During, for, in, over, and throughout; by and until
109Except (for), besides, apart from and but for
110About and on; by and with
111Prepositions after verbs (1)
112Prepositions after verbs (2)
113Prepositions after verbs (3)
114Two- and three-word verbs: word order
Organising information
115There is, there was, etc.
116It... (1)
117It... (2)
118Focusing: it-clauses and what-clauses
119Inversion (1)
120Inversion (2)
Appendix 1Passive verb forms242
Appendix 2Quoting what people think or what they have said243
Appendix 3Irregular verbs244
Appendix 4Typical errors and corrections246
Additional exercises269
Study guide280
Key to exercises289
Key to Additional exercises325
Key to Study guide329

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Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book answers many questions about very specific rules of grammar and the many exceptions that make the difference between being an intermediate speaker and and a person who can accurately use English at a higher level. The one page explanation and one page exercise format is perfect for busy people who want to continue their learning but do not have a lot of time to study pages and pages of information.
Nada12 More than 1 year ago
This book is great resource for people want to improve their English skills