Advanced Medical Intuition: Six Underlying Causes of Illness and Unique Healing Methods

Advanced Medical Intuition: Six Underlying Causes of Illness and Unique Healing Methods

by Tina M. Zion


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ISBN-13: 9781608081851
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 04/01/2018
Series: Medical Intuition Series
Pages: 364
Sales rank: 487,299
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Tina M. Zion is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaching it internationally. She has worked in the mental health field as a registered nurse with a national board specialty certification in mental health nursing. She is also a Gestalt trained counselor and clinical hypnotherapist.

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The Medical Intuitive Travels throughout Many Dimensions

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


My mother was surrounded by shimmery, transparent people ... many of them. They stood shoulder to shoulder, forming a complete circle around her like a strong privacy fence holding back the outside world. Their unblinking eyes quietly watched her until I energetically entered and interrupted this sacred space. In unison they slowly and eerily turned toward me. I felt a gentle push against my chest, sending me a very strong impression not to interfere. I looked over their shoulders and past them to see my mother dying quietly, motionless on the hospital bed. I pulled my energy away and backed out of the room, then out of the hospital, and brought it back into my own body sitting in my cold car in the hospital parking lot.

Yesterday the pulmonologist told me that I must give the doctors permission to unplug my mother from the machine that was making her breathe. I told him that I could not do that yet. "You must give me more time." What I really meant was "you must give me time to meditate and ask my mother and the beings that surround her if she is ready to transition." The image that I had just seen gave me the answer. I walked into the intensive care unit and said, "No, you can't unplug her yet."

The next day the same doctor was livid, red faced, and yelling at me. He said that I was drawing the situation out longer than necessary. "She cannot survive!" I could not tell this man of modern medicine that I was waiting for my mother's spiritual process to finish. I was not waiting for her body and mind to mend. I was waiting for a sign from the guardians that circled her. I didn't understand what I had witnessed from my parking lot vantage point, but I did know that I was not to interrupt in any way.

The next morning, I sat in the car and psychically asked her again. I was surprised to see that, as the spirit people continued to surround her, her spirit self was sitting in bed playing with a ball of light as if it were a softball, throwing it above her and catching it again and again. She seemed so very childlike in her play. The spirit people did not turn to stare at me. This time they watched my mother as if they were intrigued with her play and had the patience of eternity. No one seemed to notice me this time. I pulled my energy away from the surreal scene.

Two days later, I sat in my car in the hospital parking lot for the third time. Once again I drifted from my physical body and floated my spirit mind/body toward my mother. I expected once again to see my mother and her spirit guardians doing whatever it was they had been doing for days. This time nothing happened. I was surprised. All was dark and quiet, so I stood waiting in the dark. The scene in my mind's eye began to open up. I saw sky first, then trees silhouetting a faraway horizon, wrapping around a large lake. The water, so still and glasslike, was not water at all but a thick, silvery liquid, something like mercury.

My mother floated on her back in the thick, shiny liquid. All I could see above the mercurial water were her toes, belly, and face. Deep within my mind I called out to her. "What should I do about unplugging the life support?" The sound of my voice vibrated inside my head and echoed out across the thick water-like substance. Only my own echo answered me. In slow motion her left arm rose up out of the silver liquid, and then her other arm. Oh so slowly, she paddled away from where I stood on the bank. I watched until she floated and paddled so far across the lake that I could no longer see her. I knew it was time.

I called my brother and sister and told them what happened during this last meditation. They knew it was time as well. We gathered that day, all sixteen of us — children, grandchildren, spouses, and two great-grandchildren. We all stood in silence as the nurse pulled the vent tube from my mother's mouth. My son sat on the window sill, holding his sister's newborn child, singing a whispered song to her. His song floated across the room, soothing us, as Mother crossed over.

* * *

The medical intuitive travels through many dimensions of existence. Our work includes not just the living, but also the dying and those who have already made their transition. The medical intuitive travels through levels of energy, from light to dark and back to the light again. They move through time and space at will because there are no restrictions and no limitations. Those borders exist only in the limited mind.

Alberto Villoldo, in A Shaman's Miraculous Tools for Healing, beautifully describes the energetic healer in this way.

"I remember the lines from the Bible, 'Many are called, but few are chosen.' I welcome all souls into this sacred work if they wish, but the chosen are those who respond to the call. They are a self-selected group and are the chosen only because they have said yes. They are seekers who walk with pure intent and open hearts, willing to experience the joy and suffering of humanity."

The medical intuitive's work not only focuses on the physical body but also the mind, the emotions, and the eternal soul. The intuitive's sensors enter into a person's current story, their body, their energy field, and their eternal story. We begin to see how their current life and their past lives are affecting their well-being. We perceive someone's secrets, emotions, fears, and struggles. We find their beliefs, hidden pain, hidden joys, emotions, agony, but also their future potential and possibilities. We discover the ugly, the weird, the deeply private, and the sacred. The medical intuitive must be compassionate, confidential, and without judgment. Above all, before you enter into your client's sacred moments, you must ask for permission either intuitively or in person. This is a journey that you must take side-by-side.

The most powerful healing happens at the energetic level. Most societies now rely on healing at the mental or physical level. Most are not aware of the energetic level of health and healing. This is why traditional medicine and mental health counseling are the primary mechanisms for healthcare throughout the world. It is only a small percentage of energetic practitioners, quantum scientists, metaphysicians, psychics, and mediums that are aware of this vibrational level of life. The energetic realm is ultimately the most effective healing method because the possibilities are infinite. Energy healing has no limitations or parameters. All the lab tests, MRIs, and x-rays will never find the true, original cause of someone's illness or suffering.

The medical intuitive discovers the person's eternal essence. The intuitive may be drawn to one's current childhood, a past life, a vitamin deficiency, a forgotten trauma, or many other surprising possibilities. The practitioner is pulled by a thread of energy within the eternal essence of the individual they are working with. The energetic threads of our eternal life can either pull energy away from us or give energy to us. Energy can drain the vitality from a certain organ of a person or energy can rush into that same organ, providing profound healing. The pull or the push can be negative or positive for our health. There is much more going on in the unseen world than is ever going on in the physical world.

This book is the result of many students speaking up at the end of my weekend workshop, "Become a Medical Intuitive: Seeing with X-Ray Eyes." Students would say some variation of the following: "We have all really popped open and are picking up all kinds of accurate information about each other, but now what? How do we use the information to bring healing and relief to our own clients?" This is the most phenomenal question of all.

Once again, I set out on a mission to study myself in the same way that I did when I wrote Become a Medical Intuitive. After each client left my office or we hung up the phone or closed our Skype connection, I examined the interaction between me and my client. I also focused on what I did after receiving the initial intuitive information. I quickly realized the profound healing techniques that were happening. I also discovered, first and foremost, that the client and I did something together, with Spirit leading the way. Together, a sacred moment was created. We humans were never meant to be alone in our healing process.

The observations of myself and the clients' responses led to the creation of an advanced training day. That training day then led to me to write this book. My first time teaching the advanced day took place with a group of sincere and dedicated people in Bucharest, Romania. During our Sunday afternoon workshop, they began asking me, through our translator, to share more with them. They wanted to know how to bring healing to their clients with the intuitive information they were now receiving. So I sat down in my hotel room that night and developed an outline on a piece of paper about three inches wide by five inches long. I shared that information with them the next day. That little piece of paper with my tiny outline began the advanced training day of my medical intuitive workshop. From that day in Romania, this book was born. I will forever be grateful to the people of Romania.

As I began to develop the advanced portion of my workshop, I quickly realized that I had absolutely no idea how healing situations occurred in my sessions. People continued to contact me to say that they no longer suffered from the situation or the negative thoughts or the illness that once plagued them. They would mention that they had no idea what had happened in their session, but they felt completely different and better than they had in years. My clients would often leave my room and go out to the front desk to make their next appointment. They would tell my office manager that they could not describe what had happened during their time with me, but they felt dramatically different and better!

Here is a very small portion of an actual session:

Tina Zion (TZ): I am beginning to see very, very low energy in your throat. You are not expressing your life, who you are. By expressing I mean to create, sing a song, or journal, and you're not doing it. It's not just about speaking. It is about expressing. Going to meet with people that you love and to share with them. Also your lungs and your chest are very, very low in energy. Grieving and sadness tends to go to our lungs and you have very, very low energy. In fact, there's an emptiness. You are so empty that I'm seeing through the bones of your rib cage and where your lungs should be is actually empty space.

Client: Mhmm.

TZ: I would be really surprised if you don't already have breathing struggles or symptoms. You need to change some things in your life or you will have some lung problems in the future.

Client: Mhmm, mhmm.

TZ: Now let me just stop right there. I haven't looked at your heart yet, but let me just stop and see if there is anything you want to say about the things I have mentioned. Just see if there's anything you need to express about it.

Client: I guess I kind of do. I want to say ... I guess I'm surprised that you are so thorough. I guess I'm surprised at the things you are seeing that I already know.

TZ: When you commented about my being so thorough, I thought, Boy, we have only just begun. (We were only five minutes into the session.) My hope is that our time together also begins a healing or adds to the healing that you are already doing.

Client: Exactly!

Then later on in this session:

Client: What's causing the pain in my shoulder, my neck, and back?

TZ: Your neck was the first thing I commented on in this session. Your energy is so low from your back and it goes straight through into your lungs. It's a very, very depleted place, but I would like to look more deeply if you'll allow me. I'll look up and down your spine and see what I'm noticing there. I see up at the top of your spine where it connects with your skull that you have a sore or hot spot there. You also have a hot spot between cervical 3 and 4. This hot spot is very tight, tense. It looks as if the padding in between the vertebrae is thinner right there.

Let me see what else. May I continue?

Client: Yes of course.

TZ: Then down around your cervical 7 vertebrae, where it turns into your thoracic vertebrae, I am seeing a very tight, tense area. I know you've already told me that you have pain across your shoulders and back, but what I'm actually saying is that you have three places in your spine that are causing you pain. Do you ever go to chiropractors? Do you believe in chiropractors?

Client: I have tried that.

TZ: What do they say? Have they mentioned the same vertebrae?

Client: I am almost certain one of them did. The three and four.

TZ: Yes, that one is very prominent.

Client: They have not been able to unlock it, I guess I would say.

TZ: Well, what an interesting word that you used for it! Our neck, in that mind-body connection, allows us to turn and look in different directions. Our neck gives us, hopefully, flexibility. Over the years you're losing some of your flexibility, and it's interesting that you used the word locked because you're becoming more locked down in life. You can only look in one direction rather than remembering how flexible you could be to turn and look in another direction in life.

Client: Mhmm.

TZ: So our necks are all about that. They are all about either struggling to realize that we can turn and take a different step or we struggle to remember how flexible we could be in life. In your situation you feel like life is heavy and feels like you're in cement and forgetting that you can take a different step. Here's what's coming up now too. It feels as if you think you have to take a giant step and that step has become too giant, too large, and too big. I'm going to ask you now to tell me what is the tiniest, tiniest, doable step that you can take to just begin to have some flexibility in your own life. You are lugging around a tremendous amount of responsibility, and I'm here to tell you it is not all your responsibility. You think it is, but you're lugging it around, carrying it around on your shoulders like a big boulder. That is what I'm seeing sitting on the top of your shoulders, and it's not all yours to carry. You're not responsible for everything, but I'm pretty sure you think you are.

Client: Yeah, that's pretty spot on.

TZ: I feel like this might have been a struggle for you to even take time to have this session with me.

Client: Spot on! (giggles)

Intuitives pick up what is prominent in a person's energy field. What is prominent at the moment is not permanent. The outcome can be altered during a healing, for example. The client's energy field brightened as the session progressed. I kept her informed as those changes happened.

Medical intuition, as well as other alternative healthcare modalities, is truly a complementary option. It does not stand alone, just like Western traditional medicine does not stand alone. It usually includes multiple physicians and other specialists to assist in the patient's care. The alternative community does not need to stand alone either. It can function in coordination with traditional medicine. More and more physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists come to my workshops. They let me know they are picking up intuitive information that is not based on the patient's chart, lab tests, or MRI. They recognize a "knowing" that just sweeps through them as they approach their next patient. They tell me they want to explore and build upon this experience. Many nurses tell me that their doctors are beginning to listen to their intuitive hits too. The movement of integrative medicine is beginning to happen.

The medical intuitive not only receives information about a person's physical body, but also the emotional body, thought body, and their eternal energy body. The medical intuitive is able to pick up the most personal and even intimate information within an individual's body, their current life, their past lives, and their future possibilities. Please understand that there is nothing more intimate than another person's existence unfolding before your eyes.

While it is usually part of the session, the medical intuitive practitioner does not focus on the more common things of life. In other words, the medical intuitive will not focus on the next boyfriend and when that boyfriend will show up. The practitioner will not focus on buying and selling a home or what car would be the best for the client to have. While the medical intuitive may have the ability to sense opportunities in the future, their work focuses on living, learning, and the healing of the soul. People yearn to understand why they keep getting sick and what they can do about it. Many people have no idea that they can take charge of their lives, their body, their mind, and their health.


Excerpted from "Advanced Medical Intuition"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Tina M. Zion.
Excerpted by permission of Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company.
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Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Invocation 1

Introduction 3

Part 1 The Excellent Medical Intuitive

Chapter 1 The Medical Intuitive Travels throughout Many Dimensions 7

Chapter 2 4 Steps to Keep Yourself Prepared 17

Step 1 A Different Idea of Protection 17

Step 2 Protection that Works with the Negative 22

Step 3 Where Is My Mind's Eye? 26

Step 4 Intent-Get in Charge of Your Laser Beam 29

Chapter 3 8 Key Reminders for the Medical Intuitive 33

Key 1 Opening and Closing each Session 33

Key 2 Your Fear, Their Fear, Everyone's Fear 36

Key 3 Permission, Permission, and More Permission 38

Key 4 What Are Your Intuition Rules? 39

Key 5 The Quality of Your Own Energy Field 41

Key 6 It Pops Like Popcorn 46

Key 7 Do Not Work Alone 48

Key 8 Forgiveness Is Too Big 56

Chapter 4 Specific Energetic Guidelines 59

Energy Cannot Be Killed 60

Stop Cutting Energetic Cords! 61

Energetic Alerts-What Not to Do 73

Chapter 5 Steps to Discovering the Precise Cause of Illness 75

How to Perceive Precisely 76

Getting to the Precise Cause of Each Illness 80

13 Basic Action Steps for a Medical Intuitive Session 83

Part 2 6 Primary Causes of Illness and Healing Techniques 85

Chapter 6 Primary Cause 1 Basic Physical Needs Causing Illness 87

Take a Different Action in Life 88

Environment 91

Accidents, Surgeries, Injuries 94

Medications and Supplements 99

Reactions to Certain Foods 107

Substance Abuse 108

Children Born with Physical Challenges 110

Chapter 7 Primary Cause 2 Thoughts and Emotions Causing Illness

Memories 121

Allergies, Emotional Events, Love 122

Thought Forms 125

Repetition of Life Patterns 127

Physical Pain 128

Secondary Gain from Illness 130

Chapter 8 Primary Cause 3 Relationships Causing Illness

Relationships May Imprison Us or Set Us Free 143

Miasms 151

Chapter 9 Primary Cause 4 The Strange, the Weird, and the Negative

Signals of Negative Interference 158

Locating Negative Beings 160

1 Level Negative Thought Forms 163

2 Level People in Spirit: Unaware and Confused 165

3 Level People in Spirit: Angry and Possessive 197

4 Level People in Spirit: Vicious, Hateful, Deliberate 215

5 Level Non-Human Entities 221

6 Level The Darkest Entities 232

Breaking My Own Rule 238

Chapter 10 Primary Cause 5 Past Lives Causing Illness

Energy Signatures 243

Past Life Patterns Keep Repeating 270

Vows and Curses Are Real 280

Chapter 11 Primary Cause 6 Current Life Trauma Causing Illness

Taking Back Power after Abuse 296

Soul Fragmentation 298

Current Life Patterns Keep Repeating 314

In Conclusion

My Own Near Death Experience 321

Appendix: Summary of Primary Energetic Healing Techniques 327

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