Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 1

Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 1

by BEE World


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Advanced Studies in the Old Testament, Volume 1 by BEE World

Most Christians find themselves much more familiar with the New Testament than they are with the Old. After all, the New Testament talks about Jesus, surely the most important focal point of our faith! However, the Old Testament provides a rich background of the world’s history before Christ, painting a clear picture of the world that needed the Savior who would come.

This two-part course provides a framework for the incredible gems to be found in the big picture of the Old Testament, examining each book individually, emphasizing major themes, and pointing out relationships between the books. We will also study the nations that affected Israel, a biblical theology of the Old Testament, and the chronology of Israel’s history. Each book’s discussion includes an introduction that addresses its authorship, occasion, and unique characteristics, although it avoids most of the technical issues, such as textual criticism, dating, etc.

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

· Grasp the general content and a key word for each Old Testament book

· More fully understand how the books compare and contrast with one another

· Discuss how each book’s background helps you understand its message

· Apply the teachings of each book to your culture and world mission.

· Use biblical theology to understand each book in light of the kingdom theme of Scripture

· View how the time period relates to the message of each book

· Review the geography and peoples of the Old Testament world to help you appreciate cultural practices during those times

· Develop your ability to discuss the covenants God made with Israel and how they apply to both the Israelites and to us

Are you ready to begin the first segment of your study? Advanced Studies in the Old Testament 1 will guide you to the big-picture story we find in Genesis through Song of Solomon.

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ISBN-13: 9781937324186
Publisher: Bee World
Publication date: 09/01/2012
Pages: 375
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About the Author

BEE World provides high-level Biblical training to pastors and church leadership who have no or limited access to Biblical training. Most of these leaders live in restricted-access countries. Our ministry vision is to provide access to Biblical training to anyone who desires to mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ and share what they have learned with others.

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Lesson 12 Self Check


The debate on Ecclesiastes’ canonicity centered primarily on the problem of

A. Authorship

B. Its lack of reference to God

C. Its supposed skepticism about life

D. Its vocabulary and stylistic differences compared to other writings of the same period


The proof that no profit exists in human labor is shown in that Man's experiences of mortal life , nature, and history seem ceaseless and __________ (Eccl 1:4-11).

A. Linear

B. Circular

C. Exponential

D. Compounding


The great equalizer between the wise man and the fool is…

A. God’s sovereignty

B. Chance or uncertainty

C. Death

D. Judgment


One of the perils of materialism is sleeplessness. True or False?


According to Ecclesiastes 7:7-10, which of the following will keep us from complaining that the good old days were better than today?

A. By getting married and having a family

B. By attending happy events like marriages

C. By following all the commandments and feast days in the Law of Moses

D. By submitting ourselves to both prosperous and adverse circumstances

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