Advances in Energy Systems and Technology: Volume 4

Advances in Energy Systems and Technology: Volume 4

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Advances in Energy Systems and Technology: Volume 4 by Peter Auer

Advances in Energy Systems and Technology, Volume 4 covers articles about energy systems and technology. The book discusses articles about atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), including anthropogenic sources of CO2, the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on climate, and the effects of climate changes and direct CO2 impacts.
The text also describes automobile pollution control with regard to complex chemical and physical processes that take place during combustion in automobile engines and the reduction of the levels of pollution emitted by internal combustion engines. The statistical perspective on world oil resources, as well as the historical perspective on electricity and energy use and on the relationship of electricity to gross national product, is also considered. The book further explores the relationship between economic activity and energy use and uninterrupted trend toward increasing electrification in the United States. Professional workers in the field of energy systems and technology as well as those of university students at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level will find the book useful.

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Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Table of Contents



Contents of Previous Volumes

A Current View of Atmospheric CO2

I. Introduction

II. Anthropogenic Sources of CO2

III. How Much Remains in the Atmosphere?

IV. Effects of Increased Atmospheric CO2 on Climate

V. Effects of Climate Changes and Direct CO2 Impacts

VI. Projections and Conclusions


Automobile Pollution Control

I. Introduction

II. Cylinder Temperature Distribution (Caused by Flame-Front Dynamics)

III. Effect of Cylinder Temperature Distribution on Otto Cycle Theoretical Description

IV. Kinetics of ΝΟx Formation

V. NOx Pollution from Automobiles

VI. Kinetics of NO Formation

VII. Cornell Experiments with Automobile Pollution Controls

VIII. Conclusions


World Oil Resources: A Statistical Perspective

I. Introduction

II. The Initial Model and Assumptions

III. Some Problems in Inference by the Initial Model

IV. A More Complex Model

V. A Critical Examination of the More Complex Regression Model

VI. Estimates for the Entire World

VII. Probing the Effects of Additional Information

VIII. Summary Statement

Appendix A: A Brief Description of the Methods Employed by Some Authors of World Oil Resource Estimates

Appendix B: Examination of the Fit of the Model to the Data

Appendix C: The W Test for Normality

Appendix D: Mathematical Description of the Regression Model


An Historical Perspective on Electricity and Energy Use

I. Introduction

II. Energy and the Economy

III. Electricity and Its Role in the Economy

IV. Conclusions



An Historical Perspective on the Relationship of Electricity to Gross National Product



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