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Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing: 5th International Conference, CPC 2010, Hualien, Taiwan, May 10-13, 2010, Proceedings

Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing: 5th International Conference, CPC 2010, Hualien, Taiwan, May 10-13, 2010, Proceedings


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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 5th International Conference, CPC 2010 , held in Hualien, Taiwan in May 2010. The 67 full papers are carefully selected from 184 submissions and focus on topics such as cloud and Grid computing, peer-to-peer and pervasive computing, sensor and moile networks, service-oriented computing, resource management and scheduling, Grid and pervasive applications, semantic Grid and ontologies, mobile commerce and services.

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ISBN-13: 9783642130663
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 06/07/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6104
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 701
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Keynote Speeches

A Grid Based Virtual Laboratory for HIV Drugranking Peter Sloot 1

Solving the Scalability Dilemma with Clouds, Crowds, and Algorithms Michael J. Franklin 2

The Trend of Cloud Computing - From Industry's Perspective Enwei Xie 3

Towards to Ubiquitous Affective Learning Bin Hu 4

Track 1 Cloud and Grid Computing

Collaboration of Reconfigurable Processors in Grid Computing for Multimedia Kernels Mahmood Ahmadi Asadollah Shahbahrami Stephan Wong 5

Multi-core Code in a Cluster - A Meaningful Option? Martin Štava Pavel Tvrdík 15

A New Heuristic for Broadcasting in Cluster of Clusters Hazem Fkaier Christophe Cérin Luiz Angelo Steffenel Mohamed Jemni 27

SLA-Driven Automatic Bottleneck Detection and Resolution for Read Intensive Multi-tier Applications Hosted on a Cloud Waheed Iqbal Mathew N. Dailey David Carrera Paul Jenecek 37

An Effective Job Replication Technique Based on Reliability and Performance in Mobile Grids Daeyong Jung SungHo Chin KwangSik Chung Taeweon Suh HeonChang Yu JoonMin Gil 47

A Matrix Scheduling Strategy with Multi-QoS Constraints in Computational Grid Ding Ding Siwei Luo Zhan Gao 59

Track 2 Peer-to-Peer and Pervasive Computing

The Mini-Grid Framework: Application Programming Support for Ad-Hoc, Peer-to-Peer Volunteer Grids Jakob E. Bardram Neelanarayanan Venkataraman 69

Human Movement Detection Algorithm Using 3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor Based on Low-Power Management Scheme for Mobile Health Care System Jaewan Shin Dongkyoo Shin Dongil Shin Sungmin Her Soohan Kim Myungsoo Lee 81

A Genetic Context Interpreter for Context-Aware Systems in Pervasive Computing Environments Been-Chian Chien Shiang-Yi He 91

Supporting Filename Partial Matches in Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Guanling Lee Jia-Sin Huang Yi-Chun Chen 101

EEG: A Way to Explore Learner's Affect in Pervasive Learning Systems Jizheng Wan Bin Hu Xiaowei Li 109

Track 3 Sensor and Mobile Networks

The Mission-Oriented Self-deploying Methods for Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks Shih-Chang Huang 120

Multi-Dimensional Resilient Statistical En-Route Filtering in Wireless Sensor Networks Feng Yang Xuehai Zhou Qiyuan Zhang 130

Cross-Layer Based Rate Control for Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Networks Xiaoyan Yin Xingshe Zhou Zhigang Li Shining Li 140

A 2D Barcode Validation System for Mobile Commerce David Kuo Daniel Wong Jerry Gao Lee Chang 150

A Petri-Net Based Context Representation in Smart Car Environment Jie Sun Yongping Zhang Kejia He 162

Track 4 Service-Oriented Computing

A New Distributed and Hierarchical Mechanism for Service Discovery in Grid Environment Leyli Mohamad Khanli Saeed Ebadi 174

DSOA: A Service Oriented Architecture for Ubiquitous Applications Fabricio Nogueira Buzeto Carlos Botelho de Paula Filho Carla Denise Castanho Richardo Pezzuol Jacobi 183

Monitoring Service Using Markov Chain Model in Mobile Grid Environment JiSu Park KwangSik Chung Eun Young Lee YoungSik Jeong HeonChang Yu 193

Modeling Grid Workflow by Coloured Grid Service Net Hong Feng Lai 204

A Lower Bound on Greedy Embedding in Euclidean Plane Lei Cao Andrew Strelzoff Jonathan Z. Sun 214

Performance of Parallel Bit-Reversal with Clik and UPC for Fast Fourier Transform Tien-Hsiung Weng Sheng-Wei Huang Wei-Duen Liau Kuan-Ching Li 224

Track 5 Resource Management and Scheduling

Variable-Sized Map and Locality-Aware Reduce on Public-Resource Grids Po-Cheng Chen Yen-Liang Su Jyh-Biau Chang Ce-Kuen Shieh 234

Actor Garbage Collection Using Vertex-Preserving Actor-to-Object Graph Transformations Wei-Jen Wang Carlos Varela Fu-Hau Hsu Cheng-Hsien Tang 244

Scalable Grid Resource Allocation for Scientific Workflows Using Hybrid Metaheuristics Georg Buss Kevin Lee Daniel Veit 256

Pareto Front Based Realistic Soft Real-Time Task Scheduling with Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm in Unstructured Heterogeneous Distributed System Nafiseh Sedaghat Hamid Tabatabaee-Yazdi Mohammad-R Akbarzadeh- T 268

Job Scheduling Techniques for Distributed Systems with Temporal Constraints Ping-Yi Lin Pangfeng Liu 280

Replica-Aware Job Scheduling in Distributed Systems Wei-Cheng Liao Jan-Jan Wu 290

Online Scheduling of Workflow Applications in Grid Environment Chih-Chiang Hsu Kuo-Chan Huang Feng-Jian Wang 300

Securing Interoperable Grid Services in ARC Grid Middleware Weizhong Qiang Aleksandr Konstantinov Mattias Ellert Hai Jin 311

A New Game Theoritical Resource Allocation Algorithm for Cloud Computing Fei Teng Frédéric Magoulès 321

Track 6 Grid and Pervasive Applications

CPRS: A Cloud-Based Program Recommendation System for Digital TV Platforms Lai Chin-Feng Chang Jui-Hung Hu Chia-Cheng Huang Yueh-Min Chao Han-Chieh 331

Monitoring and Status Representation of Devices in Wireless Grids Mahantesh N. Birje Sunilkumar S. Manvi 341

Diagnosis from Bayesian Networks with Fuzzy Parameters - A Case in Supply Chains Han-Ying Kao Chia-Hui Huang Chu-Ling Hsu Chiao-Ling Huang 353

Packing and Generating Mechanism of Image Processing Services on Heterogeneous Grid Platforms Ran Zheng Jian Lan Qin Zhang Hai Jin 363

AvPM: An Avatar-Based Personal Messenger for Low Bandwidth Networks Yu-En Wu Cheng-Chin Chiang 373

Virtual EZ Grid: A Volunteer Computing Infrastructure for Scientific Medical Applications Mohamed Ben Belgacem Nabil Abdennadher Marko Niinimaki 385

Towards Complex Negotiation for Cloud Economy Kwang Mong Sim 395

Track 7 Semantic Grid and Ontologies

A Novel E-Newspapers Publication System Using Provably Secure Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Assignment Scheme and XML Security Hung-Yu Chien Ying-Lun Chen Chien-Feng Lo Yuh-Ming Huang 407

A Tree-Based Reliability Model for Composite Web Service with Common-Cause Failures Bo Zhou Keting Yin Shuai Zhang Honghong Jiang Aleksander J. Kavs 418

Efficient Astronomical Data Classification on Large-Scale Distributed Systems Cheng-Hsien Tang Min-Feng Wang Wei-Jen Wang Meng-Feng Tsai Yuji Urata Chow-Choong Ngeow Induk Lee Kuiyun Huang Wen-Ping Chen 430

Ontology-Based Personal Annotation Management on Semantic Peer Network to Facilitating Collaborations Ching-Long Yeh Chun-Fu Chang Po-Shen Lin Yu-Peng Wang Yi-Chun Tsai 441

On the Design of Semi-structured Multi-star Hybrid-Overlays for Multi-attribute Range Queries You-Fu Yu Po-Jung Huang Quan-Jie Chen Tian-Liang Huang Kuan-Chou Lai 451

Distributed Island-Based Query Answering for Expressive Ontologies Sebastian Wandelt Ralf Moeller 461

An Extended Description Logic for Event Ontology Wei Liu Wenjie Xu Jianfeng Fu Zongtian Liu Zhaomang Zhaong 471

Track 8 Mobile Commerce and Services

An Empirical Analysis of Revisit Behaviors of Monthly Subscription-Based Mobile Video Services Toshihiko Yamakami 482

A One-Seg Service Development Model: Ecosystem Considerations in the Context of Mobile Communication/Broadcast Convergence Toshihiko Yamakami 492

A Mechanism for Solving the Sequential Inconsistent Event in a Peer-to-Peer Network Virtual Environment Jui-Fa Chen Wei-Chuan Lin Kun-Hsiao Tsai Yu-Yu Cho Cheng-Yu Yu 502

Enhanced Generic Information Services Using Mobile Messaging Muhammad Saleem Ali Zahir Yasir Ismail Bilal Saeed 510

A Focused Crawler with Ontology-Supported Website Models for Information Agents Sheng-Yuan Yang 522

An Efficient Technique for OFDM System Using Discrete Wavelet Transform W. Saad N. El-Fishawy S. EL-Rabaie M. Shokair 533

Marginalized Particle Filter for Maneuvering Target Tracking Application Fei Zhou Wei-jun He Xin-yue Fan 542

Business Independent Model of Mobile Workforce Management Volker Gruhn Thomas Richter 552

Track 9 Multimedia Applications for Cloud

An Adaptive Job Allocation Strategy for Heterogeneous Multi-cluster Systems Chao-Tung Yang Keng-Yi Chou Kuan-Chou Lai 562

Privacy Protection of Grid Service Requesters through Distributed Attribute Based Access Control Model Ali Esmaeeli Hamid Reza Shahriari 573

Detecting and Resolving a Loop in the Tree-Based Mobility Management Protocol Trung-Dinh Han Hoon Oh 583

Data-Centric Trust Framework for High Integrity Wireless Sensor Networks Mingming Li Jianbin Hu Nike Gui 593

Shuffle: An Enhanced QoS Control by Balancing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks Rong-Guei Tsai Hao-Li Wang 603

Scheduling of Job Combination and Dispatching Strategy for Grid and Cloud System Tai-Lung Chen Ching-Hsien Hsu Shih-Chang Chen 612

The Routing Mechanism with Interface Aware and Congestion Aware for IEEE 802.16j Networks Wei-Hang Liang Horng-Twu Liaw Li-Lin Hsiao Jyun-Fu Chen Ming-Hunag Guo 622

A Handover Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Yuliang Tang Ming- Yi Shih Chun-Cheng Lin Guannan Kou Der-Jiunn Deng 632

A 3D Video Rendering and Transmission Mechanism Based on Clouding Computing System I-Ju Liao Hua-Pu Cheng Tin-Yu Wu Wei-Tsong Lee 642

Track 10 Intelligent Network Management

Executing Multiple Group by Query Using MapReduce Approach: Implementation and Optimization Jie Pan Frédéric Magoulès Yann Le Biannic 652

A Fully-Protected Large-Scale Email System Built on Map-Reduce Framework Duy-Phuong Pham Shyan-Ming Yuan Emery Jou 662

Agent-Based Immunity for Computer Virus: Abstraction from Dendritic Cell Algorithm with Danger Theory Chung-Ming Ou C.R. Ou 670

A Metadata Classification Assistant Scientific Data Extraction Architecture Yue-Shan Chang Hsiang-Tai Cheng 679

Price Differentiation All-Pay Auction-Based Incentives in BitTorrent Yan Pang Zongming Guo 689

Author Index 699

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