Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies: Proceedings of the Second KES International Symposium IDT 2010

Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies: Proceedings of the Second KES International Symposium IDT 2010

by Gloria Phillips-Wren (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2010)

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ISBN-13: 9783662506608
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 08/23/2016
Series: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies , #4
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2010
Pages: 733
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

Keynote Papers.- Intelligence Analysis as Agent-Assisted Discovery of Evidence, Hypotheses and Arguments.- Intelligent Software for Ecological Building Design.- Decision Making Theory.- Issues in Aggregating AHP/ANP Scales.- An Application of Dominant Method: Empirical Approach to Public Sector Reform.- General Application of a Decision Support Framework for Software Testing Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques.- A Double-Shell Design Approach for Multiobjective Optimal Design of Microgrids.- A Comparison of Dominant AHP/CCM and AHP/ANP.- The Weighted Least Square Method Applied to the Binary and Ternary AHP.- Decision-Making by “Minor ANP” and Classification of the Types.- Improving the E-Store Business Model for Satisfying Customers’ Needs Using a Hybrid MCDM Combined DANP with Grey Relational Model.- Advances in Intelligent Decision Systems.- Multi-Agent System Protecting from Attacking with Elliptic Curve Cryptography.- An Implementation of a Multi-attribute Negotiation Protocol for E-Commerce.- A Decision Support System for Ore Blending Cost Optimization Problem of Blast Furnaces.- Intelligent Decision Technologies in Accounting and Finance.- A Study on the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Pricing for Initial Public Offerings: The Application of Artificial Neural Networks.- Combining ICA with Kernel Based Regressions for Trading Support Systems on Financial Options.- Integration of Financial and Non-financial Information for Decision-Making by Using Goal Programming and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process on a Capital Budgeting Investment Case Study.- Optimization-Based Intelligent Techniques in Image Processing.- A Statistical Tailored Image Reconstruction from Projections Method.- Realistic 3D-Modeling of Forest Growth with Natural Effect.- E-commerce and Logistics Management.- A Parallel Simulated Annealing Solution for VRPTW Based on GPU Acceleration.- Evidential Reasoning Approach for MADA under Group and Fuzzy Decision Environment.- Study on the Inventory Forecasting in Supply Chains Based on Rough Set Theory and Improved BP Neural Network.- A Model of Disruption Management for Solving Delivery Delay.- A Real-Time Scheduling Method for a Variable-Route Bus in a Community.- A Fair Transaction Protocol with an Offline Semi-Trusted Third Party.- Impacts of Supply Chain Globalization on Quality Management and Firm Performance: Some Evidences in Shanghai, China.- Intelligent Spatial Decision Analysis.- Analysis of Fuzzyness in Spatial Variation of Real Estate Market: Some Italian Case Studies.- Assessing Macroseismic Data Reliability through Rough Set Theory: Application on Vulture Area (Basilicata, Southern Italy).- Fire Data Analysis and Feature Reduction Using Computational Intelligence Methods.- The Effect of Standardization in Multicriteria Decision Analysis on Health Policy Outcomes.- A Fuzzy Approach to the Small Area Estimation of Poverty in Italy.- Geographical Information Systems and Ontologies: Two Instruments for Building Spatial Analysis Systems.- Real Estate Decision Making Processes and Web-Based Applications: An Integrated Approach.- Geographical and Multi-criteria Approach for Hydro-geological Risk Evaluation in Decision Making Processes.- Analysis of Vulnerability of Road Networks on the Basis of Graph Topology and Related Attribute Information.- Using Intelligent Systems for Decision Support in Health Systems.- Adoption of Open Source Software in Healthcare.- Symbiotic Simulation Decision Support System for Injury Prevention.- Application of Subjective Logic to Health Research Surveys.- A Survey of Text Extraction Tools for Intelligent Healthcare Decision Support Systems.- Ontology-Based KMS and DMSS for Service Systems.- Towards Semantic-Aware and Ontology-Based e-Government Service Integration – An Applicative Case Study of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Scholarship Program.- Using Feature Selection with Bagging and Rule Extraction in Drug Discovery.- Validating and Designing a Service Centric View for C2TP: Cloud Computing Tipping Point Model.- Utilization of Agents for Key Distribution in IEEE 802.11.- Service-Oriented Innovation for Designing Intelligent Environment.- Approximately Solving Aggregate k-Nearest Neighbor Queries over Web Services.- Remotely Accessible Exercise Environment for Intrusion Detection/Defense Exercises Based on Virtual Machine Networks.- Supporting Design and Composition of Presentation Document Based on Presentation Scenario.- Translation Unit for Simultaneous Japanese-English Spoken Dialogue Translation.- Automatic Extraction of Phrasal Expressions for Supporting English Academic Writing.- A Simulation System of Disaster Areas for Evaluating Communication Systems.- Re-ranking of Retrieved Web Pages, Based on User Preference.- Applying Intelligent Decision Technology.- Automated N-Step Univariate Time Series Forecasts with Bayesian Networks.- Application of EVALPSN to Network Routing.- A Combination of Case-Based Reasoning and Analytic Hierarchy Process to Support Innovation in Industry.- Urban Spatiotemporal Data Modeling: Application to the Study of Pedestrian Walkways.- An Efficient Pruning Approach for Class Association Rule Mining.- Soft Data Analysis Based Fuzzy Systems, Control and Decision Making.- Binary Tree Classifier Based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test.- A Stackelberg Location Problem on a Tree Network with Fuzzy Random Demands.- Learning Based Self-organized Additive Fuzzy Clustering Method.- Kansei Communication and Value Creation in Human Mind.- A Modeling and Systems Thinking Approach to Activity Rousing Consumer’s Buying Motivation Focusing on “Kansei Information” in POP ADS at the Store.- Ageing Society and Kansei Communication.- A Study on Group Decision Making with Observation on the Process of Consensus Building.- Application of Modeling and Recommendation of Sensitivity to Get Tired.- Evaluation of Feelings Received from the Rhythms of Percussive Timbre and Relationships between Affective Values.- A Rough-Set-Based Two-Class Classifier for Large Imbalanced Dataset.- Future Direction of Innovative Decision Technologies.- A Hybrid MADM Based Competence Set Expansion for Marketing Imagination Capabilities.- Semiconductor Foundry Technology Life Cycle Strategy Portfolio Definitions of Fabless IC Design Firms by Using the ISM and Fuzzy Integral Method.- An Emotional Designed Based Hybrid MCDM Framework for the Next Generation Embedded System Configurations.- Derivations of Factors Influencing Segmental Consumer Behaviors Using the RST Combined with Flow Graph and FCA.- Power System Equipments Investment Decision-Making under Uncertainty: A Real Options Approach.- Combining DEMATEL and ANP with the Grey Relational Assessment Model for Improving the Planning in Regional Shopping Centers.- Key Success Factors of Brand Marketing for Creating the Brand Value Based on a MCDM Model Combining DEMATEL with ANP Methods.

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