Advances in Manufacturing Technology: Proceedings of the First National Conference on Production Research

Advances in Manufacturing Technology: Proceedings of the First National Conference on Production Research

by P.F. Mcgoldrick

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986)

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ISBN-13: 9781475713572
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 03/02/2013
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986
Pages: 506
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Production Planning and Control.- Work Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems under Tool Availability Constraints.- Material Requirements Planning Packages: An Evaluation.- MRP II: Road to Success or Ruin?.- Production and Inventory Control: Effect of Sales Promotion.- JIT with Symphony.- Proved Sequence Planning.- Cutting-Pattern Enumeration on a Microcomputer: A Case Study.- Computer Integrated Manufacture.- Evolutionary Design of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems.- A CIM System for Foundries.- Computer-Aided Design of Form-Rolls.- Computer-Integrated Manufacture for Cold Roll Forming.- Software Structures for Computer-Integrated Manufacture.- Cell Manufacture.- A Solution to Machine Group Analysis Employing Auxiliary Cell Formation.- A Methodology for Forming Group Technology Cells in Advanced Manufacturing Systems.- Flexibility in the Design and Application of Component Coding and Classification Systems.- Assembly.- Flexible Assembly Cell Design.- Automatic Rotary Table Assembly Machines — Prediction Techniques for Output Rates and Efficiency Levels.- Automatic Rotary Table Assembly Machines — Delay and Make Right or Combine and Reject.- Quality and Measurement.- The Way Forward from Statistical Process Control.- Establishing Effect of Machine Tool Errors on Accuracy of Turned Components.- Implementation of Quality-Assurance Systems in Small Companies.- The Surface Topography Produced by Deep Drilling Operations.- A Microcomputer-Based Quality Control Monitor for a High-Speed Cold-Heading Machine.- Simulation.- Manufacturing Cell Machine/Manning Performance Simulation by Using CAPS/ECSL.- Computer-Assisted Digital Simulation of an FMS by Using Graphics.- Simulation Improves Short-Term Planning in Large-Batch Manufacturing Industry.- Development of FMS Operations Procedures with Simulation.- Simulation Model of the Plunge Centreless Grinding Process.- Robotics.- Robot Applications Research for the Aerospace Industry.- Ultrasonic Sensors for Industrial Robots.- Industrial Application of Pneumatic Servo-Controlled Modular Robots.- A Voice-Controlled Planar Robot.- Local Area Network Link for Robots.- WRAPS System: A Tool for Welding Robot Adaptive Programming and Simulation.- A CAD/CAM System for Complex Path Trajectory Generation for a Robot.- Supervisory Control of Single Axis Controllers for Modular Robotic Systems Using a Serial Interface.- Feasibility Study into Use of Laser Scanning Measuring Device and Robot as Flexible Inspection Station.- Teaching and Training.- Integration of New Technology with the Aid of Educational and Training Videos.- A Flexible Manufacturing Facility for Teaching and Development of Advanced Manufacturing Techniques.- Low Cost Control for a Flexible Manufacturing Cell.- Linking Computer-Based Instruction and Simulators: Adjunct Training.- Design.- The Computer-Aided Design of Production Tooling.- A Morphological Approach to Machine System Design.- Factors Influencing Gripping Capacity of Chuck Jaws.- Materials.- Effect of Martempering on Thermal Stress and Strain.- PEEK as a Bearing Material.- Surface Modification of Materials.- Fabrication of Fibre-Reinforced Aluminium Alloy-Matrix Composites.- Evaluation of Pressure Die Castings Produced in a Graphitic Hypereutectic Aluminium — Silicon Alloy.- Processes.- Enhancement of a Hydraulic Press for Research into Metal Forming.- Electrochemical Machining of Orthopaedic Components.- Avoidance of Macro Surface Defects in Electrochemical Machining (ECM) of Steel Workpieces.- Automation in Plastics Manufacturing: A Review of Current Developments.- Production Costing.- Economic Advantages of Group Assembly.- A Comparison Between the Operating Costs and Characteristics of Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Conventional Manufacture.- Microcomputer Spreadsheets: A New Concept in Decision Making.- An Artless Attempt to Collect Quality-Related Costs.- Aspects of Life-Cycle Costs of an Asset.- Technology Change.- Managing Engineering Change.- Impact of NC Machinery on Manufacturing Industry.- Difficulties in Implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Small Manufacturing Companies.- Work Design.- A Comparative Study of the Lateral Work Activities of Three Production Managers in the UK Manufacturing Industry and the Implications for Training Production Managers.- Manufacturing System Performance and Management in some Scottish Electronics Companies.- Organizational Choice in Work Design.- Ergonomic Design of Industrial Sewing Machines.- Process Planning.- A System to Aid Design by Planning Manufacturing Operations.- A Microcomputer-Aided Interactive Process Planning and Estimation System for Use in a Jobbing Foundry.- Process Specification for Flexible Manufacture.

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