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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Advances in Neural Network Research and Applications / Edition 1

Advances in Neural Network Research and Applications / Edition 1

by Zhigang Zeng, Jun Wang


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ISBN-13: 9783642129896
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/16/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering , #67
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 936
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Prediction and Forecasting.- A Novel Prediction Mechanism with Modified Data Mining Technique for Call Admission Control in Wireless Cellular Network.- The Study of Forecasting Model of Rock Burst for Acoustic Emission Based on BP Neural Network and Catastrophe Theory.- Application of Wavelet Neural Network to Prediction of Water Content in Crude Oil.- Prediction of Urban Heat Island Intensity in Chuxiong City with Backpropagation Neural Network.- Research on the Fouling Prediction of Heat Exchanger Based on Wavelet Relevance Vector Machine.- Electricity Price Forecasting Using Neural Networks Trained with Entropic Criterion.- Least Square Support Vector Machine Ensemble for Daily Rainfall Forecasting Based on Linear and Nonlinear Regression.- Estimating Portfolio Risk Using GARCH-EVT-Copula Model: An Empirical Study on Exchange Rate Market.- Forecasting Financial Time Series via an Efficient CMAC Neural Network.- Forecasting Daily Cash Turnover of Bank with EWMA and SVR.- Financial Distress Prediction Model via GreyART Network and Grey Model.- Risk Assessment Model Based on Immune Theory.- Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Bayes and RS.- Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Nonlinear System Modeling with a New Fuzzy Model and Neural Compensation.- A Research of Fuzzy Neural Network in Ferromagnetic Target Recognition.- Multiple T-S Fuzzy Neural Networks Soft Sensing Modeling of Flotation Process Based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm.- A Using Reliability Evaluation Model for Diesel Engine Based on Fuzzy Neural Network.- Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control with Perturbation Estimation for a Piezoactuated Micromanipulator.- A Credit Risk Rating Model Based on Fuzzy Neural Network.- Interval-Valued Fuzzy Control.- Research on Fuzzy Preference Relations-Based MAS for Decision Method.- Optimization and Planning.- Study of Stochastic Demand Inventory Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows Based on MDP.- An Agent-Based Approach to Joint Procurement Modeling with Virtual Organization.- Interactive Hybrid Evolutionary Computation for MEMS Design Synthesis.- Genetic Algorithms for Traffic Grooming in Optical Tree Networks.- Multi-sensor Multi-target Tracking with OOSM.- Hopfield Neural Network Guided Evolutionary Algorithm for Aircraft Penetration Path Planning.- Fuzzy Material Procurement Planning with Value-at-Risk.- Radial Basis Function Network for Endpoint Detection in Plasma Etch Process.- A Novel Cellular Neural Network and Its Applications in Motion Planning.- Evaluation of Enterprise ERP System Based on Neural Network Optimized by Ant Colony.- Pattern Recognition.- Visual Attention-Based Ship Detection in SAR Images.- Recognizing Multi-ships Based on Silhouette in Infrared Image.- SAR Images Feature Extraction and Recognition Based on G2DCDA.- Bridge Detection and Recognition in Remote Sensing SAR Images Using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks.- Approaches to Robotic Vision Control Using Image Pointing Recognition Techniques.- A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification.- Impulsive Environment Sound Detection by Neural Classification of Spectrogram and Mel-Frequency Coefficient Images.- Classification and Control of Cognitive Radios Using Hierarchical Neural Network.- Identifying Spatial Patterns of Land Use and Cover Change at Different Scales Based on Self-Organizing Map.- Colon Tumor Microarray Classification Using Neural Network with Feature Selection and Rule-Based Classification.- Signal and Image Processing.- Dual Channel Speech Denoising Based on Sparse Representation.- Frequency-Domain Blind Separation of Convolutive Speech Mixtures with Energy Correlation-Based Permutation Correction.- A Blind Broadband Beamforming Method for Speech Enhancement.- Algorithm and Simulation Research for Blind Nonlinear System Identification.- Study on Digital Image Correlation Using Artificial Neural Networks for Subpixel Displacement Measurement.- Tree Modeling through Range Image Segmentation and 3D Shape Analysis.- Combining Bag of Words Model and Information Theoretic Method for Image Clustering.- Fast Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithm with Spatial Constraints for Image Segmentation.- Application of Support Vector Machines to Airborne Hyper-Spectral Image Classification.- Research for the Identification Method of the Image Definition Based on a W-N Model.- Analysis of Texture Images Generated by Olfactory System Bionic Model.- Do Neural Networks Have True Power for Natural Language Processing?.- Robust Channel Identification Using FOCUSS Method.- Human Head Modeling Using NURBS Method.- Risk Sensitive Unscented Particle Filter for Bearing and Frequency Tracking.- Fully Complex Multiplicative Neural Network Model and Its Application to Channel Equalization.- Robotics and Control.- Visual Navigation of a Novel Economical Embedded Multi-mode Intelligent Control System for Powered Wheelchair.- Neural Networks L 2-Gain Control for Robot System.- Neural Network Control of Spacecraft Formation Using RISE Feedback.- A Simplified Modular Petri Net for the Walking Assistant Robot.- Omni-directional Vision Based Tracking and Guiding System for Walking Assistant Robot.- Dynamic Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing with Unknown Target Positions.- Optimum Motion Control for Stacking Robot.- Passive Target Tracking Using an Improved Particle Filter Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm.- Large-Scale Structure Assembly by Multiple Robots Which May Be Broken.- Real-Time Five DOF Redundant Robot Control Using a Decentralized Neural Scheme.- Improving Transient Response of Adaptive Control Systems Using Multiple Neural Network Models.- An Information Theoretic Approach for Design MIMO Networked Control Systems.- An Engineering Solution for Decoupling Control of Aircraft Motion Using Affine Neural Network.- Black-Box Input-Output Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Systems Using a Discrete-Time Recurrent Neurofuzzy Network.- Passivity Analysis of Stochastic Neural Networks with Mixed Time-Varying Delays.- A Novel Recovering Initial Conditions Method from Spatiotemporal Complex Dynamical System.- An Intelligent Control Scheme for Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems with Time Delay.- Master-Slave Chaos Synchronization of Uncertain Nonlinear Gyros Using Wavelet Neural Network.- Transportation Systems.- WNN-Based Intelligent Transportation Control System.- Incident Detection in Urban Road.- An Efficient Web-Based Tracking System through Reduction of Redundant Connections.- An Embedded All-Time Blind Spot Warning System.- Design of Autonomous Parallel Parking Using Fuzzy Logic Controller with Feed-Forward Compensation.- Telematics Services through Mobile Agents.- Multi-agent System Model for Urban Traffic Simulation and Optimizing Based on Random Walk.- Vehicle Detection Using Bayesian Enhanced CoBE Classification.- Vibration Analysis of a Submarine Model Based on an Improved ICA Approach.- A Hierarchical Salient-Region Based Algorithm for Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images.- Industrial Applications.- Turning Tool Wear Monitoring Based on Fuzzy Cluster Analysis.- Part-Machine Clustering: The Comparison between Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Network and Ant Colony System.- Fault Diagnosis of Bearings Based on Time-Delayed Correlation and Demodulation as Well as B-Spline Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Fast and Noninvasive Determination of Viscosity of Lubricating Oil Based on Visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy.- Chattering-Free Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Control for a BLDC Motor via Dynamic Sliding-Mode Approach.- A New BPSO Algorithm and Applications in Interruptible Load Management.- Force Identification by Using Support Vector Machine and Differential Evolution Optimization.- Soft Sensor Modeling of Ball Mill Load via Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines.- An Approach Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform and Support Vector Machine for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis.- Real-World Applications.- Study on Factors of Floating Women’s Income in Jiangsu Province Based on Bayesian Networks.- Variation Trend Analysis of Groundwater Depth in Area of Well Irrigation in Sanjiang Plain Based on Wavelet Neural Network.- A Petri-Net Modeling Method of Agent’s Belief-Desire-Intention and Its Application in Logistics.- Supply Chain Flexibility Assessment by Multivariate Regression and Neural Networks.- An Intelligent Mobile Location-Aware Book Recommendation System with Map-Based Guidance That Enhances Problem-Based Learning in Libraries.- Applying Least Squares Support Vector Regression with Genetic Algorithms for Radio-Wave Path-Loss Prediction in Suburban Environment.- A Probabilistic Neural Network Approach to Modeling the Impact of Tobacco Control Policies by Gender.- The BPNN-Fuzzy Logic Pre-control of an Underground Project in City Center of Shanghai.- Optimal Parameter Inversion of Marine Water Quality Model Using a BPNN Data-Driven Model -— A Case Study on DIN.- Determination of Sugar Content of Instant Milk-Tea Using Effective Wavelengths and Least Squares-Support Vector Machine.- Sports Video Summarization Based on Salient Motion Entropy and Information Analysis.- A Neural Network Based Algorithm for the Retrieval of Precipitable Water Vapor from MODIS Data.- A Neural Network Based Approach to Wind Energy Yield Forecasting.- Research on New Intelligent Business-Oriented Decision-Making Model Based on MA and GA.

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