Advances in Spectroscopy and Imaging of Surfaces and Nanostructures, Volume 1318

Advances in Spectroscopy and Imaging of Surfaces and Nanostructures, Volume 1318


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ISBN-13: 9781605112954
Publisher: Materials Research Society
Publication date: 12/31/2011
Series: MRS Proceedings Series
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Part I. Advanced Imaging and Scattering Techniques for In Situ Studies: 1. In situ imaging at the NIST neutron imaging facility David Jacobson; 2. Low energy Ne scattering spectroscopy for insulators, and materials in the electric/magnetic fields Kenji Umezawa; 3. Electron phase microscopy of magnetic fields in ferromagnets and superconductors Akira Tonomura; 4. Effect of oxygen pressure on the initial oxidation behavior of Cu and Cu-Au alloys Guangwen Zhou; 5. Automated crystallite orientation and phase mapping in the transmission electron microscope Peter Moeck; Part II. In Situ X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopies in Energy-Related Materials Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis: 6. Electronic structures of non-Pt carbon alloy catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells revealed by synchrotron radiation analyses Masaharu Oshima; 7. Quantum rods and dots-based structures and devices: low cost aqueous synthesis and bandgap engineering for solar hydrogen and solar cells applications Lionel Vayssieres; Part III. Real-Time Studies of Evolving Thin Films and Interfaces: 8. Formation of irregular Al islands by room-temperature deposition on NiAl(110) Jim Evans; 9. In-situ TEM observation of formation-retraction-fracture experiment of liquid-like silicon nanocontact Tadashi Ishida; 10. Observation of real-time thin film evolution using microcantilever sensors Alan Schilowitz; 11. X-ray study of strained and strain balanced superlattice materials Natee Johnson; 12. In-situ XRD and FIB microscopy studies of the dynamics of intermetallic phase formation in thin layer Cu/Sn films for low-temperature isothermal diffusion soldering Harald Etschmaier; 13. Stochastic models of epitaxial growth Dionisios Margetis; 14. Characterisation of organic semiconductor growth using real-time electron spectroscopy Andrew Evans; 15. The electrical conduction at early stages of cluster-assembled films growth Emanuele Barborini; 16. Spreading kinetics at a molecular level Jean-Luc Buraud; Part IV. Real-Time Studies of Evolving Thin Films and Interfaces: 17. Multiparameter imaging and understanding the role of the tip – atomic resolution images of rutile TiO2 (110) John Pethica; 18. Experimental and theoretical study of the new image force microscopy principle H. Kumar Wickramasinghe; 19. Crystallographic processing of scanning tunneling microscopy images of cobalt phthalocyanines on silver and graphite Peter Moeck; 20. Scanning thermal lithography as a tool for highly localized nanoscale chemical surface functionalization Joost Duvigneau; 21. Digital pulsed force mode AFM and confocal Raman microscopy in drug-eluting coatings research Greg Haugstad; 22. Measurement of piezoelectric transverse and longitudinal displacement with atomic force microscopy for PZT thick films Yuta Kashiwagi; 23. Circular AFM mode: a new AFM mode for investigating surface properties Olivier Noel; 24. Scanning probe microscopy with diamond tip in tribo-nanolithography Oleg Lysenko; 25. Photoinduced temporal change of surface-potential undulation on Alq3 thin films observed by Kelvin probe force microscopy Kazunari Ozasa; 26. Atomic force microscopy based quantitative mapping of elastic moduli in phase separated polyurethanes and silica reinforced rubbers across the length scales Peter Schoen; 27. In situ chemical functionalization of a single carbon nanotube functionalized AFM tip using a correlated optical and atomic force microscope Katherine Willets.

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