Advances in Understanding Mechanisms and Treatment of Infantile Forms of Nystagmus

Advances in Understanding Mechanisms and Treatment of Infantile Forms of Nystagmus

by R. John Leigh
Pub. Date:
Oxford University Press, USA


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Advances in Understanding Mechanisms and Treatment of Infantile Forms of Nystagmus

This volume brings together work from leading researchers in the fields of developmental disorders of binocular vision, strabismus, and both infantile and acquired forms of nystagmus. It contains four sections. The first section, Basic Concepts of Stable Vision and Gaze, deals with psychophysical aspects of infantile forms of nystagmus and the relative contributions of extraocular proprioception and efference (corollary discharge). It also contains an accessible review of current notions of spatial and temporal visual functions and spatial constancy in infantile nystagmus syndrome and latent nystagmus. The second section, New Models and Techniques for Studying Gaze Stability, reviews animal and development models for strabismus, amblyopia, and nystagmus. It also contains novel optical methods for managing the visual consequences of nystagmus and a study of the potential ill effects of video displays on children's response to near viewing. The third section, New Therapies for Congenital Nystagmus, presents basic genetic studies and clinical trials of drug and surgical treatment of those patients with infantile forms of nystagmus. The final section,General Aspects of Normal and Abnormal Gaze Control, pulls together a range of contributions dealing with normal gaze control, infantile nystagmus, and acquired disorders of eye movements, including new treatment measures. This book will be a valuable resource for all scientists and practitioners interested in developmental disorders of vision.

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ISBN-13: 9780195342185
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 07/14/2008
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Part I Basic Concepts of Stable Vision and Gaze

1 Afferent and Efferent Contributions to Knowledge of Eye Position Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo Martin J. Steinbach 3

2 Perceptual Influences of the Extraretinal Signals for Normal Eye Movements and Infantile Nystagmus Harold E. Bedell Jianliang Tong Saumil S. Patel Janis M. White 11

3 Perception with Unstable Fixation Richard V. Abadi 23

4 Internal and External Influences on Foveation and Perception in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome Larry A. Abel Linda Malesic 33

5 Perceptual Fading during Voluntary and Involuntary Eye Movements Frank A. Proudlock Astrid Y. Jorgensen Irene Gottlob 42

Part II New Models and Techniques for Studying Gaze Stability

6 Alternating Saccades in a Primate Model of Strabismus Vallabh E. Das 47

7 Effects of Cerebellar Lesions in Monkeys on Gaze Stability Mark F. Walker Jing Tian Xiaoyan Shan Rafael J. Tamargo Howard Ying David S. Zee 55

8 Development of Visual Stabilization Devices with Applications for Acquired and Infantile Nystagmus John S. Stahl Igor S. Kofman Zachary C. Thumser 61

9 Pupil Abnormalities of the Near Response in Children with Visual Display Terminal Syndrome Akio Tabuchi Atsushi Fujiwara Mahmoodi Khadija 70

Part III New Therapies for Congenital Nystagmus

10 Genetics and Pharmacological Treatment of Nystagmus: A Review of the Literature and Recent Findings Irene Gottlob 79

11 New Treatments for Infantile and Other Forms of Nystagmus Louis F. Dell'Osso 87

12 Clinical and Electrophysiological Effects of Extraocular Muscle Surgery on Fifty-three Patients with Infantile Periodic Alternating Nystagmus Richard W. Hertle Leah Reznick Dongsheng Yang Kimberly Zoworty99

13 Eye Muscle Surgery for Acquired Forms of Nystagmus Robert L. Tomsak Louis F. Dell'osso Jonathan B. Jacobs Zhong I. Wang R. John Leigh 112

14 The Complement Hypothesis to Explain Preferential Involvement of Extraocular Muscle in Myasthenia Gravis Henry J. Kaminski Yuefang Zhou Jindrich Soltys Linda L. Kusner 117

Part IV General Aspects of Normal and Abnormal Gaze Control

15 Studies of the Ability to Hold the Eye in Eccentric Gaze: Measurements in Normal Subjects with the Head Erect Jeffrey T. Somers Millard F. Reschke Alan H. Feiveson R. John Leigh Scott J. Wood William H. Paloski Ludmila Kornilova 129

16 Effect of Eye Exercise on Clinical Outcome of Noncompressive Ocular Motor Nerve Palsy Anuchit Poonyathalang Pisit Preechawat Vitoo Janvimaluang 136

17 Expanding the Original Behavioral Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome Model to Jerk Waveforms and Gaze-angle Variations Zhong I. Wang Louis F. Dell'Osso Jonathan B. Jacobs 139

18 Extension of the eXpanded Nystagmus Acuity Function to Vertical and Multiplanar Data Jonathan B. Jacobs Louis F. Dell'osso 143

19 Inertial and Noninertial Contributions to the Perception of Translation and Path Scott H. Seidman 14

20 The Effect of the Duncke Visual Illusion on Occluded Smooth-arm Tracking Ari Z. Zivotofsky Adi Bercovich Jason Friedman Eva Kelman Elinor Shinhertz Tamar Flash 152

21 Posterior Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia of Lutz Revisited: Report of a Case Associated with a Midbrain Lesion Bernd F. Remler R. John Leigh 156

22 Divergence Insufficiency Associated with Hereditary Spinocerebellar Ataxia David G. Morrison Sean P. Donahue Patrick J. M. Lavin 162

23 Neuromuscular Junction Dysfunction in Miller Fisher Syndrome Janet C. Rucker 167

24 Involuntary Version-Vergence Nystagmus Induced by Ground-Plane Optic Flow: Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Nystagmus Quick Phases Dongsheng Yang Mingxia Zhu Richard W. Hertle 170

25 The Neuro-ophthalmologic Complications of Chiropractic Manipulation Michael W. Devereaux 175

26 Vergence Hysteresis in Infantile Nystagmus Alessandro Serra Louis F. Dell'Osso Zhong I. Wang 180

27 Using Wavelet Analysis to Evaluate Effects of Eye and Head Movements on Ocular Oscillations Ke Liao Simon Hong David S. Zee Lance M. Optican R. John Leigh 184

28 Multifocal Electroretinographic Study of Patients with Oculocutaneous Albinism and Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome Elisa Bala Jonathan B. Jacobs Neal S. Peachey 189

Author Index 193

Subject Index 204

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