Adventures in American Bookshops, Antique Stores and Auction Rooms

Adventures in American Bookshops, Antique Stores and Auction Rooms

by Guido Bruno


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The classic collection of stories by Guido Bruno, the Greenwich Village personality known as "the Barnum of Bohemia". The stories include:

The Romance of Buying and Selling Old Things,
The Poor Man's Hunting Ground,
The Open Air Exchange on Baxter Street,
The Salvation Army,
Auctions As Amusement Places,
The Strange Discovery and Disappearance of Stuart's Washington,
In New York Book Shops,
The Den of a Pessimist,
A Whitman Enthusiast,
An Optimist,
A Gambler,
The Oxford Book Shop,
Washington Square Book Shop,
A German Bookseller,
Mr. Gerhardt's Den,
Casement's Book Emporium,
The Madison Book Store,
Mr. Kirschenbaum's Shop,
A Specialist in Excitement,
The Man Who Knows His Books,
The Farmer-Bookseller,
A Night Bird,
Mr. Stammer, Their Great Patron,
Dealers in Literary Property,
The Market Price of Some Autographs,
Mr. Madigan's Interesting Shop,
The Poet's Income,
Schulte's Book Store,
George D. Smith, Speculator in Literary Property,
Mr. Cadigan of Brentano's,
Young Madigan,
The Romance of a Chicago Book Dealer,
Quite a Romance,
Frank Morris and His Famous Shop,
Powner's Book Shop,
Chicago Revisited,
In Boston,
Old Cornhill,
Burnham's Antique Book Store,
A New and Evil Spirit,
Book Shops for Boys and Girls,
Books in Ice Box,
The Mysterious Book Shop,
Small Town Stuff,
New York Book Magnates,
Gabriel Wells,
Mr. Drake,
Mitchell Kennerley,
Possessor of , Original Drawings,
Snapshots in Art Galleries on Fifth Avenue,
Daniel's Gallery,
At Coady's Gallery,
Stieglitz' ,
The Sunwise Turn Bookshop,
At Ehrich's Gallery,
'Way Down in Greenwich Village,
The Paint Box,
President Harding's Favorite Book.

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