Adventures of a Gwf

Adventures of a Gwf

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)


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ISBN-13: 9780967171005
Publisher: Catcher's Mitt Paw Production Company
Publication date: 04/28/1999
Pages: 103

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is more than just the lesbian erotica but delves into the psychological aspects of the sexuality of a woman, who strives against societies biases to find understand, confidence and sexual freedom. It deals with the aspects of being a sexual abuse surviver and a lesbian in a homophobic world. It strives to challenge the reader to rise above the perceived conceptions about gays and their sexuality, to bring you to an understanding of the elements of unconditional love, tolerence and humanity. And the erotica included was above just sexual acts, to the psychology of lesbian eroticism. All women would enjoy this book.