Adventures with Grandpa

Adventures with Grandpa

by Jim Kilmer


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ISBN-13: 9781468566291
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Pages: 48
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Adventures with Grandpa

By Jim Kilmer


Copyright © 2012 Jim Kilmer
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-6629-1

Chapter One


Round I – The Grandkids


I held grandpa's hand cause many fans were rushing to the park, I'd never been to a baseball game after it was dark.

Twas a long climb up to the bleachers to find our numbered seat, Only minutes later, grandpa said "want something good to eat?"

He bought me a soda, some peanuts and chips, A jumbo size pretzel and ice cream that drips.

A foot-long hot dog and cotton candy too, I was really stuff ed, and that dog was hard to chew.

He bought me a t-shirt and a red and blue hat, An autographed baseball and a mini souvenir bat.

Then I got a rally towel for waving in the air, Grandpa asked me not to "boo" because "it's just not fair".

The fans cheered really loud and it was a lot of fun, We were in the bathroom so often, I wasn't sure who won!

"That ball is outta here" was the best call of the game, by far, It ended so late, I fell asleep riding home in the car.

Game Over, Tyler!

We Won!


Grandpa takes me bowling behind the arcade at the mall, This could be a tough game rolling that big, heavy ball.

Ten pins standing on the lane; I'll try to knock them down, My first shot is a gutter ball and all I do is frown.

On my second shot, the ball slips and bounces to the floor, I'm so upset, I'd rather not play this game anymore.

Grandpa says, "Don't give up, we'll get the bumpers down and surely raise your score, "Now, set the ball on the line and push it down the floor".

The ball rolls down so slowly it creates a 6-10 split, My second ball goes down the center for a "field goal: that's it!

I've had enough, the ball is feeling heavy and my arms are getting sore, I had no strikes or spares and my score is forty-four.

"You're getting tired so we won't play any longer, You'll be a better player when you are older and stronger."

Bowl On, Kay, Kay!


Grandpa said he would teach me to ride my two wheel bike, It will be much harder than motoring on my trike.

Let's try it on a level sidewalk where the surface doesn't dip, Grandpa held the back of my seat and he tried not to trip.

Grandpa ran beside me and then he would let go, When I would topple over, I wished that it was snow.

I learned to balance a little bit, but I didn't ride too far, Why am I doing this when we could ride in our new car?

It's good exercise and will be fun riding at the shore If it's so much fun, why is my rear end so sore?

"Keep trying", said grandpa "and once you learn, you never will forget, You'll soon be zooming all around and ride the fastest yet!"

Biking Down the Path with Erin!


When grandpa takes me to play soccer and have a kick around, I like to dive on the ball as it's rolling on the ground.

Grandpa gives me his old baseball gloves so my hands won't sting, Some of his kicks are really hard and hit with lots of zing.

I kick, I punt, I catch the ball and quickly roll it away, It seems like playing goalie is an important position to play.

And then, the dreaded Penalty Kick, it's very hard to stop, I must guess where grandpa is trying to place that shot.

The ball is hit, it's to my left – headed for the corner hole, I dive, I stretch, I poke the ball. "Hooray! It's Not a Goal!"

I like defense, but goalie is just not the spot for me, I'd rather kick the ball at the net and try scoring two or three.

Soccer is my favorite game cause it is really fun, Kicking that ball is exciting and it keeps me on the run.

"Keep Kickin", Leah!


Grandpa took us to a winter resort where snow sports were fun for all, We tried to ski the "Bunny Hill", but we would usually fall.

We went ice skating on a pond that formed an outdoor rink, But the sun started to melt the ice and we began to sink.

We tried playing ice hockey but we ran out luck, It was much too slippery and we couldn't fi nd the puck.

With grandpa and us on board, we went tubing down the longest slope, We plowed into a snow bank and were rescued with a rope.

We went into the ski lodge for hot chocolate by the fi re, We sat on a comfy couch and soon we would retire.

"Snow Fun" with Maggie and Riley!


Twas the fall of '07; what sport should I try? Volleyball was exciting; just see that ball fly.

I was only a freshman; will they laugh if I should fall? Those tall girls will try to smash me down with the ball.

Well, I made the team and that was all good, Was No fun hitting my knees on that hard wood.

They made me a "setter" because I was so short, There's a place for all sizes in this team sport.

I would practice and practice and became pretty good, We won more games than I thought we would.

A varsity letter in my first two seasons, My junior year would be special for so many reasons.

We won the "District" title for the first time ever, Our team played really well and our coaches were so clever.

My senior year was even better as we played great, We won the "District 11" title again and advanced in the state.

The teams were much tougher, but we gave it our best, Third place in Pennsylvania is pretty good I guess!

The girls were great teammates making it sad when we parted, I made the right choice back in '07 when it all started.

My Irish Grandma Pat supported my games and the senior pep rally, My Grandpa calls me the "Best Irish Setter" in the Lehigh Valley!

Set them up with Kaitlin!


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