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Advice For When You Feel Like Shit

Advice For When You Feel Like Shit

by Naomi Saskia King
Advice For When You Feel Like Shit

Advice For When You Feel Like Shit

by Naomi Saskia King


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From a human who regularly felt like shit, comes a book about how to feel less shit.
Told through the perspective of a Twice Exceptional trauma survivor living with mental illness, Advice For When You Feel Like Shit is a self-help book for healing the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781777024741
Publisher: Naomi King
Publication date: 02/28/2020
Series: Advice For When You Feel Like Shit , #1
Pages: 292
Sales rank: 252,257
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

00. Intro

01. Acknowledge That You Feel Like Shit

02. Listen to Music That Understands You

03. Be Sad

04. Get Angry

05. Immerse Yourself in Nature

06. Treat Yo Self

07. Go to a Nude Beach

08. Exercise

09. Have an Outlet

10. Snip Snip! Get Rid of Em

11. Reflect, Accept Responsibility

12. Talk

13. Understand the Different Types of Attraction

14. Understand Love Languages

15. Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

16. Let Your Childhood Dreams Die

17. Focus on a Celebrity Crush

18. Don’t Be a Slave to Your Attachments

19. Read Motivational Stuff

20. Aim for Peace

21. Do Stretches

22. Deal with Unrequited Love

23. Stay Inspired

24. Love Your Flaws Aggressively

25. If You’re Going to Compare, Do It Properly

26. Do Nothing

27. Turn Off Communication for a Day

28. Get Plants!

29. Get Blood Tests

30. Set Your Bed

31. Understand Your Abusers

32. Understand Your Triggers

33. Dance!

34. Write Down the Good Things

35. Get Tattoos

36. Come Out of the Closet

37. Define Love

38. Learn Something New

39. Do It

40. Open a Window

41. Overcome a Fear

42. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

43. If Your Instinct is not Fight or Flight, but Freeze, Change It

44. Drink Water

45. Understand Your Childhood Psychology

46. Apologize

47. Don’t Apologize

48. Be Aware that People May Experience the Same Thing Differently

49. Never Depend on Someone Else for Your Mental Stability or Happiness

50. Target Physical Pain

51. Try Something Else

52. Take a Shower

53. Get a Breast Reduction

54. Adopt an Animal

55. Say Thank You to Your Body

56. Diagnose Yourself

57. Don’t Think About It

58. Reclaim Something Taken

59. Check Your Own Bullshit

60. Pay Attention to Your Fears

61. Change Your Diet

62. Watch Stand-Up Comedy

63. Trust Your Gut. Intuition vs. Anxiety

64. Embrace Who You Are and Where You Are From

65. Get Spiritual

66. Cry for Who You Were

67. Figure Out Where Your Habits Come From

68. Analyze Your Dreams

69. Have an Orgasm

70. List Things You Like About Yourself

71. Never Stop Creating

72. Enjoy the Moment

73. Write a Book

74. Visualize the Different Parts of You

75. Commit to Growing

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