Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

by Federal Aviation Administration


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The updated 11th edition of the Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide by the FAA is a great reference for novice pilots and professionals alike. Printed in full color with detailed examples, this book provides all the information students and pilots need to know about all the symbols and information provided on US aeronautical charts and chart navigation publications. Readers will find information on VFR charts, aeronautical chart symbols, helicopter route charts, flyway planning charts, IFR enroute charts, explanation of IFR enroute terms and symbols, Terminal Procedure Publications (TPPs), explanation of TPP terms and symbols, airspace classifications, and an airspace class table.

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ISBN-13: 9781974221165
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/04/2017
Pages: 86
Sales rank: 1,230,574
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.18(d)

About the Author

The Federal Aviation Administration is the national aviation authority of the United States. It regulates and oversees the aviation industry, pilot licensing, and airspace with the goal of providing “the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.”

Table of Contents

Introduction 5

Keep Your Charts Current 5

Reporting Chart Discrepancies 5

Section 1 Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Charts

Explanation of VFR Terms and Symbols 6

Water Features (Hydrography) 6

Land Features (Terrain) and Obstructions 6

Radio Aids to Navigation 8

Airports 8

Controlled Airspace 9

Uncontrolled Airspace 10

Special Use Airspace 10

Other Airspace Areas 10

Terminal Area Chart (TAC) Coverage 11

Inset Coverage 11

Chart Tabulations 12

VFR Aeronautical Chart Symbols 14

Airports 15

Radio Aids to Navigation 17

Airspace Information 19

Navigational and Procedural Information 25

Chart Limits 27

Railroads 28

Roads 28

Populated Places 29

Boundaries 29

Miscellaneous Cultural Features 30

Shorelines 31

Lakes 31

Reservoirs 31

Streams 31

Miscellaneous Hydrographic Features 32

Contours 35

Elevations 35

Unreliable Relief 35

Shaded Relief 36

Area Relief Features 36

Miscellaneous Relief Features 36

Helicopter Route Charts 37

Airports 38

Radio Aids to Navigation 38

Airspace Information 39

Navigational and Procedural Information 42

Culture 43

Hydrography 43

Relief 43

VFR Flyway Planning Charts 44

Airports 45

Radio Aids to Navigation 45

Airspace Information 46

Navigational and Procedural Information 48

Culture 49

Hydrography 49

Relief 49

Airspace Classes 50

Section 2 Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Enroute Charts Explanation of IFR Enroute Terms and Symbols 52

Airports 53

Radio Aids to Navigation (NAVAIDs) 54

Controlled Airspace 54

Special Use Airspace 55

Other Airspace 55

Instrument Airways 55

VOR LF/MF Airway System (Low Altitude Enroute Charts) 55

Airway/Route Data 55

Area Navigation (RNAV) "T" Route System 56

Off Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude (Oroca) 56

Military Training Routes (MTRs) 56

Jet Route System (High Altitude Enroute Charts) 57

RNAV "Q" Route System (High Altitude Enroute Charts) 57

Area Navigation (RNAV) "Q" Route System (High Altitude Charts) 57

Terrain Contours on Area Charts 57

IFR Aeronautical Chart Symbols 58

IFR Enroute Low/High Altitude Charts 59

Airports 59

Radio Aids to Navigation 60

Airspace Information 61

Navigational And Procedural Information 66

Culture 67

Hydrography 67

Topography 67

Oceanic Route Planning Charts 68

Airports 68

Radio Aids to Navigation 68

Airspace Information 68

Navigational and Procedural Information 69

Cultural Boundaries 70

Hydrography 70

Section 3 Terminal Procedures Publication (TPP) Explanation of TPP Terms and Symbols 72

Pilot Briefing Information 72

Planview 73

Missed Approach Icons 73

IFR Landing Minima 73

Terminal Arrival Areas (TAAs) 74

Instrument Approach Chart Format 75

Terminal Procedures Publication Symbols 76

Standard Terminal Arrival (Star) Charts 77

Departure Procedure (DP) Charts 77

Approach Lighting System 78

Airport Diagram/Sketch 81

Instrument Approach Procedures Planview 83

Instrument Approach Procedures Profile View 85

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