Aesop's Apprentice

Aesop's Apprentice

by Manfred Mohammed Kupper


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The self-proclaimed Imam of Cascadia,Manfred Mohammed Kupper,proves that not all Islamists plant a roadside bomb before breakfast. There is humor and light in Islam. No shit! Here a sample of his latest work AESOP'S APPRENTICE:

"Levi Cleveland, the article stated, was an Inupait, not the pejorative "Eskimo" avid reader and story teller...his favorites Greek mythology and the fabulous fictions of the American West written by authors who'd never been there. He was particularly captured by the tale of...the bad 'ol Eskimos who put their reluctant oldsters on an island of ice and waved the tearful seniors adieu... "so I thought to myself, was it possible to make a reality of this fable? Of course it was! The persuasions of "his story" accomplished by endless repetition or the time honored technique of "believe as we believe or we'll crack your skull."
Three well traveled octogenarians had called his bluff; a retired American UAV specialist, a Muslim playwright and an Abyssinian coffee barones. Their righteous and not so righteous histories and journeys herein (cool illustrations as well!)

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