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Aesthetics in Perspective / Edition 1

Aesthetics in Perspective / Edition 1

by Kathleen M. Higgins

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ISBN-10: 0534642101

ISBN-13: 2900534642104

Pub. Date: 08/11/2003

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Reissued for 2003! This comprehensive anthology offers a vast collection of classic and contemporary readings in aesthetics from both western and non-western sources. It is organized topically into four parts: Art and the Nature of Beauty, Interpreting and Evaluating Art, Challenges to the Tradition and Beyond the West.


Reissued for 2003! This comprehensive anthology offers a vast collection of classic and contemporary readings in aesthetics from both western and non-western sources. It is organized topically into four parts: Art and the Nature of Beauty, Interpreting and Evaluating Art, Challenges to the Tradition and Beyond the West.

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Cengage Learning
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. Part I: ART AND THE NATURE OF BEAUTY. 1. What is Beauty and Where Has It Gone? Plato: The Form of Beauty. Plato: Beauty''''s Influence. Aristotle: The Form of a Tragedy. David Hume: Of the Standard of Taste. Immanuel Kant: The Four Moments. Friedrich Nietzsche: On Beauty and Ugliness. Freidrich Nietzsche: Apollo and Dionysus. 2. What Is Art? Arthur C. Danto: The Artworld. Morris Weitz: The Role of Theory in Aesthetics. George Dickie: Art as a Social Institution. Timothy Binkley: Piece: Contra Aesthetics. Walter Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Robert Plant Armstrong: The Affecting Presence. 3. Art, Truth and Reality. Plato: Art and Appearance. Oscar Wilde: The Decay of Lying. Joseph Lyons: Paleolithic Aesthetics: The Psychology of Cave Art. Denis Dutton: Artistic Crimes: The Problem of Forgery in the Arts. Yuriko Saito: The Japanese Appreciation of Nature. John Cage: Experimental Music. 4. Art as a Vehicle for Aesthetic Experience. Rika Burnham: It''''s Amazing and It''''s Profound. Walter Pater: A Quickened Sense of Life. Edward Bullough: Psychical Distance. Jose Ortega y Gasset: The Dehumanization of Art. George Dickie: The Myth of the Aesthetic Attitude. 5. Art and Ethics. Alexander Nehamas: Plato and the Mass Media. Allan Bloom: Music. Karsten Harries: The Ethical Significance of Modern Art. Carlos Fuentes: Words Apart. William H. Gass: Goodness Knows Nothing of Beauty. Liza Mundy: The New Critics. Donald Kuspit: Art and the Moral Imperative: Analyzing Activist Art. Philip Gourevitch: Behold Now Behemoth. 6. Art and Our Institutions. Paul Mattick, Jr.: Arts and the State. Carole S. Vance: Misunderstanding Obscenity. Tom Wolfe: The Worship of Art: Notes on the New God. James O. Young: Destroying Works of Art. Douglas Stalker and Clark Glymour: The Malignant Object: Thoughts on Public Sculpture. Arthur C. Danto: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Part II: INTERPRETING AND EVALUATING ART. 7. Creation and Inspiration. Plato: Inspiration as Magnetism. Aristotle: Constructing a Tragedy. Immanuel Kant: The Nature of Genius. Arthur Schopenhauer: On Genius. Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters to a Young Poet. Anne Truitt: Daybook: The Journal of an Artist. Christopher Middleton: On the Mental Image. Eugen Herrigel: Zen in the Art of Archery. 8. Should We Focus on Form? DeWitt H. Parker: Aesthetic Form. Roger Fry: The Limits of Formal Analysis. Eduard Hanslick: On the Musically Beautiful. David Michael Levin: Balanchine''''s Formalism. Leo Steinberg: Other Criteria. Umberto Eco: Repetition and the Series. Mark Crispin Miller: Advertising--End of Story. 9. Art as Expressing or Arousing Emotion. Leo Tolstoy: What Is Art? Clive Bell: Emotion in Response to Significant Form. Susanne K. Langer:The Symbol of Feeling. Robin G. Collingwood: Expressing an Emotion. John Hospers: The Concept of Artistic Expression. David Novitz: Fiction, Imagination and Emotion. Stephen Davies: Why Listen to Sad Music if It Makes One Feel Sad? Milan Kundera: The Nature of Kitsch. Matei Calinescu: Kitsch and Hedonism. 10. Intention and Interpretation. William K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Monroe C. Beardsley: The Intentional Fallacy. P. D. Juhl: Computer Poems. Jerrold Levinson: Messages in Art. Perter Kivy: The ''''Historically Authentic'''' Performance. Yriko Saito: The Colorization Controversy. 11. Art as the Sign of Its Time and Place. G. W. F. Hegel: The Ages of Art. Wassily Kandinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Arthur C. Danto: Approaching the End of Art. D. M. Gruver: Hawaiian Hula. John Berger: Oil Painting. Peter Wicke: Love Me Do'''': The Aesthetics of Sensuousness. Part III: CHALLENGES TO THE TRADITION. 12. Beyond the Traditional Models. Richard Shusterman: The Fine Art of Rap. Thomas Heyd: Understanding Performance Art. Roland Barthes: The Structuralist Activity. Jenene J. Allison: Deconstruction and the Energizer Bunny Rabbit. Kwane Anthony Appiah: Is the Post- in Postmodernism the Post- in Postcolonial? Tomas Ybarra-Frausto: The Chicano Movement/The Movement of Chicano Art. 13. Racism and Sexism in the Arts. Leo Marx: Huck at 100. Robert Gooding-Williams: Look, a Negro!. Linda Nochlin: Why Are There No Great Women Artists? Brenda Dixon Gottschild: Black Dance and Dancers and the White Public--A Prolegomenon to Problems of Definition. Joel Rudinow: Can White People Sing the Blues? Noel Carroll: The Image of Women in Film. Mara MilleR: Desiring Women: The Aesthetics of Japanese Erotic Art. Maria Lugones: Playfulness, ''''World''''-Traveling, and Loving Perception. 14. Popular Culture and Everyday Life. Stanley Cavell: Cartoons. Susan Sontag: On Photography. Robert C. Solomon: Are the Three Stooges Funny? Soitanly! John Dewey: Aesthetic Qualities. Sei Shonagon: The Pillow Book. Garrett Sokoloff: By Pausing before a Kicho. Barbara Sandrisser: On Elegance in Japan. Janet McCracken: The Domestic Aesthetic. Anna Deavere Smith: Introduction to Fires in the Mirror. Part IV: BEYOND THE WEST. 15. Aesthetics around the World. Isidore Okpewho: Principles of Traditional African Art. Christopher Small: African Music. Kuang-Ming Wu: Chinese Aesthetics. Patrick McKee: Old Age in the Chinese Mountain Landscape. Donald Keene: Japanese Aesthetics. B. N. Goswany: Rasa: Delight of the Reason. Zuheir Al-Faquith: Islamic Art…Submission to Divine Will. Steven Feld: Aesthetics as Iconicity of Style. Inga Clendinnen: Aztec Aesthetics. Oriana Baddeley and Valerie Fraser: The Surrealist Continent. Gary Witherspoon: Navajo Aesthetics: Beautifying the World through Art. Appendix 1: List of Readings by Medium. Appendix 2: List of Cases Discussed. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

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