Aesthetics of Appearing

Aesthetics of Appearing


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ISBN-13: 9780804743808
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Publication date: 11/03/2004
Series: Cultural Memory in the Present
Edition description: 1
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Martin Seel is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Giessen.

Table of Contents

IA Rough History of Modern Aesthetics1
1Eight Short Stories2
2Aesthetics as Part of Philosophy15
IIAesthetics of Appearing19
Time for the Moment20
A Situation of Perception21
The Basic Distinction22
The Course of Things23
1What Is Appearing24
Kinds of Perception24
Phenomenal Individuality26
Recalling Presence31
Everything, at All Times33
A Minimal Concept35
2Being-so and Appearing37
A Definition37
Objects of Perception37
Logical and Phenomenal Order47
Limits of Knowledge49
A Different Execution of Perception54
Event Objects55
3Appearing and Semblance57
Two Concepts, Two Steps58
Deceptive or Supportive Semblance59
James Turrell: Slow Dissolve62
Semblance Is Real64
Not Everything Is Semblance66
4Appearing and Imagination69
Objects of Sensuous Consciousness71
Aesthetic Imagination73
Imagination and Semblance75
An Asymmetry76
Objects of Imagination77
Imagination, Interpretation, Reflection80
Facultative and Constitutive Objects of Imagination83
A Primacy of Perception85
5Situations of Appearing87
Interim Results88
Three Dimensions90
Mere Appearing91
Atmospheric Appearing92
Artistic Appearing95
Modes of Acquaintance101
Aesthetic Consciousness103
6Constellations of Art105
The Material and Medium of the Arts106
Constellational Presentation110
Valery's and Chandler's Sentence114
Levels of Sensuousness116
Danto's Objection119
Art as Idea as Idea122
Vertical Earth Kilometer126
Movements in Literature127
The Body of Texts130
The Father of the Thought132
7A Play for Presence134
IIIFlickering and Resonating: Borderline Experiences Outside and Inside Art139
Transcendence and Immanence141
Rauschen and Rausch142
Mere Versus Artistic Resonating142
An Occurrence Without Something Occurring143
Formless Reality145
An Enduring Passing Away145
Formed Formlessness147
Some Genres147
Christoph Marthaler's Faust150
Being and Revealing151
Energies of the Artwork152
Cinematic Resonating154
The Children of the Dead155
Elfriede Jelinek's Language156
A Limit Case of Consciousness157
IVThirteen Statements on the Picture159
Pictures Are Presentations161
Pictorial Signs Are Not (Just) Symptoms164
Pictures Are Compact Signs164
Subsidiary Forms of the Picture168
The Self-Referentiality of Art Pictures169
All Pictures Present; Most Pictures Represent170
Representation and Similarity170
Pictures Are Sign Events175
The Phenomenological and the Semiotic Theory of the Picture176
Three Basic Instances of Seeing179
Cyberspace Is Not Pictorial Space180
Film, a Virtual Movement Space182
Picture and Reality184
VVariations on Art and Violence186

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