After Dark

After Dark

by Emi Gayle


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ISBN-13: 9781937744144
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing
Publication date: 10/31/2012
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.77(d)

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After Dark 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by April Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book I am not sure that I can truly express my love for this book in words!  Extraordinarily amazing may put a slight dent, but still not completely encompass my feelings.  As a huge lover of Young Adult Paranormal Romance, the moment I read the blurb for After Dark, I knew that I must get my hands on a copy.  As I began reading, I was thoroughly hooked, completely in love with the characters and blown away by the story.   What made me weep and my heart ache was when I read the final words and knew that I was going to have to hang on until April 2013 to read the next book, Day After, in the series (After Dark is the first book in a new trilogy).  The ending was perfect as it leaves the reader with one question answered, but opens up so many more! What made me love After Dark so passionately?  One of the aspects of Young Adult books that I love is that “passionate yearning and aching of new romance”, as well as that sense of innocence.  Toss in paranormal and you have my attention!  This book is the perfect blend of both of these aspects, as well as the uniqueness of a Changling as a main character, who must live among humans, while having otherworldly guardians and the  issue of having to make a permanent, no-turning-back, life-altering decision within 9 months and you have one heck of a story. Mac is a no-holds-barred, smart-alek and lovable character.  She has always had a disdain for humans, though she has been made to reside among them, go to school with them and put up with their ridiculous behavior during the day.  The nights, however, are hers and allows her to be free in whatever form she chooses.  Upon her 19th birthday, she must decide what form she wants to take on and what race she want to be ruler of.  No small decision, but one she has managed to continually put off – until recently.  Mac has never been one to ask questions about her heritage nor has she ever been curious about her otherworldly pre-existence.  That all begins to change when her life is put into danger repeatedly and several “incidents” lead to torture and horror. Though human, Winn became a focus of interest when Mac spies a book that he is reading secretly.  This is a book that could answer many of her questions and she dearly needs to get her hands on it.  When the two are put together for a school project, Mac sees the perfect opportunity to discover what secrets are held within the covers of this book.  What Mac does not count on, however, is her attraction to Winn and the idea of a relationship between the two moving far beyond “2 people who are forced to endure one another for a school project.” As for Winn, I adored him.  He is brilliant, sweet, caring and rather appealing to the eyes.  He doesn’t give up and is amazingly open-minded.  The dedication that he exudes toward Mac is endearing, but not in a wussy sort of way.  He is strong-minded and very personable.  He and Mac make the perfect couple – even if it takes them a bit of time to make this discovery. Filled with shape-shifting, smoke and mirrors, urgency, questions of who to trust and who not to trust, and a sweetly sensual blossoming  romance, After Dark will appeal to a very large audience range.  Emi Gayle displays such an enormous talent for creating this fantastical world with real people, real feelings and real issues – in a paranormal way.  There is truly nothing that I did not love about this book.  I cannot wait for the next in the series and I highly recommend anyone looking for an awesome and not easy to forget book to grab this one as soon as possible! Quote:  Dead on right – just the way I want it.   Not today, Mac.  Focus. The two sides of me talking to me irritated the real me just as much as being around actual people did
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
I have never had a more unique book with this take on the supernatural world. It's amazingly beautiful, and crazy complicated, and wonderfully haunting at times. I mean come one, Mac is seriously awesome, and her world is amazing. Mac is a changeling, which isn't the normal thing. She can change into any supernatural she wants, for now, as practice, because when she turns 19, she will have to pick only ONE, and give up all others, so she can serve on the council. Ahh, life is complicated for Mac.  I really enjoyed Mac's character. I liked her even more, as she grew in the story, and began to understand that you need to ask questions to learn about yourself. That's how you grow. Mac definitely has a lot to learn. There's no doubt that she has her work cut out for her as she tries to learn as much as she can, while there's people trying to keep her from learning anything. Plus, she has this ridiculous issue, a human, Winn, how is increasingly getting under her skin more and more as each day goes by. As much as I love both Winn and Mac, I liked a lot of the side characters and I really hope that as more comes from this trilogy I learn more about them as well.  I think I am most impressed with how much the humans change Mac, because she hated them and thought they were completely useless. Just another reason to have to hide who she really is. It's always good when someone realizes something wonderful. 5 AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL FANTASTIC PAWS!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
cm-wendy More than 1 year ago
A fabulous first from Emi Gayle! Talk about your coming of age story! What eighteen year knows what, or rather who, they want to be for the rest of their life? Mac doesn’t either and there lies problem of the story. Enter one cute, brainy classmate and our story gets interesting. Mac is on a journey and Winn has the map. They must work together to solve the problem. Will Mac be able to put aside the prejudice attitudes she has grown up with to work with a “human”?
Brooke-The-Cover-Contessa More than 1 year ago
I want to thank J. Taylor publishing for allowing me to read an ARC of this awesome book to read for an honest review. When I was offered this book I was super excited. It's been on my list for a while and I couldn't wait for it to come out. Blurb from Goodreads: What eighteen year old Mac Thorne doesn’t know will probably kill her. In exactly eight months, five days, three hours and thirteen minutes, Mac has to choose what she’ll be for the rest of her life. She has no choice but to pick. As a Changeling, it’s her birthright. To Mac, it’s a birthchore. Like going to school with humans, interacting with humans, and pretending to be human during the pesky daylight hours. Once darkness descends, Mac can change into any supernatural form that exists—which makes her as happy as she can be. That is, until Winn Thomas, the biggest geek in her senior class figures out there’s more to what hides in the dark than most are willing to acknowledge. In this first of the 19th Year Trilogy, Winn might know more about Mac than even she does, and that knowledge could end their lives, unless Mac ensures the powers-that-be have no choice but to keep him around. First I want to start with the cover of this book. It's extremely eye catching and was one of the reasons I looked into reading the book in the first place. The cover is dark and mysterious. It draws you right in. And I love how it has the very special quote on the front, "Dawn conceals what the night reveals." This is used several times throughout the book and is key to understanding the characters. Then there is the element of the cemetery that is pictured on the front, also key to the story. Of course, the beautiful girl on the cover is always a plus. All in all I love the cover. I think it perfectly depicts the main character of the story and gives you some inside information on her, at least information you understand once you read the book. I love how the characters are developed in this book. So many of them are mysterious, which makes learning about them all the more fun. And they make the story addictive because they are so likeable, even the villainous ones! Mac (Maya Mackenzie Thorne) is a spunky loner with a ton of attitude who only hangs with humans because she is being forced to do so until her 19th birthday. She's confident and secure and quite stubborn. She thinks she knows it all until she finds out that everything she thought she knew was not what she needed to know at all. I will be honest and say that I didn't connect with her immediately. I felt like she was too withdrawn, but as the story unfolded, I understood why she was this way and then saw her develop into something totally unexpected. Winn (Wineford Thomas) is the geeky guy you never really cared for in High School. And yet, he's got this attractiveness about him that pulls Mac in, despite her not wanting to be there. Once you get to know him, you see he's not only smart, but extremely sexy, and corny at some points as well. He has a quick wit and can certainly hold his own when he's with Mac. And he's not afraid to be exposed to things that might seem different as he's always been interested in the supernatural. When he was first described, I was sure he was just going to be this awkward, nerdy guy. But he is so much more than I would have ever expected! So much so that I could not wait for the scenes with him in them! The supporting characters are really great. We get a glimpse at so many different facets of paranormal: vampire (Mac's "Dad" Lucas), Fae (Mac's "Mom" Alina), angels, demons, witches, sirens and even dragons, yes dragons! I think my most favorite supporting character is definitely Suze. He's a demon and he is not at all what I would have expected. He's funny and completely cares for Mac in a way I never thought could be possible from such a creature. He's her protector in so many ways, and he's also her friend. Their interactions are often funny. Gayle does a great job at world building in this book. This world is like no other supernatural world I have read about or known. in all other paranormal books of this type, you see the different creatures at war or odds with each other. And, while this is certainly part of the theme in this book, you also see a cohesiveness to them as they struggle to "survive" in our human world. For the first three chapters of the book, I really wasn't sure what was going on. But once the characters were all introduced, and the reason for Mac's existence was explained, I could not put the book down. It was completely addictive. Gayle created a world that is totally unique, which is what I think will draw people to this book and keep them there. The originality storyline will keep people coming back for more. There are enough twists to make you wonder and enough turns to keep you on your toes. Gayle's writing is excellent. She doesn't use extraneous words to try and make her material seem more interesting. She easily explains each character and allows you to see who they are through her words. And her writing was face paced keeping the story moving but not confusing the reader in the process. All in all this a must read for any paranormal YA lover. The storyline is completely different, the characters are fun and interesting, and the world is nothing like you've ever seen. This is a 5 star book for sure. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series! Emi Gayle has a sure winner on her hands with this fun and entertaining read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lprather66 More than 1 year ago
"After Dark" is an action packed paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end and leave you wanting more. Mac Thorne, an eighteen year old Changeling, who is human by day and can change into any supernatural being at night. On her nineteenth birthday, she will have to choose what form she will be for the rest of her life. This is a decision she has been dreading. Mac is forced to mingle with humans during the day where she meets Winn Thomas. He has a book that may hold the secrets to her past and help guide her future. The author does an excellent job developing each character and drawing us into this story through her descriptive details. Mac is fun, strong, loyal but a little indecisive. I enjoyed the action and suspense of this story. I would recommend it and will be looking forward to the next installment.