by Marcus Sakey


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AFTERLIFE by Marcus Sakey

An instant Wall Street Journal bestseller. Soon to be a major motion picture from Imagine Entertainment and producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Between life and death lies an epic war, a relentless manhunt through two worlds…and an unforgettable love story.

The last thing FBI agent Will Brody remembers is the explosion—a thousand shards of glass surfing a lethal shock wave.

He wakes without a scratch.

The building is in ruins. His team is gone. Outside, Chicago is dark. Cars lie abandoned. No planes cross the sky. He’s relieved to spot other people—until he sees they’re carrying machetes.

Welcome to the afterlife.

Claire McCoy stands over the body of Will Brody. As head of an FBI task force, she hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. A terrorist has claimed eighteen lives and thrown the nation into panic.

Against this horror, something reckless and beautiful happened. She fell in love…with Will Brody.

But the line between life and death is narrower than any of us suspect—and all that matters to Will and Claire is getting back to each other.

From the author of the million-copy bestselling Brilliance Trilogy comes a mind-bending thriller that explores our most haunting and fundamental question: What if death is just the beginning?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781477848401
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 07/18/2017
Pages: 318
Sales rank: 282,264
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Marcus Sakey’s books have sold more than a million copies and been translated into dozens of languages. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. For more information, visit

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Afterlife 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Sci-Fi_and_Scary_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I've previously read some of Marcus Sakey's work, and while I enjoyed some of it, I wouldn't have willingly picked up Afterlife had the publicist not specifically asked me to. My expectations going into Afterlife were not high, but I figured I'd slog through it if necessary. It wasn't. Afterlife raises the bar on what I expect from Marcus Sakey a whole lot higher than it previously was. I had no idea the man was capable of pulling off something like this. This is one of those books that immediately put me in my happy spot. The hint of romance, the parallel world (for lack of a better term), the new take on life after death. The battle of good versus evil. Afterlife is wonderfully imaginative, deliciously dark, and almost perfectly written. Claire and Will are a great pair of characters. Too good to be true, of course, but sometimes we need perfect heroes in a story like this. I liked that the author had no problem making Claire the smarter one of the two of them. I loved reading the easy acceptance that Will had of her mental superiority. He loved her and never resented her abilities. And while she had no problem pointing out the flaws in his thinking, she never set out to make him feel like an idiot. (Like I said: too good to be true.) And even though they're both strong separately, together they're so much more. And that's how it should be. The dialogue was believable. The action was perfectly paced. The way Sakey describes the other world is simple, yet effective. It feels like it really would translate very, very well to screen. Which means, naturally, that I can't watch it in a theater. Because I'll be yelling at the screen for them not getting it right. Pretty much the only critiques I have of Afterlife are little things. Like every time the villain appeared on screen, he was introduced by his 'razor sharp cheekbones'. By halfway through, I was beginning to imagine if the man was made flesh, he could get a job being a real life Fruit Ninja with the power of his cheekbones alone. Overall, Afterlife was a solid, entertaining read that I would definitely recommend! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.
tedfeit0 More than 1 year ago
From the publisher: “The last thing FBI Agent Will Brody remembers is the explosion - - a thousand shards of glass surfing a lethal shockwave. He wakes without a scratch. The building is in ruins. His team is gone. Outside, Chicago is dark. Cars lie abandoned. No plans cross the sky. He’s relieved to spot other people - - until he sees they’re carrying machetes. Welcome to the afterlife. “. . . a mind-bending new thriller about life, death . . . and what happens after. A terrorist has paralyzed Chicago, targeting civilians with brutal swiftness and precision. FBI agent Will Brody would do anything to catch him - - but this time he’s the hunted, not the hunter. Lured into a trap, Brody is caught in a furious explosion that claims his life. But in “Afterlife,” death is only the beginning. Brody finds himself wandering a different Chicago. A city real in every detail, but seemingly empty. It turns out the afterlife is a dangerous place. This echo of Chicago is populated only by those who died abruptly, violently, with an abundance of life force remaining. For some, it’s a new life in death. For others, it’s a war. Now Brody must fight to survive the afterlife and protect other innocents - - all while desperate to reunite with the woman he loves and left behind. That woman is his boss, fellow FBI agent Claire McCoy. Their love affair was illicit, breathtaking, and brief, cut short by the bomb blast. For Claire, finding Brody’s killer is personal. And when she confronts him head-on, she does so knowing that her own life is on the line - - but not what waits on the other side.” This novel is an unexpected combination of love story, a thriller, and a sci-fi tale, all memorably written and engaging – who could ask for anything more? I should add it is all unexpected, and, to be candid, something not usually within my reading preferences. What sets this one apart is, primarily, the abovementioned quality of the writing. I already knew what a wonderful this author is, but this was an entirely new and unexpected experience. Brody, 37 years old, is not entirely unprepared for what ultimately is expected of him in the afterlife: He was a Marine, having enlisted right after 9/11. Brody’s new world is what is referred to by its residents as an echo of the world he had known, literally, “an overlap” of that world. “Afterlife” is a novel unlike any I, personally, have ever read. Like the characters in the book, I was totally unprepared for what lays within its pages. And I must admit that it stayed with me long after the last page was turned. And, clearly, it is recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was not too familiar with the writer, but boy am I glad that I read AFTERLIFE. I did not know what to expect. I was blown away by the concept and the writer’s execution of his story. The story is unlike any I have come across. And the characters are completely developed and interesting. The writer speaks of redemption, love, and just how good we can be. This message is wrapped around and delivered to us via a captivating and involving story that keeps us turning the pages as fast as we can read. Buy this today and no doubt you will finish it tomorrow.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
A man has been terrorizing Chicago. He has found himself draw to a rifle and the power to end lives. He has killed eighteen people and plans on so many more. Will Brody and Claire McCoy are working on stopping the killer until Brody dies from a bomb in a church. Although he is dead, there is a lot more to being dead than pearly gates. Will and Claire need to work together across life and death to stop this killer and get back to each other. Will and Claire work for the FBI but have started a relationship outside of the hunt for the serial killer. It starts as a whirlwind but becomes so much more the longer they work together. Claire seems to be the logical one while Will would prefer to get out there and stop the bad guy. Both of them are a great team and really kept me enthralled with the echos. I like how this book takes a different look at death and life. There is so much more to this story than ghosts and good and evil can affect those on the other side. There are so many possibilities and I just loved how Marcus Sakey handled this. This is a great story and I really enjoyed it. I did see a lot of people praising the Brilliance Saga and I think that I will check it out next. I received Afterlife from Little Bird Publicity for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily received an ARC via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.  This book piqued my curiosity since the rights have already been purchased to turn this into a movie.  After reading the book, it will be incredibly interesting to see how they make that work.  It will be along the lines of Inception, at least that’s what I think. Afterlife is the eternal love story of Will Brody and Claire McCoy.  They are both FBI agents tracking down a serial killer terrorizing Chicago.  When Will is killed, he wakes up in the same spot he died, but it’s less. No people, no sun, no heat.  It is an echo of life.  In the echo the longer you stay, like an echo, you diminish and become less.  The way to circumvent this is to kill other people and absorb their life force. Those who do this become known as eaters, serial killers.   Afterlife takes everything we have ever been taught of heaven and hell rolls it up and throws it out the proverbial window.  The echo isn’t heaven, it isn’t really hell, it’s what you make it.  However, the eaters are Apex predators that have gained superhuman strength when they kill.   Through a mysterious dream Will receives, he realizes Claire is in trouble in the real world and rushes to try and save her, or at least do what he can when she reaches the echo.  However, when Claire arrives, she arrives with an evil the residences of the echo have never faced before.   The concept of evil in the story is fascinating; Sakey did a brilliant job portraying the levels of depravity his monsters were capable of.  The story is incredibly abstract in its outlook on what lays beyond death. I had a hard time with the story having so much evil with no ultimate good to balance it.  Growing up in a Judeo-Christian society it’s hard to wrap my mind around the one concept, with the other concept non-existent. This is one of those stories that gets you thinking, and would be great for book clubs and discussions.  Personally, I loved the love story; their connection, and the fact that they were “soul mates”.  To have a love that outlasts death, and be so connected to another person your soul finds no matter where they are.  That is love.   I am giving Afterlife Four Boundless Stars, I really enjoyed it.  The ending battle was a bit too complex for me.  I wasn’t confused; however, I would need to re-read it a few more times to fully grasp it.        
MaraBlaise More than 1 year ago
In hindsight should I probably quite early on, just stopped reading this book when I realized that it was not working. Except, my middle name is apparently stubborn and I thought the idea of the book was so fantastic that I couldn't understand why I just couldn't get into the book. I mean it's nothing wrong with the writing, the characters did not annoy me either. I just felt a bit listless reading the book, and I think it's because I just didn't care that much for the story or for the characters. It was just not a book for me. This will not be a long review. I have nothing really good to say about it, nor bad. I can understand why the story would appeal to readers, I just couldn't feel it myself. I think if the story of this book appeals to you, should you give it a go. The concept is interesting, with an afterlife where you can either become an eater and get godlike powers or try not be "eaten". If I had cared more for the characters would I probably have enjoyed the book more. However, I cared very little about Claire and Will's life and, romance and their angst and that made the book a bit slow to read.
tpolen More than 1 year ago
After finishing this book, I had to sit with it for a few days. I'm a fan of Sakey's Brilliance Trilogy - but Afterlife is a cut above and unlike anything I've ever read. Whatever ideas you've entertained about the afterlife - I promise, you've never thought of it in this way. Highly creative and thoroughly engaging, Afterlife is a phenomenal blend of thriller, fantasy, and love story set in a dark, dangerous world. I really liked Will and Claire and their likability is crucial to this story. Both are what you hope to see in law enforcement - unwavering honor, incredible bravery, and keen intelligence, although Claire is usually a couple of steps ahead of Will. What they're willing to sacrifice for mankind and each other is completely selfless. Although I felt the strength of their bond later in the story, the initial connection between them wasn't quite believable for me. Maybe I'm just not an almost 'love at first sight' kind of person. Afterlife is an epic battle between good and evil with an original, wondrous story that will stay with you long after finishing the last page. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital ARC.