by Annie Cecelia Wynn

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In the after time, Clara has started building a new life with the people on her small street but she cannot forget her sister, Cathy in SoCal. When Cathy's son shows up on Clara's doorstep, the race to rescue Cathy begins.

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ISBN-13: 9781105001758
Publication date: 08/12/2011
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 186 KB

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Afterward 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter Five We're in a city. A big city with bustling streets, towwering skyscrapers. "How old IS this game?" I ask. "Two, maybe three or four hundred years old." Olly replies. "It looks amazingly boring." Allaster says. "Just keep playing." Olly says. We walk randomly through the streets. All of the sudden, a huge hovercraft swept over the city. "They didn't have hoveercrafts back then!" I say. "Be quiet!" Olly hisses. People run, screaming. A beam of light comes down, and sucks our characters into the ship. It speeds off, and a word appears on the screen. "Abduction." Our characters—apparently named David and Charles—wake up in a field. A big, grassy field under a cloudless blue sky. They stand slowly, and walk across the field. "No! Don't go that way!" Olly gasps. "You'll die!" "No, we won't. How would we die, anyway?" I ask. "I'm not kidding! It's really scary when you die!" I shake my head and press the button to make my character keep walking. Allaster does the same. The screen flickers. "What the?" I say, surprised "Oh, crap." Olly mutters. Something's standing a few feet away from us. Something humanoid, with clawed hands and feet. But the most disturbing thing is its featureless face. It just stands there, and we do, too. Our characters look uncertain. The screen goes dark. We hear screams and sickening gurgles, then the screen flashes back on. The monster man stands alone. Our characters are gone. "Turn it off." I snap. "This is a waste of time, and not interesting." "Oh, come on! You shouldn't have died, that's all!" Olly protests. "No, Olly, let's take a break from this. We can go find our dorms and hang out, maybe get some sleep." Mayson suggests. He remembers something the same time I do. "I'll take Terrin to get her leg taken care of." I nod and stand, wobbling. Mayson slips an arm around my waist to steady me, and we head off. I wonder if he's just keeping me upright, or if something else is happening. "So," I say as we walk, "I have a question. Mayson's a pretty old name—hundreds of years, I think. How did your parents come up with it?" "Dunno. Probably just liked the sound. Spellt it differently. With a 'y'. My brother's name is Andee. Short for Andrew." "Cool." "Terrin..." "Yeah?" I look over at him. He looks uncertain. "Um..." "My name? I've got no idea about my name." "Yeah. Your name..." "Well, I don't know. Sorry." I wonder if he was really wondering that. What's going through his head?