Against the Wind: Agents of the Crown - Book 2

Against the Wind: Agents of the Crown - Book 2

by Regan Walker


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Amidst the rising winds of revolution, Agent of the Crown Sir Martin Powell alone can protect-and win the heart of-the elusive Lady Egerton.

A night in London's most exclusive bordello. Agent of the Crown Sir Martin Powell would not normally indulge, but the end of his time spying against Napoleon deserves a victory celebration. Yet, such pleasure will not come cheap. The auburn-haired courtesan he calls "Kitten" is in truth Katherine, Lady Egerton, a dowager baroness and the daughter of an earl as elusive as she is alluring. She flees a fate worse than death. But Martin has known darkness, too, and he alone can touch her heart-as she has touched his. To the English Midlands they will steal, into the rising winds of revolution.

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ISBN-13: 9781941260210
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/20/2013
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

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Against the Wind: Agents of the Crown - Book 2 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
I am still so upbeat about this series and the quality of the writing that I took half as long to read Book No. 2 as I did No. 1.  I felt like I wasn't against the wind so much as WITH the wind as I clung to every word, every page.  This Agent of the Crown (Martin) was embroiled in so much danger and chaos, both in France and England, that it was nail biting suspense throughout the story.  Add to that the heroine ("Kit" for Katherine) and her danger from a brother-in-law after the death of her husband and sister, as she meets the hero and gets involved in Martin's have an explosive mix of romance and intrigue.  It was truly an exciting story that kept me on the edge of my chair...and bed at night...from beginning to end.  Now I'm off to Book No. 3 in the series!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Another captivating spy novel by Regan Walker! When Martin Powell returns to London after being away serving as a spy for the Crown, all he is looking for is a night of great passion and no commitments. A way to wind down and recharge before his next, and final assignment for England. Going to Willow House, known for its exceptional women, he finds himself in the room with a sensual goddess named Kit. Having spent a glorious night with “Kitten”, he awakens to find that she is gone, and has not only left his bed, but Willow House. Upon learning her story, he sets off on a mission to find her, and make her his. But finding someone who is desperate to not be found proves to be rather difficult, especially when he is not the only one searching. Lady Katherine Edgerton is not in a good place. A penniless widow who just lost her sister, the last family she had remaining. Not only that, but as soon as her sister passes, her brother-in-law attacks her and claims that he will now have her as he always meant to. Fleeing to the only place that she can think of that will provide her with a roof and food, Kit goes to Willow House, which is operated by her former governess. When Martin enters into her room by accident, she is overcome by his kindness and beauty, and gives into her carnal desires. After waking up in Martin’s arms, she realizes she has made a terrible mistake and flees. Trying to remain invisible to everyone, she does the only thing she can think of and seeks employment as a governess. But even then she cannot remain unseen by her lover or her brother-in-law. Out of options and in desperate need of protection, she agrees to marry Martin Powell. But when they travel into Midlands, all is not what they appear. Her husband, who is gentle, kind, and caring is also harboring secrets. Secrets that make her question who exactly she married and what kind of danger she may have put herself in. Determined to discover the truth, Kit puts herself in very dangerous situations and risks not only discovery by her husband and his cohorts but also by her brother-in-law, who seeks to harm her. Can Martin protect her from both the evils of his last mission and her devious brother-in-law? And can he win her trust and love without telling her all of his secrets? Such a great novel! This one is filled with nefarious deeds, history, lots of mystery and just enough sex and romance to make it perfect! I will admit that when Martin had bedded Kit within the first few chapters, I had my doubts about the quality of the book, but after the initial “what?” that I felt, I really loved this novel! Martin’s nice guy characteristics are quite charming and Kit’s circumstances are so heartbreaking that you can definitely empathize with her character. With lots of action and great supporting characters found throughout the book, this is a book I would love to read again and again. A very well written and exciting novel by Ms. Walker. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series! Rating: 4.5 Heat Rating: Mild Reviewed by AprilP Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Against the Wind is a story full of action right from the first page as numerous heartbreaking events occur to set our main protagonists on the mutual road towards a HEA. Mutual loss bonds Martin and Kit together, as does an unexpectedly steamy encounter at an elite bordello. From this memorable encounter their lives become one of danger, both from the government and from enemies closer to home. After years in service to the government and through the loss of his wife and child, Martin is now home to carry out one last job. Before undertaking it he pays a visit to a bordello and by a twist of fate ends up in the bed of Kit who stirs his heart after years of it being dormant but loses her in the light of day. Through a strange twist of fate they end up in each other's arms again where the rocky road to their HEA commences under the specter of danger. Martin is a good man, an honorable man, who's had his heart broken. He's loyal and desperate to keep the woman he's just discovered safe from harm which leads to secrets. It's not that he wants to keep secrets, he just doesn't want another woman he loves to be put in jeopardy. Kit is a real Lady forced through fate to staying the night at a bordello while trying to decide where she should go after being forced to run from her home. With nothing to her name because of her vile brother-in-law, Edgar the Earl of Rutledge, who wants to claim her for his own after the death of her sister she's left with few choices. She's immediately drawn to the stranger who enters her room but runs from Martin before he discovers who she is. To save her from Edgar though he proclaims her as wife and does anything necessary to keep her safe. Kit is an admirable heroine in that she's smart, loyal, and caring. She wants to be an independent woman but the danger that Edgar represents keeps her from acting on her own. The journey to a HEA is difficult though as many outside forces work to pull them apart. It's only through their trust, love, and intense emotions for one another that helps them reach their immensely satisfying conclusion. Along the way are numerous steamy encounters that further show Martin's devotion to her and made me even more enamored of him. These scenes were nicely balanced with real life historical events that Ms. Walker presented in a realistic way to draw the reader in completely. This blending of historical events was one of the highlights as I knew I was learning something but was highly entertained at the same time. Even though this is the second book in Ms. Walker's Agents of the Crown series it can definitely be read on its own. Characters from the previous installment show up to assist the protagonists but knowing their background has no bearing on my enjoyment of this release. From its sensual romance to life or death historical events Ms. Walker has created an intensely emotional story that compels the reader to keep turning the pages. Considering my enjoyment of this story I'm counting down the days until the next installment of this series is released.
Keoweegirl More than 1 year ago
 Returning to London in 1817, Sir Martin Powell is ready to put a life of political intrigue behind him but the Prince has one more assignment before he can do that.  He's sending Sir Martin to the English Midlands to investigate rumors of an uprising against the Crown. Before he leaves London, at the urging of a friend, Martin pays a visit to an exclusive brothel.  Still grieving the death of his beloved wife and unborn child on the streets of Paris during the war, he has no interest in a romantic entanglement but one night in the arms of a skilled courtesan will help him forget, if only for a few hours.  It should have been that simple, but when Martin confuses the brothel owner's directions and opens the wrong door, what he discovers is a woman who will challenge everything he thinks he wants...and does not want. Life has not been easy for Katherine, Lady Edgerton.  The daughter of an earl, Kit is married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather who then dies shortly after their marriage, leaving her with very few resources.  She moves in with her ailing sister and brother-in-law to care for her sister but cannot help but be wary around her sister's cruel husband, the Earl of Rutledge.  Her sister has barely taken her final breath when the man tries to force himself on Kit, telling her she was the one he had wanted all along and now meant to have.  Escaping, Kit takes refuge with the only person she can trust, her former nanny, now the owner of an exclusive brothel.  When Martin accidentally enters her room, Kit is intrigued by the handsome man with the gentle manner.  Still shaken from her earlier encounter with the Earl, she's soothed and intrigued by this man who treats her with reverence and makes a decision that will change the course of her life. Regan Walker once again seamlessly blends together real events and people with fictional characters and her own imagination in a book that flows beautifully from beginning to end.  Following the war with France, England enters a period of social unrest and economic change, a tumultuous time into which Walker's characters are plunged.  Danger surrounds them as Martin, who marries Kit to keep her safe, works to prevent a revolution while at the same time nurturing a relationship with his new wife while keeping her in the dark as to the reason they are really in the Midlands.  To the passion that flares between them from the beginning, they slowly forge a friendship that gradually deepens into love.  Danger, Martin's secret life and a nasty villain bent on revenge against Kit, combined with the peaks and valleys of a marriage of convenience that is evolving into something more, give us a story that's sure to keep readers, as it did me, flipping pages late into the night to find out what happens next.  Walker's books are impeccably researched, immersing the reader into the time and place in which they are set.  Her characters are well formed and believable.  Kit and Martin had me rooting for them from the beginning.  Martin, in particular, won my heart with the way he treated Kit.  Secondary characters add to the richness of the overall story with those from the first book in the series giving readers a peek into their post-HEA lives and introducing Martin's brother, the hero of the next book, an intriguing privateer I can't wait to visit again. ~PJ  /  The Romance Dish