Age of Discovery: Early Life and Times of Robin Blessed - Part Two

Age of Discovery: Early Life and Times of Robin Blessed - Part Two

by Robin P. Blessed


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The Age of Discovery is about the author's life from age 13 to 16. He uses strips of scenes during that age to reflect on their meaning and what can be learned from them. The past is our memory. Can you imagine losing your memory? Discvery is intuitive, deliberate, more cautious, prudent, considered. The innocent abandonment, the childlike disregard of judgement suddenly cannot take root. One simply cannot ignore it. Life is a big bundle of little things, little episodes. The diverse events in the universe of life serve a definite purpose. They are not accidental. Life has a higher design, the age of discovery is when we become more cautious, more worldly-wise, forced by the uncharted, the unknown. it is a time of discontinuity. The ages of restlessness, and brooding will complete the other youthful places we can look. Reflection reveals to us that we have a beginning; it follows we have an end. The book is for learning, is as much about learning, about discovery. Time is the partner, the collaborator along with events and reflection that enable us to have a view of life's blueprint and God's hand in it. God is the primary cause of all that happens in life, in the universe. He puts rulers in their places, He raises tempests, He cals the seas. But, we must first acknowledge God for what He is, and have a personal relationship with Him.

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Publication date: 04/07/2014
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