Age of Secrets

Age of Secrets

by Gerald Bellett

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With an Excerpt from John Meiers's Diary on the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

During the Watergate hearings, one man wanted to tell a spellbound nation secrets about the Nixon White House, the CIA and Howard Hughes. He could have told them why the burglary happened but that was not what the Committee wanted to hear. To keep him from telling his secrets, he was persecuted, jailed and forced into exile in Canada. His name is John Meier; his employer was Howard Hughes; Age of Secrets is his story.
"John Meier's life straight from a John LeCarre thriller"
-The Vancouver Sun

"This tragic story of international intrigue, of abuse of the political and judicial systems of two great nations did not take place in some far-away foreign land, but right here in our own back yard."
-Former Member of Parliament & Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Canadian Politician Walter Davidson

"John Meier has been persecuted by agents of the American government and threatened by criminal elements in the U.S. and is The Man Who Knew Too Much About Too Many Bad People."
-Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
Critical Comments by New York Times bestselling author Jim Hougan

"John Meier's story is really interesting and, I believe, important. I've spent a number of years studying the American cryptocracy and there is no question in my mind that Meier is dead-right when he says that the CIA was running the Hughes empire. So, too, with Intertel. I was the first journalist to write about the firm (in Harper's), and it's apparent to me, as it is to Meier, that its business plan was drawn up in Langley.
That said, this is complicated stuff. The way I see it, American politics from 1954-74 is a continuum defined by the struggle between the Richard Nixon apparat and the Kennedy machine, with the Howard Hughes empire serving as a fulcrum in what amounted to a secret war for the country's soul. CIA spooks, mobsters on three coasts and a coven of Texas oligarchs built the "magic box".
John Meier's story is a fungible one in the sense that it could serve as the basis for a rock-'em-sock-'em tv series, motion picture or documentary about the Deep State. By that, I mean the cryptocracy that has evolved since the Cold War along a political continuum defined by assassination, surveillance and cover-up.
The Howard Hughes organization, with its ties to Texas oil, Las Vegas gambling, Hollywood and the CIA was the secret fulcrum of that continuum, mediating a political struggle that, by turns, saw the Kennedy's devastated by murder and the Nixon camp destroyed by what looks, increasingly, like a soft coup d'etat. In this, John Meier was a Zelig-like figure, at once a witness and a participant, so well-connected - and so deeply involved - that it could only have ended in exile or a grave.
The focal point of that tale, from which everything else proceeds, is obviously the secret war for the Hughes empire.
If it were a film, it would be as exciting as The Bourne Identity, and I think it would pull in the same audience (and for many of the same reasons) that both The Bourne Identity and JFK did."
-New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Hougan

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Publisher: Houdini Publishing
Publication date: 06/15/2015
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About the Author

Gerald Bellett is a reporter with the Vancouver Sun in British Columbia. Since 1974, he has written about John Meier and his monumental struggle with the White House, the CIA and the Howard Hughes organization.
The story took him across North America from the deserts of Nevada, where he found the hidden gold mines of Howard Hughes, to the dangerous streets of Harlem in search of a CIA agent on the run.
Bellett exposed the CIA’s infiltration of the Hughes organization and the agency’s use of Howard Hughes to supply its favored politicians with campaign contributions.
He has won a number of awards including a National Newspaper Award for being part of the Sun’s reporting team that wrote a series concerning a notorious serial killer.
He was born in Liverpool, England, and has lived in Canada since 1966. He now resides near Vancouver.

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