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Ageing Studies and Lifetime Extension of Materials / Edition 1

Ageing Studies and Lifetime Extension of Materials / Edition 1

by Les Mallinson


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ISBN-13: 9780306464775
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 04/30/2001
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 690
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.90(d)

Table of Contents

Plenary Session. High Pressure Gas Pipelines - Their Ageing and Propensity Towards Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking Failure; R.N. Parkins. Ageing Studies of Nuclear Waste Forms; R.C. Ewing. Plutonium Aging: From Mystery to Enigma; S.S. Hecker, J.C. Martz. Observation and Understanding of Real-Time and Accelerated Ageing. An Ageing Study of Air Activated Acrylic Adhesives using Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis; E. Lyons, J.J. Leahy. Ageing of Polyethylene and Conducting Polymer Blends; P. Mazabraud, et al. Real Time Ageing of Polymeric Components in Closed Systems; G.F. Hayes. Accelerated Compression Set at Elevated Temperature in Rigid Polymer Foams; P.C. Miller, et al. Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Thermal Degradation of Nylon 6; R.S. Lehrle, et al. Ageing & Characterisation of Polysiloxane Rubbers; M. Patel, A.R. Skinner. Geometry Effects During Radiation Ageing of Elastomeric Seal Materials; S.G. Burnay, J. Dawson. Characterisation of the Moisture Absorption and Thermal Ageing Behaviour of Polymeric Composite Systems Using Raman Spectroscopy; V. Otieno-Alego, et al. Ageing Processes of Nitrocellulose in Plastic Bonded Explosives; G.R. Kennedy, et al. Ageing Effects on the Mechanical Properties of a Polymer Bonded Explosive; H.T. Goldrein, et al. Accelerated Ageing of Pyrotechnics: 16mm Signal Cartridge - White; G. Manton, T.T. Griffiths. Ageing Study of Polyetheretherketone Exposed to Water and Brine by Thermal Analysis and Dielectric Spectroscopy; E. Boinard, et al. The Effects of Gamma Radiation Sterilisation on Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene; J. Dawson. Ageing Characteristics of Gamma Irradiated Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene; P. O'Neill, et al. Investigation into Accelerated Ageing of GlassReinforced Plastic (GRP) for use in Naval Vessels; C. Andrews, et al. Electronic Phases and Ageing of Plutonium; B.A. Nadykto, O.B. Nadykto. Low Temperature Equilibrium Ageing Under Self-Irradiation in Binary Alloys of Pu with Elements of Group III-B; L.F. Timofeeva. A Survey of Plutonium Characteristics as a Function of Age: The ARIEs Sampling Program; R.N. Mulford, et al. Nanospatial Distribution of Lead in Glasses and its Influence on Chemical Stability with Ageing; D. Chaulet, et al. Melt Corrosion of Refractories; W.E. Lee, S. Zhang. Ageing Under Self-Irradiation: Influence on Positron Annihilation Characteristics in Plutonium-Hafnium Oxide Ceramics; L.F. Timofeeva, et al. Field Monitoring of the Ageing of Composite High Voltage Insulators; G.A. George, et al. Experimental Techniques. Advanced Analytical Techniques for Studying Polymer Oxidation; N.C. Billingham, V. Dudler. Cable Condition Monitoring Using Indenter Measurements; S.G. Burnay. Oxidation of Stressed Polymers as Studied by Chemiluminescence; K. Jacobson, et al. Analytical Techniques & Modelling of the Lithium Hydride Ageing Reactions; D.A. Broughton. Ultra-Accelerated Thermal Ageing Tests; A.M. Emsley, et al. Application of Tritium Tracer Techniques to Materials Ageing and Lifetime Extension Studies; P.R. Deacon, et al. Ageing and Lifetime of Electronic Components Studies By Means of a High-Resolution In-Situ Measurement Technique; K. Croes, et al. Techniques for Monitoring Material Degradation; J.E. Field. Application of the Pressurised Unsaturated Flow (PUF) Test for Accelerated Ageing of Waste Forms; B.P. McGrail, et al. Making and Using Quantitative Measurements of Thermal Degradation; R.S. Lehrle. Modelling Radiation Damage in Polyureth

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