Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office

Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office

by Khalid Muhammad


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ISBN-13: 9781495366734
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/16/2014
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

By day, Khalid Muhammad is a mild-mannered business executive keeping busy running a marketing and brand management company. By night, his alter ego emerges; one that has a penchant for sadistic retribution towards those who wrong others, and that spends its time devising intricate and detailed plans for a nefarious end.

Born in Pakistan's troubled Swat Valley, educated and raised in the United States, Khalid returned to Pakistan almost 17 years ago and fell in love with his country. His debut novel, Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office, is a journey behind the headlines about Pakistan, the world's most dangerous place, to deliver an intense story that will challenge the reader to question everything they have been told about the country.

He began writing to let the wickedness escape, as the other option means a great deal of blood, numerous torture implements and... well, infinite ways to dump a body. It's safer for everyone involved and less dangerous for the guilty... until he writes another book.

Find out more about him at, @AgencyRulesPK or the Agency Rules Facebook page.

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Agency Rules: Never an Easy Day at the Office 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone who loves a well-plotted historically-based thriller will love this book.  That said, this story of a fictional Mujahedin  fighter brings so much more:  a look inside the mind of a Pakistani freedom fighter turned sniper that is more than just a story. Let Khalid Muhammad take you where Westerners seldom go....  A stunning book, savvy and complex and passionate.
Aurorawatcher More than 1 year ago
Agency Rules: Never An Easy Day at the Office is a gripping exploration into a world most westerners do not know and a refutation of much of what our media tells us about Pakistan. Khalid Muhammad, an American-raised Pakistani, has both intimate knowledge of Pakistan and a command of the English language to write a highly entertaining book that is also very educational. Following the exploits of a special forces soldier, it takes you into the hot dusty alleys and cool secretive caves of Pakistan’s Mujahideen, the ragtag force that broke the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan. Kamil Khan emerges as a different breed of warrior – a precision sniper, an invincible commando, and a clandestine operative working to end the plague the Mujahideen have become in Pakistani society. This first book in the series follows Kamil through his training and his first couple of assignments. It’s well-plotted and engaging and introduces the reader to a quagmire of government inefficiency and political intrigue that complicates efforts to neutralize a growing threat within the nation’s borders. The book contains a treasure trove of historical detail to better understand Pakistan’s position in world events today. Muhammed took me into a culture I was not familiar with and made me feel like I was there, following Kamil through the difficulties he faced. It made me what to learn more about Pakistan, but it also made me want to read the next book because I want to find out what happens to Kamil, but also because I am now very much interested in what happens to Pakistan.
Talleyrand More than 1 year ago
Written with the authenticity of someone who knows the ins and outs of Pakistani government. A smart realpolitik thriller set in the Middle East. 
Bill_Nelson More than 1 year ago
Powerful. This riveting spy thriller has the drive and feel of a bestseller. Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office by Khalid Muhammad is set in Pakistan and follows Kamal Khan, a dynamic and intense hero. The author hits us hard with intrigue and suspense, but what sets this book apart is the author’s first hand knowledge of Pakistan, a fascinating country, which makes the entire story feel gritty, authentic and timely. Highly recommended, five stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this well-researched spy thriller quite intriguing. The action will keep you on the edge of your seat; politics, violence and instability erupt in Pakistan as hero Kamal Khan tries to defeat the enemy. Fast-moving and thought provoking. This compelling story is a must read. Well-written and I highly recommend. Khalid Muhammad is an awesome writer and I want to read more of his work.
StevieT More than 1 year ago
Thrilling well-researched action/adventure story that centres on Kamal Khan, his discovery of a terrorist plot, and of his efforts to undermine the terrorists. Superb.
Lilian3Roberts More than 1 year ago
This is not the typical book that I would usually read. However a friend of mine suggested that I needed to take a look at it, advising that it is a very exciting story. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in fact it was a great read.It is an exhilarating story that begins In Multan during a press conference, of the newly elected Prime Minister. Reporters that want answers about the violence and the instability in Karachi, trail him everywhere hoping to get the responses they need.The hero of the story is Kamal Khan who gets involved and uncovers a terrorist conspiracy with a large amount of firing arms and a huge facility where the terrorist are being trained. He is a very courageous man and determined to succeed in motivating different agencies to work together in order to neutralize these terrorists. He gets involved in many scary situations that made me hold my breath, clench on to the book tighter and left me in wonder of how the author came up with such a smart way to intertwine the situations, the outcome and my emotions. “Agency Rules” by Khalid Muhammad is a very compelling story and the writing is superb. The author brings into focus the international politics around the world and the diplomacy used to resolve very scary situations. The bodies of the government in that part of the globe have a completely different way of responding and retaliating against the responsible bodies involved in very terrifying attacks. The plot moves fast but slow enough to help the reader understand the various points that the author brings up about the country’s affairs, and the struggle of their internal interests. I think that this book is quite challenging for the reader, but Khalid Muhammad did an awesome job because I never felt lost and I followed the story easily. The amazing view of the complex characters pull the reader into the story and anxiously you turn the pages trying to find the outcome of each scary situation.This book reads like a documentary when it comes to details about Pakistan and it’s station in the political world in today’s date, while it is positioned in the middle of one of the most volatile regions in the world. I clenched my teeth while reading about the tortures, the espionage, the suspense and the crime. The book is great. You get the taste of a huge mixture of emotions. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action, thrill, suspense, terror and unpredictability. Good job Khalid Muhammad!
moongie More than 1 year ago
Intriguing Political Thriller! I’ve read a few spy thrillers by Ken Follett and John le Carré, and wondered if this book would hold up in comparison to these authors. Before I go any further I want to tell you yes, Khalid Muhammad writes as well as any of them! Being able to understand a different world perspective is what interested me most about this book. The author lives in Pakistan and writes about that region with authority. The main character Kamal Khan changes during the course of this novel from a soldier to an action hero. His journey is exciting and intriguing. The plot is compelling, keeping me interested throughout.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every country needs a hero.  After the Mujahideen warriors broke the back of the Soviet Union throughout the region, they turned their sites on Pakistan, the country that created and aided them, as their next objective. Kamal Khan, a new kind of hero, sprang from these roots.  He cast aside his wealth, became a commando, sniper and clandestine operative to rid his country of this plague. But his task was made almost impossible by the groups and agencies involved and their inability to cooperate with each other. The politicians, army, police and spy agency each had their own agenda and hampered Kamal's efforts every step of the way.      I found this incredible spy thriller engrossing as it took me on an insider's tour of Pakistan's rich history along with a disturbing look at politics that could mirror our own. Well done!
Monique_Chalk More than 1 year ago
An Exceptional Spy Thriller! This is a well written, compelling, and ultra-realistic view inside the violent world of a Pakistani intelligence officer. I loved that it is, for once, not written from the American or British perspective. Not only does the story stand on its own, the glimpse inside a different culture is fascinating and refreshing. The plot has political intrigue, action, and violence. Like all expert spy thrillers, this one keeps you guessing about where things will go next and how they will end up. The protagonist is a flawed hero who does many questionable things, but they are in defense of his true culture and community as well as his country. The author does a great job conveying the underlying motivations and heart of his protagonist. He quickly won me over and I became very invested in the character’s success or failure. I plan to read any future work by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are many good things in this story. For me as a Pakistani reader, it was great to see a realistic view of the army and the ISI rather than a demonized, warped version where the ISI is a veritable Sauron’s Eye on all things terrorist. Khalid Muhammed has inscribed the history and the role of the ISI in an interesting tale about a young Pathan soldier. We see a lot through his eyes; his idealism, his disillusionment with the way things must be and his restoration of faith in the army and himself, are all delineated in a gripping narrative of espionage.  The author packs a lot of punch in the two hundred odd pages. I did think that the initial few pages about the Prime Minister was an information dump but the writer skilfully throws the reader into an alpha-headlock between the army and the politicians and I was too much at home with the power struggle to worry about anything else. The Taliban element though a bit expected, is also something that is expected to filter into any narrative Pakistani, especially in one such as this, entrenched in high-level good old soldier-spy patriotic games. The humour is timely and varies from tongue in cheek to parody, which I enjoyed thoroughly, especially the bits about Kama’s flirtations. They were fewer than I’d have liked but were still both delightful and witty. This is a very masculine voice, and the few small parts dedicated to the female characters are not as well-developed as I’d have wished for but then, this is a thriller and that’s to be expected. A marvellous addition to the fast growing oeuvre of Pakistani popular literature. BY ZEENAT MAHAL