Agents of Paradise

Agents of Paradise


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Christopher A. Miller’s reality-bending tale of creation and rebellion on a cosmic scale takes us to a place where history can change with the whim of powerful beings which defy understanding, and traces of past places haunt the status quo like demons. A place where Patterns do the unmaking on wings of solid light, and Adonai work miracles to subdue the masses.

Kholos longs to be free. He is bound by rules he cannot understand, and is compelled by his nature to escape it all. He wants the woman he loves to join him, but cannot bear to tell her his love for her grows from the memories of another. He cannot bear to tell her she is Fractured because he decided to escape this reality, and disobeyed an order to destroy Anvir.

Antonia knows she does not belong in this world. Like the Boracs and the Slythe, she was left behind from the makings and unmakings over the millennia. She hopes one day she and her Ghosts can find a world where they might make a home more suitable to their ideas--before the Thought Assassins destroy them all.

Dr. Voss is asking some heretical questions, speculating about observations that are sins against Faith and Reason, aware the answers may damage him in some fundamental way. Colored bullets, a sewing machine and crumbling shale: He knows they have something to do with work they were doing in the City Burning Forever. The city that once had a name, was once important.


Phase 5 Elements: Another World 125; Fabricated Reality 241; Ideas 42

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ISBN-13: 9781942342946
Publisher: Phase 5 Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 4.37(w) x 7.01(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. A More Precise Location 7
2. The City Burning Forever 16
3. Gyr Zax Trucking Co. 27
4. Fighting First Claws 42
5. Tuskless 57
6. The Size of the Pin 63
7. Am I Terrible? 76
8. Who Decides This Crap? 81
9. Lipstick Country 87
10. Fire the Abstract Artillery! 109
11. Six Swords, Two Cats, and the Infinite Fractured 137
12. The Whoracle 153
13. Bad Bread 165
14. The Fifty-First 173
15. The Power Station 179
16. King Close 186
17. The Front 198
18. Red Rage and Endless War 206
19. Faceless, Nameless, Placeless 228
20. Ghosts 242
21. Friends, Republicants 254
22. Contrails 268
23. The Geography of Fear 272
24. The Cave 282
25. The White Room 300
26. I.M. 305
27. Potentials 314
28. Cover Your Eyes 328
29. Wheels and Teeth 335
30. Exits and Entrances 340
About the Author 348
Other books from Phase 5 Publishing 349

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