Agincourt: A New History

Agincourt: A New History

by Anne Curry


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ISBN-13: 9780752438139
Publisher: Tempus Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Anne Curry is the editor of the Journal of Medieval History and the world's leading authority on the battle of Agincourt. She is the advisor to the battle of Agincourt battlefield centre in Normandy and was historical consultant for the documentary of the battle in the Battlefield Detectives series. Her other books include Agincourt 1415 (as editor), The Battle of Agincourt: Sources & Interpretations (as editor), and The Hundred Years' War.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations     6
Acknowledgements     8
Preface to Paperback Edition, 2006     9
Introduction     11
Henry V's Inheritance: England and France, 1399-1413     17
Henry V and the Reopening of War, March 1413-August 1415     35
The Raising of Henry V's Army, April-August 1415     57
The Siege of Harfleur, 13 August-22 September 1415     79
To Fight or Not to Fight, 22 September-8 October 1415     102
From Harfleur to the Crossing of the Somme, 8-19 October 1415     125
From the Crossing of the Somme to the Eve of Battle, 19-24 October 1415     144
The Armies Assemble, 24-25 October 1415     164
The Fight, 25 October 1415     235
The Aftermath, 26 October-16 November 1415     269
Epilogue: Battle or Murder?     291
Notes     298
Distances on the March     324
Army Sizes According to the Chroniclers     326
Numbers of Dead and Prisoners According to the Chronicles     329
Maps and Genealogical Tables     334
Bibliography     340
List of Illustrations and Figures     346
Index     351

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