Aging Is a Family Affair: How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Difficult Caregiving Conversations-Today

Aging Is a Family Affair: How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Difficult Caregiving Conversations-Today

by Mary Ann Massey


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ISBN-13: 9780824526238
Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/01/2011
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Mary Ann Massey, EdD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is currently a full-time clinician at the Williamsburg Centre for Therapy. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Table of Contents

Prelude: The Stories We All Face 1

1 Family Speak: The Case for Talking with Aging Loved Ones Sooner Rather than Later 5

Respecting Differences

Five Factors

Unfinished Business I

Unfinished Business II

Next-Door Grandma

2 So Many Choices: Honoring Differences and Expanding Options 21

Exploring Options for Your Family

Long-Distance Daughter

No Longer Waiting for Dad to Die

Keeping a Spouse at Home-"I Can't Do That to My Husband"

The Freedom to Change Your Mind

3 Candid Conversations: Trusting Each Other with the Truth-Even When It Hurts 39

Opening the Door-The First Conversation

"I've Never Stood Up to Mom Before."

Asking for Details: "Mom, What Do You Want to Wear in the Coffin?"

When the Door Slams Shut: "I Won't Talk. Don't Ask Me."

4 Experiences With Professional Care: Parenting a Parent Who Can No Longer Live Independently 57

After the Fall

Dealing with Guilt: "Please Tell Me It's Not My Fault"

When One Aging Parent Cares for Another: "If You Won't Go to the Nursing Home, I Must."

5 Where Will Dad (Or Mom) Live? Knowing Our Caregiving Strengths and Limitations 74

The Challenges of Living under the Same Roof: "Whose House Is This, Anyway?"

Determined to Do It Alone

In-Town Caregivers

6 Doing the Right Thing (Whatever That Is): From Prescribed Scripts to the Wisdom of the Heart 88

Too Much Help: "Don't Treat Me Like an Invalid!"

Small Town-Family Support

A Daughter's Long-Time Hone

7 Siblings: Shared Genes, Differing Values 101

When Long-Distance Siblings Are Close and Local Ones Distant

Love in the Face of Dysfunction: "Mom Loved You More."

The Family Meeting: When A Parent Takes Charge

The Twins: A Story of Loyalty

8 Saying Goodbye Openly: Sharing the Sacred Journey 120

Marie's Story

A Tale of Two Families

Misguided Loyalty-We Can Never Protect Ourselves From Death

9 Saying Goodbye Privately: Silence on the Sacred Journey 132

Fred's Story

"Mommy, May I Climb in Bed with You?"

Will You Pray over Me?

"Daddy, Can You Hear Me? I'm Right Outside."

10 Now and at the Hour of Death: Stories from the Final Days of Life 142

Samantha's Change Of Heart

Deathbed Reconciliation

"A Vision of My Mom as God Intended Her to Be"

Final Recognition: "I know who you are."

11 The Sum of All Stories: Connected Forever 159

12 Embracing Our Own Future: Questions along Our Sacred Journey 166

13 Closing Comment 172

14 Notes 173

15 About the Author 177

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